When you think of St. Patrick’s Day, you might think of green beer, shooting glass necklaces that say “Kiss Me, ns Irish,” and everyone suddenly talking about how ireland they are. That’s all well and good, yet you might not recognize much around the holiday’s beginnings or the saint that celebrates. Well, take it off that stupid hat, let’s obtain educated.

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Who was Saint Patrick?

St. Patrick, considered the patron saint of Ireland, was actually born in Banna Venta Berniae, a town in roman inn Britain, at some point in the late 300s AD. It is right, Patrick no Irish—and his surname wasn’t Patrick, either. It was Maewyn Succat, but he didn’t treatment for that so he made decision to be well-known as Patricius down the line. He actually had numerous monikers throughout his life: he was well-known by many as Magonus, by others as Succetus, and also to part as Cothirthiacus. Yet we’ll just call him Patrick since everybody else does.

His father, Calpurnius, to be a deacon in the early Christian church, yet Patrick wasn’t lot of a believer himself. The wasn’t until he was caught by ireland pirates in ~ the age of 16 and also enslaved for 6 years together a shepherd that he decided to convert to Christianity. While in northeastern Ireland, Patrick learned the ireland language and society before attempting come escape ago to Britain. But Patrick no very an excellent at escaping apparently, since he was caught again. This time by the French.

He was organized in France wherein he learned all about monasticism before he to be released and also sent house to Britain whereby he continued to examine Christianity well into his twenties. Eventually, Patrick claimed he had a vision the told that to bring Christianity to the ireland people, that were mostly pagan and druidic at the time, therefore Patrick that made his way back come Ireland and also brought a large ol’ bag of Christianity with him.



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When Patrick arrived back in Ireland, however, he and his preaching methods were no welcomed, for this reason he had to leave and also land on some small islands off the coast. Over there he began to obtain followers, and he ultimately moved come the mainland to spread Christian ideologies across Ireland for countless years to come. Throughout this time, Patrick i was baptized thousands of world (some speak 100,000), ordained brand-new priests, guided women to nunhood, convert the boy of emperors in the region, and also aided in the development of end 300 churches.

Separating truth from fiction

Folklore likewise tells the Patrick banishing every the snakes from Ireland, but as gibberish as that may sound, there were never actually any type of snakes top top the island to start with. But, Patrick may be the one responsible because that popularizing the shamrock, or that three-leafed tree you’ll check out plastered everywhere the place on days favor St. Patrick’s Day.

According come legend, Patrick offered it to teach the irish the concept of the Christian divine Trinity. They already had triple deities and also regarded the number three highly, for this reason Patrick’s usage of the shamrock may have actually helped him success a good deal of favor with the Irish.

Why the holiday, and when did it start?

These days, Patricius is well-known to many as Saint Patrick. Despite he’s not technically a canonized saint through the Catholic Church, he is well-regarded transparent the Christian world. But why the holiday? Why constantly March 17? What’s through the green? and also why perform we think that a non-Irish, non-snake charmer as a symbol of Ireland?

St. Paddy’s Day started as a religious celebration in the 17th century come commemorate the life of Saint Patrick and also the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. This “Feast Day” always took place on the anniversary of Patrick’s death, i beg your pardon was thought to it is in March 17, 461 AD. In the early 18th century, ireland immigrants carried the legacy over to the American colonies, and also it was there that Saint Patrick began to come to be the prize of irish heritage and society that he is today. As more Irish came across the Atlantic, the Feast day celebration slowly prospered in popularity. So much so, in fact, the an initial ever St. Patrick’s job parade was organized in Boston in 1737.


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By the mid 19th century, the United claims saw a massive influx of ireland immigrants hoping to to escape the great Famine. This transformed the fairly small-scale Feast job observance right into a full-blown celebration event that people wanted to be a part of, whether they were ireland or not. In 1903, Feast Day became a national holiday in Ireland, and over time the transformed right into what is now referred to as St. Patrick’s Day.

The vacation has since been celebrated all end the civilization in countries like the united States, great Britain, Canada, Argentina, Australia, new Zealand, Switzerland, Russia, and even transparent Asia. Together it happens, St. Paddy’s day is so popular, it’s assumed to be commemorated in much more countries than any kind of other national festival. What was as soon as a relatively chill day of going to mass, the town hall a parade, and eating a hearty enjoy the meal with family members has transformed into the biggest party in the world.

Why does everyone wear green?

If you’re wondering why human being are put on green, there’s much more to that than defense from pinching fingers. That goes back to the irish Rebellion, when Irish soldiers wore environment-friendly as they dealt with off the brother in your trademark red. Till then, the color connected with St. Patrick and Feast work was in reality blue. The song soldiers sang during the war in 1798, “The put on of the Green,” readjusted all of that and made green, the shade of shamrocks, Ireland’s mainstay color.

From then on, civilization wore environment-friendly on St. Patrick’s job in solidarity. And also when Chicago dyed your river eco-friendly for the an initial time in 1962, the practice of wearing and decorating in green became a component of popular music culture. It’s currently commonplace come bust out your best greens mid-March.


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Why every the drinking?

Okay, therefore why every the drinking then? It’s component historical subtext, component us succumbing to advertising, and component stereotyping. Originally, St. Patrick’s Day, or Feast Day, experienced the lifting of Lent limitations for the day, giving Christians a breather as they do their way to Easter. Basically, it to be a day come eat and also drink as lot as you please in celebration, hence the timeless Irish meal of bacon and cabbage. However imbibing on whiskey and beer was not component of the equation. In fact, pubs in Ireland were forced by law to shut down for the vacation until later on in the 20th century, and drinking alcohol on St. Patrick’s job was substantially frowned upon until the late 1970s.

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Then, a substantial marketing push from Budweiser in the 80s convinced thirsty revelers that drinking beer and St. Patrick’s Day were one in the same. The remainder is drunk history that few seem to remember, together it’s every been changed in our heads with quotes from Boondock Saints. Much like Cinco de Mayo, many human being now use the holiday as an excuse to party drink, i beg your pardon fosters negative stereotypes by mistakenly associating the act of gaining wasted v Irish culture. But, at the very least now you have the right to take a swig of her Guinness in pride since you recognize the real story. Sláinte!

Update: This short article originally linked Saint Patrick’s birthplace that Bannaventa with Banna Venta Berniae, in the Northamptonshire region of England. This is thought to it is in inaccurate, and also the precise whereabouts the his birthplace room uncertain. This story was initially published in in march 2017 and also was updated to meet buzzpatterson.com format guidelines.