Democratic Party

The Democratic Party is just one of the two major contemporary political next in the unified States. The party"s main equivalent is the Republican Party. The modern Democratic Party is thought about to be the older of the nation"s two significant political parties. The party"s primary governing organization is the autonomous National Committee (DNC), i beg your pardon is responsible for overseeing the process of writing and also promoting the party platform every four years and also providing national management surrounding campaign, fundraising, political task and choice strategy.

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The party typically supports a left-leaning, liberal platform on the American politics spectrum with an emphasis on the role of the federal federal government in fostering social and economic welfare.<2><3><4>

Party members typically but do not constantly or uniformly donate the adhering to policy positions. All positions room taken native the autonomous Party"s 2016 platform:<5>

"Americans have to be able to access public coverage through a windy option, and also those end 55 should be able to opt in to Medicare";"Ensure those at the top add to ours country’s future by creating a multimillionaire surtax to ensure millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share";"Every woman must have access to quality reproductive health treatment services, consisting of safe and also legal abortion";"Slash carbon pollution and also protect clean air in ~ home, lead the fight versus climate readjust around the world";"Expand and also strengthen background checks and close attention loopholes in our current laws worrying firearms";"We will look for to safeguard delicate minorities, including LGBT people and also people with disabilities."


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Both the democratic Party and also the Republican Party map their root to the Democratic-Republican Party, which was started in 1792 in opposition to George Washington"s Federalist Party. Thomas Jefferson was very early leader the the Democratic-Republicans and also the party"s an initial president. Assistance for the Federalist Party waned adhering to the war of 1812, introducing a duration of uncontested Democratic-Republican rule.

After the presidential election of 1824 pit four Democratic-Republican candidates versus one another, the party separation as members coalesced roughly winner man Quincy Adams or runner-up Andrew Jackson. The former group established the short-lived national Republican Party, a forerunner come the Whig Party and, eventually, the modern Republican Party. The latter group ended up being known together Jacksonian Democrats before shortening their surname to the democratic Party, official adopting the location in 1844.<6>

The democratic Party is stood for by the donkey, date to Adams pendant calling Andrew Jackson a "jackass" in the 1828 presidential election. Jackson taken on the name, even including a cheat on project posters. Politics cartoonist thomas Nast started using the cheat to represent the democratic Party as a totality in the 1870s.<7>

In the 1840s and also 1850s, the autonomous Party experienced dispute over the inquiry of extending slavery come the western territories. The unresolved conflict caused the party to split in the 1860 presidential election. The party"s fracture set the stage for the election of the an initial Republican president, Abraham Lincoln. Bitterness over the civil War and post-war Reconstruction encouraged Southern says to mainly support the democratic Party because that the next 100 years, during which time lock wielded considerable control end the party.<8>

By the 1900s, the autonomous Party had advanced from its original platform and began come favor much more government oversight and also regulation in business and economic affairs. The progressive policies of the Wilson management initiated the transition, which deepened with the establishment of miscellaneous social aid programs ~ the an excellent Depression. Throughout this period, the autonomous Party started to embrace a an ext liberal translate of the United claims Constitution.<9>

Religious affiliation likewise contributed to the evolution of the autonomous Party. Republicans were mostly Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregationalist, while most Democrats to be Catholic, Episcopalian and German Lutheran. Therefore sharp division, problems like barred became complicated to negotiate. Republicans believed that the federal government should be involved in moral issues, such together alcohol consumption, while democrats felt the the federal government should not make spiritual or ethical legislation.<9>

The website because that the democratic National Committee (DNC) lists the complying with historical timeline because that the autonomous Party:<10>


For much more than 200 years, our party has led the fight for polite rights, health and wellness care, social Security, workers" rights, and women"s rights. We room the party that Barack Obama, man F. Kennedy, FDR, and also the countless everyday americans who occupational each day to develop a more perfect union...

We"ve reined in a financial device that was out of control and also delivered the toughest customer protections ever enacted.

We"ve reworked our college student loan system to make greater education more affordable and also won the struggle for equal pay for women.

We happen the restore Act, which produced or aided to save numerous jobs and made extraordinary investments in the major pillars of our country.

From America"s beginnings to today, civilization have rotate to democrats to meet our country"s most pressing challenges—and plunder the means for a future that lifts up every Americans.

1920s: 19th Amendment: Woman’s Suffrage

Under the management of democratic President Woodrow Wilson, the U.S. Constitution was amended to provide women the right to vote. On respectable 18, 1920, Tennessee"s came to be the 36th state come ratify women"s suffrage, and it became our nation"s 19th amendment.


