Six Flags over Texas has a rich history, covering nearly 60 years while innovating many industry firsts. Return the history could easily fill a book (and the has), a short background on the park is below.

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The Beginning

Six Flags end Texas to be the brainchild the Texas actual estate developer Angus G. Wynne, Jr. After ~ visiting the newly-opened Disneyland in California, Wynne decided his house state necessary a similar attraction through a healthy dose that Texas history mixed in. Plans for such a park were developed in 1959 by Wynne, the an excellent Southwest Corporation, and investors from brand-new York. Construction started in August, 1960 through plans of opening the park a year later on in 1961. The final price sign of the 205-acre park was $10 millionAbout $80 million in 2015 dollars.


The park had a “soft” test opening from august 1-4 and also an main public grand opening ~ above Saturday, august 5, 1961. Opening day attendance was 8,374. Park tickets for the inaugural season cost just $2.75 for adults and $2.25 because that children, through parking priced at 50¢. Six Flags end Texas was additionally unique in that it pioneered the “Pay One Price” model, request a simpler single admission price that had all rides and also attractions. Also Disneyland, which Wynne had actually taken much inspiration from, tho featured the pay-as-you-go pricing version until that quietly changed over to SFoT’s renowned “POP” model.

Interestingly enough, Six Flags over Texas was never intended come last beyond a couple of years. The park’s initial purpose to be to be a temporary money-maker for the an excellent Southwest industrial District to fund other projects. Everyone, including Wynne, was surprised when attendance not correct expectations during the very first 45-day season, make it noticeable that the park would have to remain a irreversible fixture the Arlington, Texas.

The Name and Themed Areas

Story has actually it that Wynne originally planned to speak to the park “Texas under six Flags,” until his wife reminded him that ‘Texas wasn’t under anything.’

The six flags comes from the six countries that have actually governed Texas throughout its history. These flags encompass Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic the Texas, the United states of America, and the Confederate states of America.


When the park opened in 1961, it had actually themed areas for each flag. Now the park has merged the Spain and also Mexico sections right into one area, while introduce to the France and Confederacy sections as the “Old South and France.” The Texas and also United States locations still remain, while added sections have been added as the park expanded over the years, including “Tower,” “Boomtown,” “Gotham City,” and also “Goodtimes Square” (since absorbed by Gotham City) for a complete of 7 themed areas.

In respectable 2017, in the wake of violent protests in Virginia, six Flags stopped flying the Confederate claims of America flag. All flags were changed to the USA flag at the park entrance and also throughout the park. Some questioned the removal, note the park had actually been utilizing the an initial flag that the CSA (the “Stars and Bars”) and also not the later “rebel” fight flag that deserve to be linked with racists.

Ownership Changes

Six Flags end Texas has actually undergone a number of ownership alters throughout its years. The adhering to is a brief, incomplete background of the far-ranging ownership changes.

An beforehand aerial check out of six Flags end Texas reflecting the barren surrounding land

Angus G. Wynne increased the 6 Flags ide to the south with 6 Flags over Georgia, but later marketed the park to 6 Flags end Texas fund Ltd, a limited partnership through Jack Knox. The Penn central Corporation began managing the park in the 1971 season.

Following further park acquisitions, Time Warner at some point gained manage of the company through stock buyouts in 1993, bringing through it a new era and also the license of Warner Brothers and also DC Comics characters throughout the park. Their influence is felt many in the kid’s Looney Tunes section of the park, and later in Gotham City v the advent of Mr. Freeze and also Batman the Ride.

In 1998, Oklahoma-based Premier Parks purchase the 6 Flags corporation from Time Warner because that an approximated $1.86 billion. With licensing agreements, Premier Parks ongoing to carry Warner Bros. Character themes and attraction names. Premier Parks renamed itself to six Flags design template Parks Inc. In 2000.

