Visitors to a Colorado Springs DoubleTree hotel were freshly greeted with a cacao chip cookie, and also a stern and saddening note:

“NO much longer SERVING army PERSONNEL & your GUEST(S).”

Two supervisor-level employees, that were later on dismissed native their tasks at DoubleTree by Hilton, had made decision to placed the authorize up near the hotel bar when a army ball to be being hosted in a adjacent banquet room.

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The authorize was presented at a post-deployment event attended by much more than 600 people, CBS 4 reported.

Source: YouTube/WUSA9This sign was placed up by two supervisor-level staff at the Colorado Springs DoubleTree hotel.

According come KDVR, hotel manager Daniel Kammerer, whose brother is a us Navy veteran, said it never ever should have happened.

“Our property has a proud history of hiring veterans and also welcoming the armed forces as ours guests,” he created in a public statement. “Last night 2 of our team members acted without the proper authority to close and also exclude military guests from our hotel’s bar. This activity is inconsistent with our values and also we humbly apologize.

“We have attempted to contact the leader of the group to apologize and confirm the our residential or commercial property is one that welcomes all, particularly the men and also women that serve ours country.”

Source: YouTube/WUSA9The hotel has because apologized because that the incident, and dismissed the 2 who put the sign up.

Kammerer post a much longer apology ~ above the the hotel’s facebook page.

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“Their actions to be in no method associated v the values of the hotel management. Your actions execute not reflect our ethics or beliefs, and this is not how we train ours employees,” that wrote. “We deep regret any kind of offense to the company members and also their guests, and have enforced a retraining the our employee to certain this does not happen again.”

Source: YouTube/WUSA9The DoubleTree hotel manager maintains that veterans are much more than welcome to usage the hotel.

“We are honored and also proud to assistance our military community and also their families, and also look front to continuing to offer those who serve us,” Kammerer continued. “Again, we are very sorry because that the instance that occurred at ours property and welcome every Military company members, their families and also community to our hotel.”