Wouldn’t it it is in nice if you could let your friend recognize you’re thinking around them without having to send a text? with the bond Touch: Vibrating Friendship Bracelets, all you have to do is touch your bracelet. Your friend’s bracelet will certainly light up and also vibrate, letting them know you care.

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Even though we have actually our cabinet phones with us constantly, there space times texting isn’t convenient. Make the efforts to autumn asleep and want come let her friend recognize that you miss them? Don’t choose up her brightly lit phone, simply tap your friendship bracelet!

The bracelets come with black bands, but you can purchase other colors to match you and your BFF’s personalities: pink sand, twilight blue, ruby red, Pacific green, emerald green, grey stone, or ghost white.

3. Smart Bracelet through TALSAM

If you and also your friend favor the watch of luxury jewelry and also want a unique method to stay in touch, examine out the TALSAM clever Bracelets.

With the TALSAM app, you and your BFF gain a devoted space come send each other messages. Girlfriend can even send happy emojis the take shape from the stars! Every time you send a blog post to her friend, their charm vibrates and also the Swarovski crystals (which space in the form of the Lyra constellation) light up.

The charms come in six gorgeous styles:

Amazonite v goldBlack sardonyx through silverBlue goldstone with rose goldGray agate through silverLapis lazuli with goldWhite howlite with climbed gold.

What’s cool is the you receive both bracelet and also necklace-length chains, so friend can select how come wear it!

Want come know much more about lengthy distance touch bracelets? inspect out our in-depth comparison of the bond Touch, TALSAM and also Hey bracelets above.

4. Charging Cord Bracelet

There’s naught worse than leaving house for the day and realizing you forgot come grab her phone charger. Gift this bracelet to her BFF, and they won’t have to worry around it anymore!

With the stylish yet handy Charging Cord Bracelet, you constantly have one Apple product compatible charging cord with you.

When it’s on her wrist, the faux animal leather bracelet looks like a fashion accessory fairly than a call charger. It’s obtainable in 2 sizes and several colors including black and also ivory, and also you can also purchase a little battery load that fits in a pocket.

5. Hair Tie arm bands by Shireen & Arni Thor

Which is much more frustrating: never having a hair tie as soon as you need one, or the discomfort resulted in by attract one on her wrist? You and also your friend can solve both troubles with this clever Hair Tie Bracelets!

The silver- or gold-toned bangle look at stylish top top its own, however the best component is the it has a groove designed to hold a hair tie.

We love the story behind the creation of these bracelets. Style engineer Arni Thor noticed that his wife, Shireen, to be constantly looking for hair ties or handling the wake up of wearing lock on she wrist. So, he developed something to settle her problem. Just how sweet!

6. Infinity Hair Tie bracelets by Shireen & Arni Thor

If you favor the idea behind the hair tie bracelets, examine out your Infinity Hair Tie Bracelets. It’s obtainable in yellow or silver tones and the infinity design holds two hair ties rather of one. It’s the perfect combination of style and also function.

7. MLB video game Used Baseball Friendship arm bands by Ward Wallau

Friendship bracelets are already a fun way to celebrate her bond. One the celebrates a favourite hobby is even better.

Are you and also your BFF baseball fanatics? you will do it adore this MLB game Used Baseball Friendship Bracelets!

Braided from wool unwound native the main point of a game-used MLB baseball, they’re obtainable in every team’s colors. Every bracelet additionally includes a silver-plated brass charm and also an authentication card for looking up the specific game the ball was provided in.

8. DIY long Distance Friendship bracelets by Alex Hillson

Do girlfriend remember do friendship bracelets at summer camp? Relive those childhood memories through your finest friend and these DIY lengthy Distance Friendship Bracelets.

This DIY kit has two bands, alphabet letters, love beads, emoji characters, and also tie-on pompoms come create bracelets that finest represent her friendship.

