On September 11, 2001—a clear, sunny, late summer day—al Qaeda terrorists aboard 3 hijacked passenger planes brought out coordinated self-destruction attacks against the people Trade facility in brand-new York City and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., killing anyone on plank the planes and nearly 3,000 people on the ground. A fourth airplane crashed into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, killing every on board, ~ passengers and also crew attempted to wrest manage from the hijackers. Below is a chronology of the events of 9/11 as they unfolded. Every times space Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

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This map was created by the nationwide Commission ~ above Terrorist assaults Upon the unified States, more popularly recognized as the 9/11 Commission, showing the motions of the 4 planes hijacked through terrorists ~ above the morning that September 11, 2001, and also the U.S. Air force fighters that were scrambled come intercept them.

National the supervisory board on Terrorist strikes Upon the joined States/The national Archives

• 7:59 am – American Airlines trip 11, a Boeing 767 v 92 civilization aboard, takes turn off from Boston’s Logan worldwide Airport en path to Los Angeles.

• 8:14 to be – unified Airlines flight 175, a Boeing 767 through 65 people aboard, takes turn off from Boston; the is additionally headed to Los Angeles.

• 8:19 to be – trip attendants aboard flight 11 alarm ground personnel that the airplane has to be hijacked; American Airlines notifies the FBI.

• 8:20 to be – American Airlines flight 77 takes turn off from Dulles worldwide Airport exterior of Washington, D.C. The Boeing 757 is headed to Los Angeles with 64 civilization aboard.

• 8:24 am – Hijacker Mohammed Atta renders the an initial of two accidental transmissions from trip 11 to ground control (apparently in an attempt to connect with the plane’s cabin).

• 8:40 to be – Air web traffic controllers in ~ The commonwealth Aviation administration (FAA) alert north American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)’s Northeast air Defense ar (NEADS) about the doubt hijacking of trip 11. In response, NEADS situated at Cape Cod’s Otis Air national Guard base to locate and tail flight 11; they room not however in the wait when trip 11 crashes right into the north Tower.

• 8:40 to be – Air website traffic controllers at The federal Aviation administration (FAA) alert phibìc American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)’s Northeast air Defense sector (NEADS) around the suspected hijacking of flight 11. In response, NEADS scrambles two fighter planes situated at Cape Cod’s Otis Air national Guard basic to locate and also tail trip 11; they room not however in the air when flight 11 crashes into the north Tower.

• 8:41 to be – joined Airlines trip 93, a Boeing 757 v 44 human being aboard, takes turn off from Newark global Airport en course to san Francisco. It had actually been scheduled to depart in ~ 8:00 am, roughly the time that the other hijacked flights.

• 8:46 to be – Mohammed Atta and also the other hijackers plank American Airlines flight 11 crash the airplane into floors 93-99 of the north Tower of the people Trade Center, killing everyone on board and also hundreds inside the building.

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Civilians bolt in the contrary direction together firefighters rush towards the twin Towers of the brand-new York City's world Trade facility after a airplane hit the building on September 11, 2001.

" data-full-height="1330" data-full-src="https://www.buzzpatterson.com/.image/c_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Ch_2000%2Cq_auto:good%2Cw_2000/MTY0MjAwNjM0MzEwOTkzODY3/september-9-11-getty-1161266.jpg" data-full-width="2000" data-image-id="ci02475b9b700027cb" data-image-slug="September-9-11-Getty-1161266" data-public-id="MTY0MjAwNjM0MzEwOTkzODY3" data-source-name="Jose Jimenez/Primera Hora/Getty Images" data-title>

Suicide hijackers flew planes into both towers of the people Trade Center, causing the towers' eventual collapse.The 9/11 strikes not only became the single deadliest terrorist assault in human being buzzpatterson.com, castle were likewise the most dangerous incident ever before for firefighters, and for regulation enforcement policemans in the unified States.

" data-full-height="1336" data-full-src="https://www.buzzpatterson.com/.image/c_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Ch_2000%2Cq_auto:good%2Cw_2000/MTY0MjAwMzAwOTE0MTU2Njcz/september-9-11-getty-123974415.jpg" data-full-width="2000" data-image-id="ci02475b4dd00027cb" data-image-slug="September-9-11-Getty-123974415" data-public-id="MTY0MjAwMzAwOTE0MTU2Njcz" data-source-name="Philippe Filion/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images">

The new York City Fire Department lost 343 amongst their ranking on 9/11. Here, FDNY firefighters react after the collapse of the building.

" data-full-height="1345" data-full-src="https://www.buzzpatterson.com/.image/c_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Ch_2000%2Cq_auto:good%2Cw_2000/MTY0MjAwMzAyNTI0ODM0OTQ1/september-9-11-getty-566461357.jpg" data-full-width="2000" data-image-id="ci02475b4e800027cb" data-image-slug="September-9-11-Getty-566461357" data-public-id="MTY0MjAwMzAyNTI0ODM0OTQ1" data-source-name="Universal buzzpatterson.com Archive/UIG/Getty Images">

A brand-new York firefighter is seen alone amid the rubble the the human being Trade facility following the attacks."We had actually a very solid sense we would lose firefighters and that we were in deep trouble, FDNY division Chief for lower Manhattan Peter Hayden later told the 9/11 Commission. “But we had approximates of 25,000 to 50,000 civilians, and we had actually to try to rescue them.”

