No visitor come Jerusalem have the right to escape hearing recommendations to the very first Temple and also the second Temple, i beg your pardon refer to historic time periods once two different massive Jewish temples stood about where Al Aqsa Mosque is now located. Both holy places were destroyed, and also the key remnant is the external western wall of the second Temple courtyard, where civilization flock from everywhere the people to pray (known as the Wailing Wall, the Kotel, or the western Wall).

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The 2nd Temple courtyard, also known together the Wailing Wall, the Kotel, or the western Wall. Picture © Des Runyan, licensed an imaginative Commons Attribution.

According to Jewish traditions, both holy places were destroyed on the ninth of Av top top the Jewish calendar. Every year, those destructions are marked by the job of mourning referred to as Tisha B’av. There space several various other tragic dates in Jewish background associated v Tisha B’av. But, since of its relationship to the damage of the temples, the plaza that the Western wall surface is filled with throngs the Jewish mourners every Tisha B’av (in August).

During the very first Temple duration (1200-586 BC), the an initial Temple was constructed in 1000 BC by King Solomon ~ King David conquered Jerusalem and made the his capital. The temple was damaged in 586 BC through Nebuchadnezzar, the King the Babylon, when he conquered Jerusalem. There room scant continues to be of the holy place on the south hill the the City that David. Proof of the conquering and also destruction of the city deserve to be found in the scorched House and the home of the Bullae.

From the first Temple period, in 701 BC, there are far-ranging remains of preparations made through King Hezekiah when a siege on the city through Sennacherib King the Assyria was imminent. Those remains encompass Hezekiah’s Tunnel and the Broad wall in the Jewish Quarter.

The beginning of the 2nd Temple period (586 BC-AD 70) is significant by the return of Jews come Jerusalem from your exile in Babylon in 538 BC. Lock were enabled to return under one edict issued by Cyrus King that Persia. By 515 BC the reinstated Jewish residents had completed structure the 2nd Temple.

The time the the 2nd Temple is divided into various periods: the Persian period (586-332 BC); the Hellenistic duration (332-63 BC); and also the Roman period (63 BC-AD 324). In 37 BC, King Herod enlarged the holy place Mount and rebuilt the holy place with the consent the the public. During the roman inn period, in advertisement 70, the 2nd Temple was destroyed, together with Jerusalem, through Titus’ army. That was also during this duration that Jesus remained in Jerusalem. He was crucified about 40 years before the devastation of the city.

There are far-ranging archaeological remains from the second Temple period, consisting of the Kidron valley tombs, the west Wall, Robinson’s Arch, the Herodian residential quarter, many other tombs, and walls.

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BCE (Before common Era) and also CE (Common Era) are provided throughout Israel and also are numerically tantamount to BC and AD, respectively.