When a hit-and-run accident occurs, the victim seldom sees the coming. The driver that causes the accident may hit friend or her car, panic, and flee the scene before you know what happened. This can be a scary case for anyone.

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You may be disoriented after your injuries or caring for passengers who were also injured. You also may it is in concerned about who will pay because that your clinical bills when the responsible party flees. The new Orleans hit-and-run accident lawyers at Morris Bart, LLC can make certain insurance companies assist you salary for your treatments.


What Is a Hit-and-Run auto Accident?

A hit-and-run accident occurs once one of the vehicles affiliated in a crash to escape the scene before law enforcement come to investigate. It is the obligation of anyone involved in a collision to stay at the scene and make sure any type of injured parties space taken treatment of until assist has arrived.

The state the Louisiana particularly spells out penalties for any driver judge of a hit-and-run accident. The penalties are specifically harsh if someone pipeline the step of one accident where the victims were hurt or killed. 

If friend or a loved one has actually been a hit-and-run victim, a brand-new Orleans car accident lawyer can explain your options.

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Hit-and-Run penalty in Louisiana

The criminal charges for a hit-and-run in Louisiana will rely on the details that the offense. A hit-and-run driver can either be charged v a misdemeanor or a felony. However, either way, Louisiana prosecutors take this criminal negligence really seriously.

Misdemeanor Hit-and-Run Penalties

If no major bodily injury or fatality occurs, the human who fight you can still confront a misdemeanor punishment if castle flee the accident scene, including:

Up come $500 in finesUp to six months in jailBoth up to $500 in fines and a best of six months in jail

The driver would also face a minimum the 10 days and a best of 6 month in jail, a $500 preferably fine, or both if the criminal prosecutor can prove they were drunk or ~ above drugs and that they didn’t stop due to the fact that they knew they’d be prosecuted. 

Felony Hit-and-Run Penalties

The hit-and-run driver in your situation could challenge felony charges if:

Serious bodily injury or fatality occurred.The driver knew or should have known death or major bodily injury occurred.

Once charged, the judge might sentence them to:

A best of $5,000 in finesA prison sentence of approximately 10 years, v or without difficult laborBoth, a best of $5,000 in fines and also the jail sentence up to 10 years

The perpetrator in your case will challenge the many severe felony hit-and-run driving penalty if all the following conditions are met:

The accident straight caused major bodily injury or death The driver was aware or should have been aware that their motor vehicle or procedure of the auto caused the accidentThey had actually previously pled guilty to: a DWI (driving when intoxicated) two more times in ~ 10 years of the hit-and-run; automobile negligent injuring; first degree car negligent injuring, or vehicular homicide

If the hit-and-run driver is uncovered guilty, the referee is required to sentence them come a minimum of 5 to twenty years in prison, with or without tough labor.

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Noteworthy Hit-and-Run Statistics

Unfortunately, hit-and-run mishaps are much more common in Louisiana than in other states, follow to the AAA foundation for web traffic Safety. In fact, Louisiana, brand-new Mexico, and Florida had the highest hit-and-run crashes every 100,000 people in between 2010 and 2016. 

Hit-and-run crashes are usual throughout the unified States. In 2015, 11.7% of every crashes affiliated a hit-and-run driver, accounting for 1,819 fatalities and 138,500 injuries. 

In Louisiana in 2015, there to be 41 fatalities related to hit-and-run crashes and also 4,155 injuries. 

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Reasons That civilization Flee the scene of a Hit-and-Run

Multiple theory exist regarding why someone would cause a website traffic accident and then leave the scene:

Possession of drugs or other illegal items: The driver may have actually illegal medicine or a firearm in the car, and they do not want law enforcement to discover them.No license: The driver does not have a legit driver’s license, therefore they flee the scene to avoid the police.Committing one more crime: The driver may have committed one more crime, led to the accident, and also wanted to protect against speaking with the police.Panic: The driver who caused the accident panics and also is not reasoning clearly, picking to flee the scene instead of taking responsibility.

Regardless that why someone fled the scene, they will certainly be subject to prosecution for the hit-and-run crime once the police record them. And you can hold them account for your damages with the help of a hit-and-run accident lawyer in brand-new Orleans.

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What to perform After a Hit-and-Run Crash

If you are the victim of a hit-and-run accident, friend should instantly call the police. If who suffers injuries in her vehicle, they will need care from very first responders. After all the victims have received proper care, you deserve to then start trying to assist law enforcement track under the driver that fled the scene by acquisition a few actions:

Write under the license plate number of the various other carWrite down anything you remember around the various other driver or carWrite under a description of the damages on the other carCheck with any kind of witnessesTell the police if you suspect the various other driver to be speeding, drinking, or behaving in one abnormal mannerTake pictures of the damage to her vehicle and the neighboring scene

By catching the other driver, their insurance can provide you through payment for her injuries. Our brand-new Orleans hit-and-run accident lawyers know just how to help you conference information around your accident. 

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Will insurance allowance Pay because that My Hit-and-Run Crash Injuries?

If the various other driver evades the police ~ a hit-and-run crash, you may have actually medical bills and other problems for i m sorry you deserve compensation. Unfortunately, in a instance like this, friend will need to rely on your health and also auto insurance money to aid you recoup damages.

Medical bills:Your health insurance policy will covering the injuries you have suffered in the crash. If you have a specific type of auto policy, it might pay for a part of your clinical bills up to a cap.Property damage:Your vehicle insurance policy’s collision coverage need to pay for the loss to your auto that resulted from the hit-and-run. However, her insurance company will expect you to pay the deductible.Pain and also suffering:Your compensation for pain and also suffering will come from your auto insurance money if you have actually uninsured motorist coverage on her policy. In Louisiana, chauffeurs must particularly opt-out of uninsured motorist coverage or incorporate it in your policies.

Defending her Rights against Insurance Companies

Surprisingly, girlfriend may discover that your very own insurance firm is fighting you and also resisting the responsibility to salary you the proper compensation. If her insurer is no helping girlfriend with medical bills, property damage claims, and pain and suffering claims, your brand-new Orleans hit-and-run accident attorney can current the truth to the insurer.

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Under the law, you have rights if you to be a victim the injuries caused by wrongdoing or negligence. Yet you must act before Louisiana’s one-year statute of constraints expires. So, our legal team will: 

Investigate your hit-and-run caseGather evidenceInterview witnessesNegotiate through insurance companiesAssist friend in securing the compensation friend deserve

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As a reliable team of brand-new Orleans hit-and-run accident lawyers, us know exactly how to help. Us will work-related tirelessly on her behalf, help you obtain the services to i beg your pardon you space entitled. When you hire the Morris Bart, llc team, we will certainly be prepared to start working for you immediately. 

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