America"s an enig Warriors part 1

1h 26m 20s 2017 TV-14 CC

An in-depth, behind-the-curtain watch at among the most elite fighting pressures in the people explores the incredible history of the SEALs" precursors in WWII and Korea v their advancement into upstream warriors.

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Kill or Capture

42m 17s 2018 TV-14 CC

From the Balkans to Baghdad, if you space on their list, you have the right to run -- friend can also hide. But in the end, there is no escape indigenous the male hunters of the navy SEALs.

Fallen Heroes

40m 45s 2018 TV-14 CC

Training, combat expertise, a warrior password of honor and willingness to danger life and limb to achieve the mission or help a other soldier do the SEALs the world’s most effective fighting force.

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Combat Rescue

39m 56s 2018 TV-14 CC

From the jungles that Vietnam to the mountains of Afghanistan, the SEALs are sent throughout the globe to take on rescue missions couple of others would certainly dare attempt, using speed, surprise and violence of action.