Since these bracelets are technically produced kids, you can need to have a tiny wrist come wear castle after you make them. Still, also if they don’t fit, you and your friend get fun keepsakes come remember each other.

9. Past, existing & Future Friendship arm bands by Beth Lawrence

BFF stand for best friends forever, and also that’s stood for beautifully with these Past, existing & Future Friendship Bracelets.

The past is represented by one oxidized ring, the existing is recorded by a sterling silver ring wrapped v wire, and also the future is symbolized by a gold-filled ring. All 3 rings are linked to a delicate silver chain.

Handmade in Tennessee, these bracelets come with a map explaining the meaning of every ring.

If girlfriend love the symbolism and also design yet are feather for one more option, Beth has recreated the same format as necklaces and also earrings.

Speaking that necklaces: examine out our recent write-up on the ideal long distance friendship necklaces the 2021.

10. Forget Me Knot bracelets by Trang Dai Nguyen

Knots represent a shortcut that can never be broken, and circles represent eternity. What better way to celebrate your friendship than v these Forget Me knot Bracelets?

These stunning bracelets are handmade by Canadian, Trang Dai Nguyen, using recycled sterling silver. The minimalist design means these bangles have the right to be dressed increase or under with any kind of fashion sense.

11. Ns Will constantly Support girlfriend Friendship arm bands by Holly Daniels Christensen

Sand from her favorite beach? CheckMoney donated come a reason that’s necessary to you or your friend? CheckFriendship arm bands that come in fun colors? Check

I Will constantly Support girlfriend Friendship bracelets literally have it all!

The pendant is filled v sand from her favorite beach from Christensen’s Sand Bank. What’s crazy is that they have actually sand from much more than 1500 beaches and also desert. If your favorite beach no represented, you can additionally send in your very own sand.

Additionally, you obtain to select a charity to get a section of her purchase! reasons include climate adjust prevention, autism awareness, mental health awareness, and animal welfare.

12. Compass Charm Friendship bracelets by design By Symphony

Whether that work, college, or just life that has actually separated you and your BFF, make the street feel shorter with Compass Charm Friendship Bracelets.

These satin dual cord arm bands include a compass charm and come wrapped around cardstock through the phrase:

Friendship doesn’t understand what street means.

You have a selection of 23 colors for the satin cord, and also can order as much as four corresponding bracelets. The cord is almost 12 inch long, therefore it should fit any kind of wrist.

Design through Symphony has plenty of different types of charms and bracelet materials, and all the charm are obtainable in any type of cord combination.

13. Beaded lengthy Distance Friendship Bracelet collection by Galaxy Accessories

When you and your best friend space apart, they can take a item of you through them v the Beaded long Distance Friendship Bracelet Set.

One bracelet has actually pink beads v a solitary black bead, while the other offers black beads v one pink bead.

The beads are on elastic, for this reason one size fits all. However, if girlfriend prefer adjustable bands, Galaxy Accessories has that as an alternative too.

You can buy the arm bands as a collection and have actually them both transport to the exact same place, or you have the right to purchase them individually and have them shipped separately. It is perfect if friend or your friend has already moved away.

14. Surfer layout Friendship Bracelet collection by Alexander Flak

For a beautiful Boho look, inspect out the Surfer layout Friendship Bracelet Set. It consists of one brightly colored noodle bracelet and one bracelet v brown swirly beads.

If her friend has moved far from the coast you both flourished up on, this surfer style bracelet will be a touching reminder the home. It’s likewise perfect for someone who’s moving to the coast for the very first time.

Gift wrapping is also easily accessible if you desire to surprise your friend.

15. Partner In Crime arm bands by Dream pasture Studio

Do you consider your best friend come be your ride or die PIC? If so, you will do it love these Partners In Crime Bracelets!

A silver alloy handcuff charm is attached to a 10” cotton cord that you tie in a knot. You can purchase two or three to which a item of cardstock that includes a cute poem:

Partners in CrimeHere space two braceletsOne for YOU and one because that ME!To remember that you have actually me and also I have youAlways as a companion in crime.