In the 1930s, americans turned to Democrats and elected chairman Franklin Roosevelt to end the great Depression. President Roosevelt offered Americans a brand-new Deal that put people back to work, stabilized farm yard prices, and also brought power to countryside homes and also communities.

Under president Roosevelt, society Security developed a promise the lasts come this day: farming old would never ever again mean farming poor.

1935: Social protection Act

One of the many enduring components of FDR"s new Deal, the Social defense Act offers assistance to retirees, the unemployed, widows, and orphans. By signing this act, FDR was the an initial president to support for federal aid for the elderly. It was largely opposed by Republican legislators.


In 1944, FDR signed the G.I. Bill—a historical measure that provided unprecedented services for soldiers returning from world War II, including low-cost mortgages, loan to start a business, and tuition and also living expenses for those seeking higher education. Harry Truman helped rebuild Europe after human being War II through the Marshall Plan and also oversaw the development of the phibìc Atlantic treaty Organization. By integrating the military, president Truman helped to lug down barriers of race and also gender and pave the method the way for civil rights developments in the years the followed.


In the 1960s, americans again turned come Democrats and elected President john Kennedy to tackle the obstacles of a new era. President Kennedy dared american to placed a man on the moon, produced the tranquility Corps, and negotiated a contract banning atmospheric trial and error of nuclear weapons.

And after chairman Kennedy"s assassination, american looked to President lindon Johnson, who readily available a brand-new vision of a good Society and signed into law the Civil rights Act and also Voting rights Act.

1964: Civil civil liberties Act

This landmark item of law outlawed significant forms the discrimination versus African Americans and women and prohibited gyeongju segregation. Signed right into law by President lindon B. Johnson, it ended unequal poll requirements and segregated schools, workplaces, and also public facilities.


President Johnson"s it spreads widely of Medicare to be a watershed moment in America"s background that redefined ours country"s commitment to our seniors—offering a brand-new promise that all Americans deserve to a healthy retirement.


In 1976, in the wake up of the Watergate scandal, Americans chosen Jimmy Carter to regain dignity come the White House. He developed the department of Education and Energy and also helped to create a lasting peace in between Israel and also Egypt.


In 1992, ~ 12 year of Republican presidents, record spending plan deficits and high unemployment, american turned come Democrats once again and also elected bill Clinton to obtain America moving again. Chairman Clinton balanced the budget, aided the economy add 23 million brand-new jobs, and oversaw the longest duration of peacetime economic expansion in history.


And in 2008, american turned to Democrats and elected chairman Obama to reverse our country"s slide right into the largest financial downturn because the great Depression and also undo eight year of policies that favored the couple of over the many.

Under chairman Obama"s direction and also congressional Democrats" leadership, we"ve reformed a health treatment system that was broken and also extended health insurance to 32 million Americans.

2010: patient Protection and Affordable care Act

After years of trying and also despite unanimous opposition native Republicans, chairman Obama and Democrats passed an extensive health reform right into law in march 2010. The Affordable treatment Act will hold insurance suppliers accountable, lower costs, increase coverage, and improve care for every Americans.<11>


National party leadership

Below is a list of the national management of the autonomous Party, as of November 2021:<12>

ChairmanJaime HarrisonSouth Carolina
U.S. Senate leaderChuck SchumerNew York
U.S. Home leaderNancy PelosiCalifornia
Vice chairman for civic engagement and also voter protectionKeisha Lance BottomsGeorgia
Vice chairwomanGretchen WhitmerMichigan
Vice chairwomanTammy DuckworthIllinois
Vice chairmanFilemon VelaTexas
SecretaryJason RaeWisconsin
TreasurerVirginia McGregorPennsylvania
National Finance chairmanChris KorgeFlorida
Vice chairman, chairman that the combination of State autonomous ChairsKen MartinMinnesota
Democratic Legislative campaign Committee chairwomanState Sen. Andrea Stewart-CousinsNew York
Democratic Congressional project Committee chairman<13>Rep. Sean Patrick MaloneyNew York
Democratic Senatorial project Committee chairwoman<14>Sen. Gary PetersMichigan
Governors combination chairwomanGovernor Michelle Lujan GrishamNew Mexico
Chief executive, management Officer<15>Sam CornaleWashington, D.C.
State party leadership

Below is a list of state chairpersons that the autonomous National Committee, as of October 2021.<16> Click "show" top top the box listed below to see the full list.

