Today, GRAMMY-nominated youth collective, Hillsong Young & Free, drops their recent musical job with the relax of your live digital EP, Out here On A Friday wherein It Began. The seven-track EP is accessible today.

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Written end the food of simply one week, Young & cost-free enlisted collaboration from several of their very own youth set members to aid produce the compilation. “We couldn’t wait to introduce the new songs come our youth, therefore we recorded them LIVE ~ above a Friday night barely three weeks later,” says Young & Free’s Laura Toggs.

Adds Toggs, “‘Out below On A Friday wherein It Began’ is our youth gathered together and also declaring the surname of Jesus and also making a statement the the church is alive and also we’re here.”

The EP releases on the heels the Young & Free’s newest single “Phenomena (DA DA).” out alongside an accompanying lyric visual and live power video, the high-energy monitor is currently resonating v fans globally due to the fact that its July 16 debut. The song has actually amassed an ext than 1 MILLION global streams and is conveniently approaching a fifty percent million YouTube views.

Since forming in 2013, Hillsong Young & totally free has exit a variety of highly effective albums and an ext than 20 singles, getting over 545 MILLION YouTube channel views and 1.4 exchange rate global job streams(with a 1.1 M global unit job consumption). The group’s full-length struggle album, ALL the MY ideal FRIENDS earned Young & totally free a 2021 GRAMMY nomination because that “Best modern-day Christian Album” and significant their second career nomination. Since its debut, ALL the MY best FRIENDS has garnered an ext than 45M global streams and over 13M combined YouTube views.

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With a linked social adhering to of 3 MILLION plus fans, Young & cost-free has viewed eight No. 1 job singles and ten optimal 10 singles at warm AC radio. Your debut album We space Young & Free landed in the Top 25 ~ above Billboard 200 while Youth Revival garnered the team its first-ever GRAMMY nomination because that Best contemporary Christian Music Album (2017). Their recent single “Every small Thing” fight #1 at warm AC radio because that eight weeks, making the the longest-running #1 for the band.

Out right here On A Friday wherein It Began EP Track List:

Phenomena (DA DA) – LiveFreedom Is comes – LiveHouse that The lord – LiveSelah – mockery – LivePride of A father – LiveNever fail – LiveSong because that His existence – Live