The nationwide anthem has actually been a clip of the skilled sports industry and was first played before NFL games beginning back in the 1941-1942 NFL season. Since the 1941-42 season, the national Football League has actually made the a heritage to play the nationwide anthem before every game.

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A number of the top musicians in background have carry out the national anthem live for NFL fans at the super Bowl. It has end up being a legacy in the NFL to assign national anthem duties to the height performers in the music industry.

Major organization Baseball came to be the very first professional sport to do it a standard to play the nationwide anthem.

With the United says of America gift in people War II, the NFL join the MLB in making it a traditional to play the nationwide anthem prior to every NFL game. Let"s take a look in ~ which height music artists have actually performed the national anthem for the NFL in the past.

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Which well known musicians have sung the nationwide anthem in ~ NFL games?

A number of top musicians have actually performed the national anthem at the Super key for the NFL. Several of the greatest names in the music industry signed on to carry out at the biggest game of the year. The Super key is full of amazing occasions with the nationwide anthem, the commercials, Super bowl halftime show and the game itself.

Carrie Underwood | Superbowl 44 | national Anthem <2010>