State democratic Party chairs, as of November 2021StateChairpersonStateChairperson
AlabamaChristopher J. EnglandMontanaRobyn Driscoll
AlaskaCasey SteinauNebraskaJane Kleeb
American SamoaPatrick Ti"a Reid<17>NevadaJudith Whitmer
ArizonaRaquel TeránNew HampshireRaymond Buckley
ArkansasGrant TennilleNew JerseyLeRoy J. Jones, Jr.
CaliforniaRusty HicksNew MexicoJessica Velasquez
ColoradoMorgan CarrollNew YorkJay Jacobs
ConnecticutNancy DiNardoNorth CarolinaBobbie Richardson
DelawareElizabeth D. MaronNorth DakotaPatrick Hart
District of ColumbiaCharles WilsonOhioLiz Walters
FloridaManny DiazOklahomaAlicia Andrews
GeorgiaNikema WilliamsOregonCarla Hanson
GuamAnthony Babauta<18>PennsylvaniaNancy Patton Mills
HawaiiTyler Dos Santos-TamPuerto RicoCharles Rodriguez
IdahoFred Cornforth<19>Rhode IslandJoseph McNamara
IllinoisRobin KellySouth CarolinaTrav Robertson
IndianaMike SchmuhlSouth DakotaRandy Seiler
IowaRoss WilburnTennesseeHendrell Remus
KansasVicki HiattTexasGilberto Hinojosa
KentuckyColmon ElridgeU.S. Virgin IslandsCecil R. Benjamin<20>
LouisianaKatie BernhardtUtahDiane Lewis (Interim chair)
MaineAndrew GattineVermontAnne Lezak
MarylandYvette LewisVirginiaSusan Swecker
MassachusettsGus BickfordWashingtonTina Podlodowski
MichiganLavora BarnesWest VirginiaBelinda Biafore
MinnesotaKen MartinWisconsinBen Wikler
MississippiTyree IrvingWyomingJoe Barbuto
MissouriMichael ButlerDemocrats AbroadCandice Kerestan
Historical chairpersons that the DNC

Below is a historical list the past and present chairpersons that the democratic National Committee (DNC). Click "show" ~ above the box listed below to watch the complete list.<21>

Benjamin F. Hallett1848–1852Massachusetts
Robert Milligan McLane1852–1856Maryland
David Allen Smalley1856–1860Vermont
August Belmont1860–1872New York
Augustus Schell1872–1876New York
Abram Stevens Hewitt1876–1877New York
William H. Barnum1877–1889Connecticut
Calvin Stewart Brice1889–1892Ohio
William F. Harrity1892–1896Pennsylvania
James K. Jones1896–1904Arkansas
Thomas Taggart1904–1908Indiana
Norman E. Mack1908–1912New York
William F. McCombs1912–1916New York
Vance C. McCormick1916–1919Pennsylvania
Homer S. Cummings1919–1920Connecticut
George White1920–1921Ohio
Cordell Hull1921–1924Tennessee
Clem L. Shaver1924–1928West Virginia
John J. Raskob1928–1932New York
James A. Farley1932–1940New York
Edward J. Flynn1940–1943New York
Frank C. Walker1943–1944Pennsylvania
Robert E. Hannegan1944–1947Missouri
J. Howard McGrath1947–1949Rhode Island
William M. Boyle1949–1951Missouri
Frank E. McKinney1951–1952Indiana
Stephen Mitchell1952–1955Illinois
Paul M. Butler1955–1960Indiana
Henry M. Jackson1960–1961Washington
John Moran Bailey1961–1968Connecticut
Lawrence F. O"Brien1968–1969Massachusetts
Fred R. Harris1969–1970Oklahoma
Lawrence F. O"Brien1970–1972Massachusetts
Jean Westwood1972Utah
Robert S. Strauss1972–1977Texas
Kenneth M. Curtis1977–1978Maine
John C. White1978–19812Texas
Charles T. Manatt1981–1985California
Paul G. Kirk1985–1989Massachusetts
Ron Brown1989–1993New York
David Wilhelm1993–1994Ohio
Debra DeLee1994–1995Massachusetts
Christopher J. Dodd1995–1997Connecticut
Donald Fowler1995–1997South Carolina
Roy Romer1997–1999Colorado
Steven Grossman1997–1999Massachusetts
Edward G. Rendell1999–2001Pennsylvania
Joseph Andrew1999–2001Indiana
Terry McAuliffe2001–2005Virginia
Howard Dean2005–2009Vermont
Tim Kaine2009–2011Virginia
Debbie Wasserman Schultz2011–2016Florida
Donna Brazile2016-2017Washington, D.C.
Tom Perez2017 - PresentWashington, D.C.

Platform and also policy issues

See also: The autonomous Party Platform and DNC platform Committees, 2016

The autonomous National Committee (DNC) bilder a party communication every four years. The party communication is a written file that outlines the democratic Party"s plan priorities and positions top top domestic and also foreign affairs. The platform also describes the party"s core concepts and also beliefs.