Today, the park has a unique ownership arrangement. Unlike other Six Flags parks, 6 Flags end Texas is not actually own by the corporate 6 Flags (Six Flags end Georgia has a comparable arrangement). Instead, that is owned by over 120 restricted partners, few of which space Wynne’s heirs. Six Flags Inc. Merely manages the park v a “nonvoting, beneficial interest in 52 percent the the theme park and the underlying land.” This setup has occasionally caused conflict in between the partners and also Six Flags Inc., early out to cases of mismanagement and also financial problems. In 2009, parent company Six Flags Inc. Filed for bankruptcy security after amassing $2.7 billion in debt. Due to the ownership plan of 6 Flags over Texas and also Six Flags Inc., however, the park to be not affected by the bankruptcy filing.

The company emerged bankruptcy defense in 2010 with a brand-new name – Six Flags to chat Corp, and also Six Flags relocating its that company headquarters from new York to grand Prairie, Texas. Together the economy recovered, both 6 Flags end Texas and also Six Flags Inc. Have continued to enhance in attendance and also profitability, ensuring the park will proceed to thrill guest well right into the future.

The Future

As six Flags end Texas grew, so did Arlington and the area bordering the park. Today the park is landlocked through highways I-30 and also 360 to the north and east, and by sporting activities stadiums and also businesses come the south and also west. Future attractions will either need to replace existing people or expand in come the parking lot, which appears massive however can easily get nearby to capacity on busy days.

Six Flags over Texas Timeline

1959Planning for 6 Flags end Texas begins
August 1960Park building begins
August 5, 1961Six Flags over Texas cool opening
1963El Aserradero (log flume) added
1966Runaway Mine Train added
1969Tower, Mini-Mine Train added
1971Big bending roller coaster added
1974Music Mill Amphitheater added
1978Shockwave added
1979 (at conclusion of season)Big bending removed; Angus Wynne passes away
1980Judge Roy Scream added
1983Roaring Rapids added
1985Looney melody Land added (replaced Pac-Man Land)
1986Avalanche Bobsled (now La Vibora) added
1989Flashback coaster added
1990Texas Giant added
1991Time Warner begins acquisition of six Flags Corp.
1992Cave journey rethemed native Speelunkers to Yosemite Sam and the Gold flow Adventure
1993Time Warner completes salvation of six Flags Corp.
1995Right ingredient simulator journey added
1996Runaway Mountain added
1998Premier Parks buys six Flags Corp. From Time Warner; Mr Freeze coaster opens up after plenty of delays
1999Batman the Ride opens
2001Titan roller coaster added
2003Superman Tower of strength added
2008Tony Hawk"s big Spin added
2010Texas giant closed for major renovations
2011Six Flags end Texas celebrates its 50th anniversary with the reopening the the Texas Giant
2012Mr. Freeze reverses that trains and is re-named "Mr. Freeze turning back Blast"; Flashback and also Texas Chute out are gotten rid of to make method for future attractions.
2013The Texas Skyscreamer is introduced as the world"s tallest waver ride.
2014Looney tunes USA is renovated into Bugs hare Boomtown and Batman trains space reversed throughout the summer. Rock-N-Rocket removed to make way for 2015 attraction.
2015Justice League: fight for Metropolis added
2016Flat rides Catwoman Whip and also The Riddler Revenge added. VR headsets added to Shock tide (billed as "The brand-new Revolution")
2017The Joker roller coaster added
2018Harley Quinn Spinsanity added, Crazy legs ride formerly re-named as Spinsanity removed
2019El Diablo added, Aquaman Splashdown turn off Down and also Lone Star theater Demolished
2020Aquaman Powerwave is added, yet the opened is delayed till 2022. Year-round procedure begins. SFoT is closed native March v June due to Covid-19.

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2021SFoT celebrates its 60th year, starting with the Fire and also Ice Winter Festival. Finest of Texas Festival returns.
2022Pirates that Speelunker Cave, Aquaman Powerwave Open