Hartford, CT (September 19, 2021) – Two people who to be standing in the roadway after a collision on interstate 91 north in Wethersfield were struck and also killed by an evading auto on Sunday morning, September 19, follow to state police.

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Investigators claimed that number of pedestrians were standing in the roadway after a ahead collision occurred approximately 4:00 a.m. At the time, they were hit by an additional vehicle travel northbound. The driver that that vehicle failed to stop and fled the scene.

EMS rushed come the scene yet pronounced two civilization dead ~ above arrival. A third person was taken to the hospital v serious but non-life-threatening injuries, per state police.

Officers say the hit-and-run vehicle is a blue 2002 or 2004 Honda CRV v a spare tire affixed to its behind end. Investigators stated the auto will have actually damage continuous with a driver’s side collision.

The highway was closed for several hours between exits 25 come 26 in Wethersfield and at exit 27 in Hartford.

Any witnesses come the collision or anyone with information around the driver associated is request to call Connecticut State Police troop H in Hartford.

The examination is continuous at this time.

Our deepest condolences go the end to the household of the deceased victims. Our thoughts room with the hurt victims in really hopes of a complete recovery.

Fatal Car accidents in Hartford


Last year, authorities in Connecticut report the highest number of motor car fatalities ~ above the state’s roads since 2016.

Furthermore, per data exit by the Connecticut transport Safety research Center, rate is the top cause of the majority of these deadly accidents. In fact, police reported an ext than 80,000 web traffic accidents, typically caused through speeding or reckless driving.

Thankfully, many of these cases are preventable. However, wrecks proceed to happen. And also the victims and their family members must endure tragic scenarios as a result.

Unfortunately, countless victims experience emergency medical treatment and also spend weeks or even months in recovery. To include insult to injury, victims frequently require costly physical therapy, time-consuming therapy for emotionally trauma, and more.

When civilization succumb to your injuries from accidents caused through the action of various other motorists, their grieving households must pick as much as the pieces. For these reasons and also more, they must reach the end to an auto accident lawyer in Hartford as shortly as possible. Compensationmay beavailabletohelpwiththe jae won burdens youarenowfacing.

Remember that you have choices Working v a seasoned Connecticut accident attorney is crucial in the after-effects of these incidents. Hartford injury attorneyJonathan Perkins has actually years of suffer helping victims and their families. We know what that takes to gain justice. And also our attorneys think you should never pay for one more driver’s reckless actions.

If you suffered injuries in one auto accident in Hartford, you can win a fair, full accident settlement. A successful case award deserve to cover the losses you’ve sustained as a result of another motorist’s negligence.

Hartford Wrongful death Lawyer

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