Click below to watch the finish 2016 democratic Party Platform.

Policy issues

In enhancement to the party platform, the DNC list the following an essential policy problems on the website. Click "show" ~ above the boxes listed below for an ext information about the issues.

"Every American, no matter their race, sex, ethnicity or nationwide origin, language, religion, sexual orientation, sex identity, age, or disability, is equal, and Democrats space fighting for them. Democrats have actually a long and proud history of defending polite rights and also expanding possibility for every Americans. Indigenous the Civil legal rights Act that 1964 come the Lilly Ledbetter same Pay act in 2009 to consisting of marriage equality in the party platform in 2012, democracy have fought to finish discrimination in all forms. If the Trump administration threatens a team of americans simply since of who they space or what they believe, Democrats will fight for our core worths of equality for everyone.

We room committed to protecting voting rights, freedom of religion, women’s ideal to do their own health care decisions, and equal federal rights for LGBT couples. We must likewise strive for criminal justice reform, and also common sense viewpoints to reduce and also prevent pistol violence.

No issue who girlfriend are, who you love, whereby you’re from, or exactly how you worship, Democrats room fighting for you."<22>

"Democrats think all kids should be able to lead happy, successful lives. That’s why we’re specialized to ensuring the following generation has access to a high quality education and the devices to drive our economic situation forward. Our country is strongest as soon as our workers room trained with the knowledge and also ingenuity to execute at the highest possible levels. Every kid should have the opportunity to reach that horizon and also to accomplish the American Dream.

Democrats have actually long valued education and learning as the crucial to success, both because that individuals and for ours nation. In 1944, democratic President Franklin Roosevelt enacted the G.I. Bill, a landmark item of legislation that provided World war II veterans with avenues for greater education. The G.I. Bill helped develop the modern-day middle course in America. And also in 1965, lyndon B. Johnson and also a democratic Congress spread the elementary school and an additional Education Act with the score of giving a quality education to every child.

In current years democrats have further increased access to greater education and restructured and also dramatically expanded college jae won aid, when making commonwealth programs simpler, much more reliable, and an ext efficient for students. In 2010, chairman Obama signed into law student loan revolutionary that reduced out the role of large banks. The Obama management also doubled our investment in Pell Grants and also made it easier for students come pay ago student loans. President Obama has worked to revolutionary the greater education system and also invested the most in student aid since the G.I. Bill. Democrats room committed to protecting that progress, because affordable public education and learning is the foundation of our middle class.

Democrats desire every boy - no matter their zip code - to have accessibility to a high quality public K-12 education, and also for college to it is in affordable because that every American. We recognize that as the worldwide marketplace grows an ext competitive, we have to expand avenues for greater education and job training. Democrats are committed to boosting the college-completion rate and the share of students who are all set for budding industries with specific job-related skills.

Democrats recognize education and learning as the most pressing economic worry in America’s future, and we cannot enable our nation to autumn behind in a global economy. We need to prepare the next generation because that success in college and the workforce."<23>

"Democrats are committed come curbing the results of climate change, protecting America’s herbal resources, and ensuring the high quality of our air, water, and land because that current and also future generations. Indigenous investing in clean energy to protecting ours ecosystems, Democrats room working to attend to our biggest environmental challenges, paving the way to a an ext sustainable America.

Here’s what Democrats and President Obama have done:

Under the Obama administration, the room of Transportation and the EPA issued brand-new fuel-economy standards, the very first meaningful increases in fuel economic climate for cars and light van in decades.We’ve raised our use of solar power twentyfold because President Obama took office, and also tripled our electricity created by wind power.In June 2013, chairman Obama laid the end a Climate activity Plan to minimize the harmful results of climate change.President Obama instructed the ecological Protection agency to take measures to regulate carbon dioxide emissions indigenous coal-fired strength plants, which are the largest concentrated source of emissions in the joined States. These proposed measures will reduce carbon pollution 30% from 2005 level by 2030.And in November that 2014, the president announced a landmark agreement with China to occupational together to reduce carbon contamination in the following 15 years.

Democrats desire to protect and build on president Obama’s progress. They recognize that climate adjust is one of our nation’s greatest challenges, and that addressing this immediate threat might make America the world clean energy superpower and also create numerous good-paying jobs. Democrats will certainly fight to protect the Paris commitment to safeguard our planet for future generations.

Donald Trump, ~ above the other hand, has referred to as climate change "a hoax developed by the Chinese," a id that not only flies in the challenge of clinical evidence, but threatens the long-term health and safety of ours country.