" data-full-height="1334" data-full-src="https://www.buzzpatterson.com/.image/c_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Ch_2000%2Cq_auto:good%2Cw_2000/MTY0MjAwMzAwOTE0MjIzMDUx/september-9-11-getty-566461375.jpg" data-full-width="2000" data-image-id="ci02475b4de00027cb" data-image-slug="September-9-11-Getty-566461375" data-public-id="MTY0MjAwMzAwOTE0MjIzMDUx" data-source-name="Universal background Archive/UIG/Getty Images">

Members that the FDNY bring fellow firefighter, Al Fuentes, who was hurt in the please of the world Trade Center.Captain Fuentes, who had been pinned under a car on the west side highway, endured after his rescue.

" data-full-height="1316" data-full-src="https://www.buzzpatterson.com/.image/c_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Ch_2000%2Cq_auto:good%2Cw_2000/MTY0MjAwMzAyNTI0NzcwMjUx/september-9-11-getty-627643180.jpg" data-full-width="2000" data-image-id="ci02475b4f30002481" data-image-slug="September-9-11-Getty-627643180" data-public-id="MTY0MjAwMzAyNTI0NzcwMjUx" data-source-name="Matt Moyer/Corbis/Getty Images">

A firefighter crouches in grief at the people Trade facility site ~ above 9/11.

" data-full-height="1396" data-full-src="https://www.buzzpatterson.com/.image/c_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Ch_2000%2Cq_auto:good%2Cw_2000/MTY0MjAwMzAxNzE5NDYzMDQx/september-9-11-getty-1339515.jpg" data-full-width="2000" data-image-id="ci02475b4e00002481" data-image-slug="September-9-11-Getty-1339515" data-public-id="MTY0MjAwMzAxNzE5NDYzMDQx" data-source-name="Mario Tama/Getty Images">

The rubble the the people Trade center smolders ~ above September 12, 2001 together firefighters continue recovery efforts.

" data-full-height="1323" data-full-src="https://www.buzzpatterson.com/.image/c_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Ch_2000%2Cq_auto:good%2Cw_2000/MTY0MjAwMzAwOTE0MTU3NTE1/september-9-11-getty-524835556.jpg" data-full-width="2000" data-image-id="ci02475b4e30002481" data-image-slug="September-9-11-Getty-524835556" data-public-id="MTY0MjAwMzAwOTE0MTU3NTE1" data-source-name="Porter Gifford/Corbis/Getty Images">

A new York City fireman calls for 10 much more rescue employees to make their means into the rubble of the people Trade center September 14, 2001 work after the September 11, 2001 terror attack.

" data-full-height="1420" data-full-src="https://www.buzzpatterson.com/.image/c_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Ch_2000%2Cq_auto:good%2Cw_2000/MTY2NzAzMTA0MjUzNzY0NjYz/september-9-11-gettyimages-1162934.jpg" data-full-width="2000" data-image-id="ci02503f9740002437" data-image-slug="September-9-11-GettyImages-1162934" data-public-id="MTY2NzAzMTA0MjUzNzY0NjYz" data-source-name="Jim Watson/U.S. Navy/Getty Images">

On September 14, 2001, president George W. Bush flew to brand-new York City and also visited the civilization Trade facility site. Below the president comforts new York City firefighter, Lt Lenard Phelan the Battalion 46, who brother, Lt Kenneth Phelan the Battalion 32, was among the 300 members that the FDNY tho unaccounted following the attacks. Kenneth Phelan was ultimately identified amongst the firefighters killed.

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" data-full-height="1657" data-full-src="https://www.buzzpatterson.com/.image/c_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Ch_2000%2Cq_auto:good%2Cw_2000/MTY0MjAwMzAyNTI0NzY5NDA5/september-9-11-getty-123974440.jpg" data-full-width="2000" data-image-id="ci02475b4e60002481" data-image-slug="September-9-11-Getty-123974440" data-public-id="MTY0MjAwMzAyNTI0NzY5NDA5" data-source-name="8393/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images">

An estimated 17,400 civilization had gone to the civilization Trade facility on the work of the 9/11 attacks, and some 87 percent the them to be safely evacuated many thanks in huge part to firefighters' heroic efforts.

" data-full-height="2000" data-full-src="https://www.buzzpatterson.com/.image/c_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Ch_2000%2Cq_auto:good%2Cw_2000/MTY0MjAwODM1NjM3NjUxNDAz/september-9-11-getty-123974410.jpg" data-full-width="1329" data-image-id="ci02475bca70002481" data-image-slug="September-9-11-Getty-123974410" data-public-id="MTY0MjAwODM1NjM3NjUxNDAz" data-source-name="Alex Camacho/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images">