GRAMMY® nominated Hillsong Young & free announces the relax of their 4th career album all of My finest Friends. Dropping an international Aug. 28, the project is accessible for preorder now with final solitary “Indescribable.” Packaged as a bundle single with live and also studio versions of the song, “Indescribable” functions lead vocals indigenous Young & Free’s Melodie Wagner-Mäkinen. To coincide through preorders, Young & cost-free is also offering fans variety of exclude, music and also merch bundles easily accessible here. Preorder all of My best Friends here and also listen come “Indescribable” here.

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“The an extremely essence the Young & cost-free is a sound that unlocks happiness within ours hearts, and I pray you sense that with this new album,” claims Laura Toggs. “We’ve been wait to release it in ~ the ideal time. I think it’s important right now…that you gain an epidemic of joy.”

The brand-new compilation follows the group’s 2018 studio album “III” that earned the youth worship collective tremendous acclaim amassing end 75 million streams and 75,000+ systems in worldwide consumption. Taped in Sydney, Australia, all of My finest Friends features 13 live power tracks and also seven studio recordings, consisting of previously released 2020 singles “Uncomplicated,” “As i Am,” “World external Your Window,” “Lord Send Revival,” “Best Friends,” and current radio monitor “Never have actually I Ever” (#20 at hot AC).

Young & Free’s 2020 singles have garnered more than 15 MILLION an international streams to date. “Never have actually I Ever” quickly gained radio momentum v eight adds out of the box; the track continues to gain momentum in the “new & active” group on the Christian Airplay and Hot AC charts. Their breakout solitary “Best Friends” i m sorry peaked in ~ #1 ~ above the warm AC chart stays the highest audio debut of any Hillsong track to with much more than 6.3 MILLION worldwide streams.

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Young & totally free continues come play one integral function in reaching this generation for Christ with their revamped modern-day approach. Because forming in 2013, Hillsong Young & complimentary has released three highly successful albums and much more than 20 singles, gaining over 459 MILLION YouTube channel views and also 1.2 BILLION global career streams (with a 700,000 plus an international unit job consumption). V a combined social adhering to of 3 MILLION add to fans, Young & cost-free has seen 7 No. 1 career singles and also 10 height 5 singles at warm AC radio. Their debut album We space Young & Free landed in the height 25 on Billboard 200 when Youth Revival garnered the group its first-ever GRAMMY® nomination for Best modern-day Christian Music Album (2017). Their recent single “Every tiny Thing” struggle #1 at hot AC radio because that eight weeks, making that the longest running #1 for the band.

All the My best Friends monitor Listing:World external Your window (Live)Never have actually I ever before (Live)Best friends (Live)Indescribable (Live)As ns Am (Live)UncomplicatedNew ThingNeed her Love (Live)GlimpseKeep top top (Live)All mine LifeEverything I could Want (Live)Lord Send RevivalWorld outside Your WindowNever have actually I EverBest FriendsIndescribableAs ns AmUncomplicatedNeed her Love