It will certainly take every one of us acting with each other — workers and entrepreneurs, scientists and also citizens, the public and also the personal sector — to deal with the challenge of climate change and seize our clean-energy future."<24>

"In march 2010, chairman Obama fulfilled a promise the Democrats have actually pursued for practically a century: making quality, affordable wellness care obtainable to all Americans. In all, 7 presidents pushed for wellness reform end the years. Us have lastly made genuine the principle that every American should have access to quality health and wellness care, and also no one should go bankrupt just since they acquire sick — and we’ll never stop fighting to defend that principle.

For years Democrats have fought for the simple idea that everyone should have some basic security in wellness care. As soon as President Johnson signed Medicare right into law in 1965, us were lastly able to administer that security to America’s seniors. In 1997, democrats passed the Children’s wellness Insurance program (CHIP), which at this time covers 8 million kids.

But the took virtually a century to extend that basic measure of defense to all Americans.

In 2010, regardless of unanimous opposition native Republicans, democracy were finally able to pass comprehensive health reform into law.

Thanks come the Affordable treatment Act, an ext than 20 million americans have gained health treatment coverage and also the uninsured rate has actually been cut virtually in half. Among the newly insured are an ext than 2.3 million young adult who space covered since the Affordable care Act allows them to remain on your parent’s insurance allowance until period 26. Discrimination based upon pre-existing problems is currently illegal, and virtually 8 in 10 american who recently shopped for wellness insurance in the marketplace can get it for less than $100 every month.

The Affordable care Act has also permitted states to expand Medicaid to aid even more Americans acquire covered. Thirty-one states and also the district of Columbia have expanded Medicaid, and Medicaid and SCHIP enrollment has risen 26 percent.

The Affordable treatment Act likewise provides taxes credits to small businesses to assist offset the expenses of employee coverage and tax credits to aid families pay for insurance. Us are additionally experiencing health treatment spending development at its lowest level in 50 years.

Democrats space committed come preserving and protecting the Affordable care Act and the tranquility of mind that has lugged to numerous Americans, and they will fight all attempts by the Trump administration to repeal the law and also take health care away from tens of millions of Americans. We are proud of this progression we have already made and are will job-related to extend and also preserve it because that generations come come."<25>

"Democrats space fighting because that every immigrant that feels intimidated by Donald Trump’s election. We will certainly not stand by and also watch family members be torn apart — democracy in Congress and in states and also cities across the nation are currently standing up to Trump’s hatred and also bigotry to defend their immigrant neighbors.

Thanks to president Obama, numerous thousands of DREAMers have been may be to get a temporary condition that permits them to study, work, salary taxes, and contribute come the areas they prospered up in. His administration has make a tremendous distinction by prioritizing immigration enforcement so the it is concentrated on those with criminal records and also doesn’t arbitrarily separate families, and also Democrats space fighting to protect that progress.

Democrats will continue to work-related toward an extensive immigration reform that fixes our nation’s damaged immigration system, improves border security, prioritizes enforcement for this reason we are targeting criminals - no families, keeps family members together, and also strengthens our economy.

Democrats recognize the importance of our country’s background as a nation of immigrants. Us honor our basic values by treating all civilization who come to the United states with dignity and also respect, and we constantly seek to embrace — not to to strike — immigrants."<26>

"15.5 million brand-new private-sector jobs since early 2010 and also the shortest unemployment cases in decades: that’s the progress that democrats made under chairman Obama, and that’s the progression we’re functioning every single day to protect.

Democrats think that our economy should combine our country and work because that every American, not just those in ~ the top. We are committed to helping all Americans accomplish the challenges of the 21st century by spurring project creation, rebuilding ours infrastructure, investing in clean-energy modern technologies and little businesses, and also making certain corporations, the wealthy, and wall Street pay their fair share.

When chairman Obama took office in 2009, that inherited an economy in freefall, with large deficits, skyrocketing health care costs, dwindling employment, and also banking and also housing sectors on the brink the collapse. Working with the President, democrats stabilized the financial system, assisted to protect against a second great Depression, and also created millions of brand-new jobs.

Democrats cut taxes for functioning families, listed help for small businesses and also homeowners, and also strengthened consumer protections. Regardless of Republican obstruction at virtually every turn, Democrats noted relief because that hardworking americans who lost their tasks through no fault of their own.

Now we’re functioning to protect that progress, and fighting to expand it come every American who has been left behind. As soon as Republicans reduced taxes for the wealthy yet not the center class, or threaten ours recovery with dangerous gaue won policies, Democrats will certainly fight back.

