Main reason for red and blue light blinking for 6 times method there is a strength supply concern or the motherboard or mainboard is corrupted.

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To solve this red flashing light and blue light blinking you should disconnect all power supply consisting of tv antenna and all cables consisting of modem and also router and wait because that 60 seconds and turn that on and also wait for your hisense clever tv come reboot / restart.
How to solve Hisense clever TV Flashing Red and Blue LightWhat causes Hisense tv blinking irradiate red / blue because that 3 times or 6 times and also turns off?

Sometimes when you rotate on your hisense clever tv girlfriend will watch a flashing red and also blue light blinking or hisense tv red irradiate blinks 2 times or red irradiate blinking 6 time or 3 times and also turns turn off or only red irradiate blinking however tv wont revolve on and keeps top top blinking this way that over there is a power short supply concern or power deflection problem or problem with mainboard obtained corrupted or faulty and you have to replace it reaching hisense smart tv support.

If you have a Hisense smart TV and also you are dealing with an problem while transforming it on prefer its flashing red /blue irradiate and transforming on it s okay In this write-up I’m gonna provide solutions to resolve the problem with her Hisense smart TV i beg your pardon is not transforming on yet is flashing red and blue lights.

How to deal with Hisense clever TV Flashing Red and also Blue Light


Solution 1: Unplugging her Modem and also router

Step 1: try to unplug her modem and also router indigenous the connected port.

Step 2: Wait for 30 – 60 seconds.

Step 3: then plug the modem and also router back again to the link port.

This is very basic trick and also it actually works, If not shot the next one

Solution 2:Unplugging the Power

Step 1: Disconnect the power indigenous the TV wall .

Step 2: climate locate the power button on the TV no the remote.

Step 3: Press and hold the button for 30 seconds.

Step 4: after 30 seconds release the strength button.

Step 5: Reconnect the power ago again to the wall surface socket and also see if it will rotate on.

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Fix Hisense tv Blinking Red Light?

You have the right to fix this issue by power reset method by pulling turn off all strength cord connectors / cables and shot with other cables if possible and leave your hisense clever tv because that 1 minute by unplugging and removing all strength supply connectors and also plug them back after 1 min and also see if the works.

What reasons Hisense tv blinking light red / blue because that 3 time or 6 times and turns off?

If you room wondering why hisense clever tv red and blue lights space blinking and transforming off then below it is, If there is a faulty power cords or motherboard / mainboard power supply gained corrupted or damaged climate you will view these blinking lights.

FAQ top top Hisense tv Flashing red and blue light

What walk it typical hisense tv red irradiate blinks 2 times?

This way there is a strength shortage problem or Hisense clever tv is not receiving sufficient power to turn on your hisense clever tv.

Hisense tv red light blinks 2 times?

You must soft reset by unplugging strength supply plugs and wait for 60 seconds and also plug them ago and try again.

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Hisense roku tv blinking red light?

If your hisense clever tv blinking red light as soon as you rotate on climate this means that your power supply motherboard of your hisense smart tv obtained damaged. You must buy a brand-new one and replace it.