Iva that Dream willow Studio, has much more than 250 item on Etsy, plenty of of which can be personalized to suit you and also your BFF.

16. “I bring Your Heart through Me” Friendship Quote arm bands by Laurel Denise

If you and your friend prefer the watch of leather, you’ll appreciate the “I bring Your Heart with Me” Friendship Quote Bracelets. They’re made of leather in your choice of color and also are laser engraved with:

I carry your love (i bring it in my heart). E.e. Cummings

The 0.25” thick animal leather can obtain wet and also will darken v time. Select from organic colors like brown or sand, or something much more fun choose turquoise and purple.

If you favor leather bracelets but would like a various quote or text, Laurel additionally offers customized bracelets.

17. Coordinates Bar Bracelet by jewel Blues

Is over there a location in the world that has actually special meaning for you and also your friend? It could be her favorite bar, the playground whereby you met, or the soccer field where you spent your weekends.

Commemorate that ar with this collaborates Bar Bracelet.

You can choose to have just the collaborates engraved on one side, or you have the right to also add an engraving on the back. V 17 fonts, three colors (silver, gold, or rose gold) and many sizes to choose from (including adjustable lengths), this bracelet is the ultimate customizable gift for your BFF.

If you want to include some sparkle, you can also add a gemstone or cubic zirconia charm come the bracelet.

18. Custom Cuff arm bands by Brielle Belle

Do you choose the idea of customizing a bracelet for her BFF, yet you choose cuff arm bands over chain or cord styles? You need to examine out these practice Cuff Bracelets.

They’re 6” lengthy with a 3” diameter and slightly adjustable, therefore they’ll fit most wrists.

Brielle Belle has actually made this Cuff Bracelets available in black, silver, gold and rose gold. Girlfriend can additionally choose indigenous four various fonts because that what you desire engraved on each cuff.

In enhancement to having any message you desire inscribed on the outside of the bracelet, you can develop a “secret” message to it is in engraved ~ above the inside!

These bracelets look an excellent stacked, and you can integrate colors or messages for a distinctive look.

19. Small Heart adjustable Friendship bracelets by Queen Handmades

For a simple and minimalistic design, you can not beat these tiny Heart adjustable Friendship Bracelets.

There are 14 cord colour to choose from, consisting of blush, sunlight, and also pastel mint. Next, you get to select the charm. When the most famous option is a gold or silver- heart, girlfriend can additionally choose a star or add a little pearl.

Since the arm bands are adjustable, they’ll fit just about any wrist, and the minimalistic style will match most wardrobes.

20. Animal leather Cord finest Friend arm bands by Jennifer Jade

There’s other striking about a simple leather cord. If you agree, you will do it love the animal leather Cord best Friend Bracelets.

These flexible cord bracelets are available in ten colors, including black, navy blue, and mahogany. Over there are number of different flexible sizes, from little or adult-sized bracelets and anklets all the means up come a 28” necklace length.

You and also your friend could each gain the very same color, or you have the right to each obtain your favorite color and just have a corresponding style. Better yet, get several and stack them for a truly distinct look!

21. Friendship arm bands w/ Interlocking rings by KEDRIAN

The interlocking ring on this Friendship bracelets by Kedrian are a good representation of the solid bond you and your BFF share.

This fragile chain bracelet can be changed from 6” to 10” and is made of sterling silver and coated in white gold.

A beautiful crate is included to house the bracelet v a card that says:

Because of you, i laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a lot more.

Each purchase from Kedrian also helps support girls’ education through kids of Promise.

Our Favorite long Distance Friendship Bracelets

Without a doubt, ours favorite lengthy distance friendship bracelets are those by shortcut Touch.

While there isn’t much far better than gift able come tell your friend that you miss out on them with just a touch, there are a few other factors why us think you’ll enjoy these bracelets too:

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