We desire to guarantee that all Americans have the chance to succeed and also that all working households can enjoy financial security. Democrats won’t be satisfied until every American who desires to work can find a job. By make debt-free college available to every Americans, cracking down on companies that ship profits and jobs overseas, fighting for same pay and also paid leave, and also ensuring the wealthiest citizens and largest corporations pay their fair share, democrats will never ever stop fighting to build an economic situation works because that all."<27>

"As the threats facing our nation have advanced over the years, for this reason too has actually our ability to respond to them. Our nationwide security personnel room the many dynamic and also well-trained in the world, and we need to never forget the solemn duty the they meet for our nation. Democrats are committed come ensuring our troops have the training, equipment, and also support that they require when they are deployed and also the care that they and also their households need and deserve as soon as they return home.

Defending America is not simply a inquiry of defending our borders. We must continue to support and train our army to accomplish the obstacles of 21st-century threats. That’s why Democrats have made modernizing our army a peak priority while likewise eliminating outdated programs and also unnecessary spending.

Democrats are focused on preventing terrorism throughout the globe. This method continuing to invest heavily in intelligence and also information sharing and promoting those networks amongst our allies. We have actually strengthened our ability to store nuclear and biological tools out the the hands of terrorists, promoted efforts to far better ensure border security, and also augmented defense the our national infrastructure.

President Obama made far-ranging steps to store America safe and also restore America’s image approximately the world by rebuilding strategic partnerships with countries that share our values and face usual threats. Democracy will proceed to construct on and also protect that progress."<28>

"From the aircraft and the internet, come chemotherapy and also the version T, America has actually a rich history of technological innovation and scientific ingenuity. However after year of declining tests scores in math and also science and also Republican administrations that frequently turn your backs ~ above science, the unified States risks losing its clinical dominance. Democrats are committed to reversing this trend by investing in the technologies and also jobs the the future while increasing support for much more advanced research, labs, and also classrooms.

In the past, government investments in scientific research have actually yielded innovations that have helped form the landscape of American life — technologies prefer the internet, digital photography, global Positioning device technology, laser surgery, and cancer treatment. However over the previous three decades, support for the physical, mathematical, and also engineering sciences has been drastically reduced at a time once other countries are substantially enhancing their very own research budgets.

Democrats believe that clinical research need to play vital role in proceeding science and an innovation in the classroom and in the lab. In bespeak to compete globally, our next generation have to be equipped v the devices and an abilities that lead to the job-creating technological innovations and scientific breakthroughs of the future. Democrats have actually taken far-ranging steps to increase educational opportunities and make college much more affordable for all Americans while boosting the top quality of our schools and also our teachers.

Democrats have made historical investments in research study for clean-energy technologies that room helping to produce the markets of the future. The Obama management lifted federal restrictions on stem cabinet research, giving scientists and also doctors with new resources to aid save lives.

Democrats room working to close the "digital divide," expanding access to high-speed broadband internet. We acknowledge that broadband is critical addition come our national framework by expanding accessibility to information and also education if serving together a central resource for small businesses and entrepreneurs to generate financial growth.

The Obama management took unprecedented steps to use an innovation as an instrument to restore faith, transparency, and accountability to government, and Democrats room fighting to protect his occupational so we can harness the ingenuity and also experience of all Americans to rise efficiency and also effectiveness of government."<29>

"Democrats think that a dignified retirement is central to the American Dream, and also its structure is constructed on 2 long-standing organizations charged v realizing the dream: Medicare and Social Security. This two establishments represent an unbreakable commitment to American workers, and for years Democrats have combated to safeguard them.

In 1935, Democrats and also President Franklin Roosevelt produced Social Security. In 1965, Democrats and also President lyndon Johnson created Medicare. Ever before since, Democrats have continually fought to defend these cornerstones that the American Dream in the challenge of attempts come dismantle or threaten both.

PROTECTING social SECURITYFor 75 years, society Security has been an enduring promise to America’s seniors. Today it remains a safety net for seniors and also offers all Americans tranquility of mind. In recent years, Democrats have actually beaten ago Republican plans come privatize Social defense — plans the would have exposed the retirement funds of numerous American seniors to an excellent risk top top the eve of the gaue won crisis. Instead, no one lost a penny of social Security.

STRENGTHENING MEDICAREMedicare is the 2nd pillar that Democrats’ commitment come Americans’ retirement security. Health treatment reform strengthened the Medicare trust fund, broadening its life by much more than a decade. The Affordable treatment Act has likewise improved care across the board, diminished fraud, and finally close up door the hole in Medicare drug coverage well-known as the “donut hole.” Seniors will continue to have actually full access to their doctors and are now eligible for complimentary coverage for particular preventive services, including an yearly wellness exam.

