We recognize that hanging wallpaper in your house can bring exciting patterns, textures, and also style to her space. This is why us offer expert wallpaper services. With more options than a straightforward coat that paint, you have the right to really showcase her personality v some wallpaper.

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Without the proper tools or experience, a wallpaper project have the right to be a nightmare. Removing wallpaper and also managing all the roll of document can be stressful and take a many time. But with experienced services and improved installation methods, installing background is simpler than ever.


"I had actually two little projects to hang wall file on accent wall surfaces in two different rooms and also they offered us a fair quote. They to be timely and did a mainly job! Their fist to detail and also making certain the trends lined up to be excellent, that looks seamless!"

— Kristi E.

“Professional, punctual and excellent workmanship. An excellent value and also took out allthe time spend headaches affiliated when embarking on a project choose this.”

— Prath R.

Wallpaper Services

Installing background is an easy and an innovative way to totally transform a room with stylish and complex patterns. With much better designs and also improved installation, wallpaper projects are simpler than ever. From timeless wallpaper come fabric and vinyl wallcoverings, over there is a pattern for every space.

Bathrooms & Kitchens

The right pattern of wallpaper can make the best of impacts in also the the smallest of spaces. In kitchens, adding wallpaper behind open up cabinets is a great way to include a little extra character. In a bathroom, wallpaper have the right to transform your room into your personal spa and oasis.

Bathroom Cabinets

But your kitchen isn’t the only room in the house with cabinets. Providing a fresh coat of paint to her bathroom cabinets is an easy method to make a statement. Add a popular music of color on her existing cabinets to provide your bathroom some personality or you offer them a paint job that renders your room look bigger than it in reality is.

Living & Dining Rooms

People largely gather in the living room and also dining room. Fun designs on one accent wall surface or wallpaper spanning the whole room can improve your room and leave a great impression. V a ethereal design, you can add a touch of texture that will pull the totality room together.

Step by action Instructions

Once you’ve chose on the perfect design and the best space, buzzpatterson.com can gain started. Working through a skilled is recommended. Without the proper tools or experience, you deserve to run the risk of damaging your walls. Because that a turbulent idea of what a wallpaper job looks like, check out these steps:

remove existing wallpaper Prep your walls reduced the background to size mark a plumb line and hang the first piece of file Smooth out the surface Trim the excess material approximately outlets and also light fixtures and repeat follow me the wall

This is a most work. buzzpatterson.com has actually vetted ours crews to make sure they are specialists in wallpaper installation. Through our cost-free online quote and our quick work, our professional wallpaper installation solutions are unbeatable.

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Choosing to install the background as component of your house renovation project opens up the door to countless decor options. buzzpatterson.com’s expert wallpaper company can hang any type of style girlfriend choose. Every task is backed with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.