HELPING AMERICANS conserve FOR RETIREMENTDemocrats room committed to making it easier for american to save for retirement on their own. Nearly half the labor force — about 75 million people — at this time do not have employer-supported retirement plans. Democrats desire to do it less complicated for all Americans to participate in retirement accounts at work and support a mechanism where employees have actually pension portability, so employees don’t lose their pension if they readjust jobs.

Democrats believe that all Americans have the right to a secure and healthy retirement, and we will continue fighting to keep both Medicare and also Social protection for future generations."<30>

"Democrats have a long and also proud background of fighting for voting civil liberties that continues to this day. Organizers and activists have actually fought and also bled for their ideal to vote, and Lyndon B. Johnson signing the Voting civil liberties Act in 1965 to be the culmination of all of their difficult work and also sacrifice.

The ideal to vote is basic — the is the ideal that protects and expands all various other rights. It is why the democratic Party has continuously remained specialized to do it less complicated and much more convenient because that Americans of all backgrounds to actors their ballot.

We adopted the boldest and also most pro-voter platform in background — phone call for broadening early voting and also vote-by-mail, implementing global automatic voter registration and also same work voter registration, finishing partisan and also racial gerrymandering, and also making election Day a nationwide holiday.

We do this by supporting candidates for state secretary the state and also state legislative seat who desire to increase voting rights. And also we do this by supporting efforts in every 50 claims to ensure the every eligible citizen have the right to register and vote, and also that each poll is that s right counted.

This occupational is all the more important in the face of a downhearted Republican strategy to make it more complicated to ordinary Americans come vote.

In the wake of the can be fried Court gutting a crucial provision the the Voting legal rights Act, 14 states passed or applied some form of voting restriction. This actions consisted of eliminating same-day registration, reducing beforehand voting, prohibiting out-of-precinct voting, and imposing strict photograph ID laws.

During this exact same time period, however, 37 claims passed election regulations or regulations expanding accessibility to the ballot box, such together automatic registration, digital voter registration, same-day registration, expanding early voting, widening accepted forms of identification, or improving data with partnerships such together Pew’s ERIC program.

ACHIEVEMENTSIt is essential to stop and also recognize these achievements because they stand for the culmination of years of advocacy and also coalition building by ours party leaders, chosen officials, and also core constituents:

Automatic Registration: California, Connecticut, Oregon, West Virginia and Vermont embraced laws instantly registering voters once they gain a driver’s patent and permitting them come opt-out if they wish. Oregon registered over 250,000 new voters in 2016 and 42% the those that were instantly registered actors a ballot in November 2016. California alone may immediately register approximately 7 million citizen – nearly the tantamount of every the votes cast in the State of new York in November 2016.Same-Day Registration: Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Utah, and Vermont passed same-day it is registered – allowing voters come both register and vote in ~ the very same time.Online Voter Registration: Florida, DC, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, brand-new Mexico, Oklahoma and also Pennsylvania passed online voter registration. Together of June 2016, 31 states now offer virtual voter registration and also another 7 have passed regulations authorizing online voter registration.Modernized motor Voter: California sent voter it is registered applications to virtually 3.8 million human being who had applied for health insurance v the state’s healthcare exchange.Expanded early on Voting: Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland and Utah every either piloted, introduced or expanded beforehand voting.Identification Laws: brand-new Hampshire, Oklahoma, and also Virginia included to the perform of acceptable develops of identification as soon as voting or otherwise made your voter ID law less restrictive.

CHALLENGESThe 2016 choice was the an initial in in 50 years without the full protection that the Voting legal rights Act, and also 14 states had actually brand brand-new voting constraints put in location for this presidential election. Republicans passed legislations eliminating same-day registration, reducing early on voting periods, remove pre-registration, no counting specific provisional ballots, and also imposing a new voter ID regulation in states prefer Alabama,, Arizona, Indiana, Georgia, Mississippi, Nebraska, phibìc Carolina, phibìc Dakota, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin.

These laws have actually a real effect on our election outcomes, and also disproportionately affect women, communities of color, young people, the elderly, low-income individuals, and disabled voters, and military members and veterans.

We experienced this in Wisconsin, where as many as 300,000 voters didn’t have the photograph ID that was required to vote. The margin of win in Wisconsin was just 23,000 votes. We saw this again in phibìc Carolina, wherein there to be 158 fewer early on voting places in 40 counties with big African-American populaces — afri American turnout in phibìc Carolina was under 16% indigenous 2012.

As Republican politicians try to do it harder come vote, Democrats are working to expand accessibility to the polls. Whether we are hitting the highways to it is registered voters, engaging with local election officials, happen commonsense laws, or acquisition our fights against discriminatory voting regulations to court, we won"t stop working to promote a mechanism of elections that is accessible, open, and fair. As Congressman and Civil civil liberties leader john Lewis says, "the vote is the most powerful nonviolent device or tool in a autonomous society. We must use it.""<31>


2020 democratic National Convention

See also: democratic National Convention, 2020

The autonomous National Committee (DNC) organized its presidential nominating convention the main of respectable 17, 2020, throughout four step in brand-new York City, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, and Wilmington.<32><33>

The convention was originally scheduled come take ar July 13-16, 2020, in Milwaukee.<34> Organizers postponed the event in an answer to the coronavirus pandemic.

Most of the convention"s occasions took place remotely. The DNC announced in June 2020 that delegates need to not plan to travel to Milwaukee to to visit the convention.<35> Instead, votes on reports native the Rules, Platform, and Credentials committees took ar remotely from august 3-15, 2020.<36>

The autonomous National Convention Committee announced on respectable 5, 2020, that previous Vice president Joe Biden (D) and also other speakers would certainly not travel to Milwaukee.<37> Biden was formally nominated in ~ the convention on respectable 18, 2020.<38>

Biden announced U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris (D) together his running mate on august 11, 2020.<39> Harris to be the an initial Black mrs to appear on a major party"s ticket in the unified States.<40>

2016 autonomous National Convention

See also: autonomous National Convention, 2016See also: 2016 presidential nominations: calendar and also delegate rules

The 2016 democratic National Convention took place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in ~ the Wells Fargo center from July 25 to July 28, 2016.

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Hillary Clinton nominationSee also: Hillary Clinton wins the democratic presidential nomination and makes history

Hillary Clinton became the autonomous presidential nominee and also the first female nominee the a major political party on July 26, 2016, with the support of 2,842 autonomous National Committee delegates. In stimulate to success the 2016 autonomous presidential nomination, a candidate needed to win 2,383 delegates at the autonomous National Convention. Over there were supposed to it is in 4,765 delegates in ~ the convention.<42>

Historical autonomous National Conventions

Below is a list of autonomous National Conventions, because that which the autonomous National Committee (DNC) was responsible"<43>

YearLocationDNC nominee
1832Baltimore, MarylandAndrew Jackson
1835Baltimore, MarylandMartin valve Buren
1840Baltimore, MarylandMartin valve Buren
1844Baltimore, MarylandJames Polk
1848Baltimore, MarylandLewis Cass
1852Baltimore, MarylandFranklin Pierce
1856Cincinnati, OhioJames Buchanan
April 1860Charleston, southern CarolinaNone
June 1860Baltimore, MarylandStephen Douglas
1864Chicago, IllinoisGeorge McClellan
1868New York, brand-new YorkHoratio Seymour
1872Baltimore, MarylandHorace Greeley
1876St. Louis, MissouriSamuel Tilden
1880Cincinnati, OhioWinfield Hancock
1884Chicago, IllinoisGrover Cleveland
1888St. Louis, MissouriGrover Cleveland
1892Chicago, IllinoisGrover Cleveland
1896Chicago, IllinoisWilliam Jennings Bryan
1900Kansas City, KansasWilliam Jennings Bryan
1904St. Louis, MissouriAlton Parker
1908Denver, ColoradoWilliam Jennings Bryan
1912Baltimore, MarylandWoodrow Wilson
1916St. Louis, MissouriWoodrow Wilson
1920San Francisco, CaliforniaJames Cox
1924New York, new YorkJohn Davis
1928Houston, TexasAlfred Smith
1932Chicago, IllinoisFranklin Roosevelt
1936Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaFranklin Roosevelt
1940Chicago, IllinoisFranklin Roosevelt
1944Chicago, IllinoisFranklin Roosevelt
1948Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaHarry Truman
1952Chicago, IllinoisAdlai Stevenson
1956Chicago, IllinoisAdlai Stevenson
1960Los Angeles, CaliforniaJohn Kennedy
1964Atlantic City, new JerseyLyndon Johnson
1968Chicago, IllinoisHubert Humphrey
1972Miami Beach, FloridaGeorge McGovern
1976New York, brand-new YorkJimmy Carter
1980New York, brand-new YorkJimmy Carter
1984San Francisco, CaliforniaWalter Mondale
1988Atlanta, GeorgiaMichael Dukakis
1992New York, brand-new YorkBill Clinton
1996Chicago, IllinoisBill Clinton
2000Los Angeles, CaliforniaAl Gore
2004Boston, MassachusettsJohn Kerry
2008Denver, ColoradoBarack Obama
2012Charlotte, phibìc CarolinaBarack Obama
2016Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaHillary Clinton