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When a hurricane endangers to blow in, don't chaos around. Rely on this hurricane playlist together you either sanctuary in location or evacuate to safety. We have actually a perform of pop, rock, and country songs around hurricanes to aid you weather the storm.

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Hurricanes room a pressure to it is in Reckoned With

There are few things meaner than the punch packed through a group 5 hurricane. Winds in excess of 157 mph can cause catastrophic damage, leveling whole communities, placing stays on the line, and sending debris airborne. Poof! Gone. Even classification 1 hurricanes—with wind speed of 74–95 mph—are a force to it is in reckoned with, considering that they can cause power outages, fallen trees, and both personal injury and property damage.

If a hurricane is headed her way, take it heed of her meteorologist and also either sanctuary in place or evacuate. As you execute so, depend on this playlist of pop, rock, and country songs about hurricanes to store you company.

1. "Rock You prefer a Hurricane" by Scorpions

You deserve to count on regional radio station to an outbreak this go-to hurricane song prior to evacuation plans are in full swing with boarding up windows and loading the car. It's a 1984 metal favorite and the signature tune of the German tape Scorpions.

The lusty lyrics explain a man who is prepared for love or anything the resembles it. ~ above the hunt for a sexual partner, he is "ready to make it v someone ns choose" and also seeks come unleash all his pent-up energy. Since the narrator boasts of being such a virile man he stands ready to rock his happy lady "like a hurricane." (Oh, too ~ God. Run for shelter, girl.)

Sultry lyrics on songs choose this triggered Tipper Gore and also the other Washington Wives come petition the Recording sector Association of America (RIAA) to location parental advisory warning labels on music in 1985. The practice continues to this day.

2. "Hurricane" by Luke Combs

Having suffered a poor breakup, the man in this rousing country crossover tune from 2016 had to be encouraged by his buddies come go the end for drinks. The knew that emotionally he was headed because that stormy weather once his friends began chatting up his ex's friends.

Then his ex walked in, and he was a disaster:

The moon go hidingStars battered shiningRain to be droppingThunder 'n lightningYou wrecked mine whole human being when you cameAnd struggle me prefer a hurricaneYou struggle me like a hurricane.

What did the think was going come happen? The weather forecast wasn't specifically sunny, if you understand what i mean.

3. "Hurricane" by Thrice

The romance in this 2017 hard rock ditty appears doomed, even as the narrator struggles to hang on come the love the he and his partner share. The overarching tone is ominous together he recalls the early on days of their love affair, likening the to her grasping a red rose and cutting her hand on the thorns.

As the dark storm looms overhead, the anticipates extr conflict in between them but seeks to give shelter to the great thing they have. Those symbolic hurricane winds, representing the disturbance of your relationship, threaten come forcefully rip their bond apart in "a tidal wave of fear and pain."

4. "Hurricane" by theory of a Deadman

Divorces, like herbal disasters, are an alleged to take place to various other people. That's what the male in this 2012 difficult rock song thought until he got captured up in the ruins of a marital bust-up that felt choose a hurricane had actually swept with his life. While the fierce winds stole the optimistic memories of his ex-wife, the lightning strikes of distrust painfully charred the love they once shared. He's willing to endure added psychological torment to acquire to a an ext positive ar in his life.

5. "Hurricane" by The Fray

Some that us discover ourselves dangerously attracted to lovers through ferocious energy and also power, together if they're angry through the world. The guy in this 2014 alternate rock song is drawn to a small-statured lady who networks hurricane-force dynamism and thunders loudly through life, yelling and also invoking fear. For all the worries that that girl must surely have, the narrator assumes that is the one who deserve to fix she or at least be there to clean up her messes. Don't do it, Bud.


During Hurricane Katrina in 2005, around 80% of new Orleans to be under as much as 20 feet of water. End 15 million world were impacted in a range of ways, and also 1,833 resides were lost. Also today, 705 human being have never ever been accounting for.

raggio5 via Pixabay, free Domain

12. "The birds Is High" by Blondie

Hurricane winds send the sea waters cresting to new heights, yet that's okay because you're dauntless prefer the festival in this reggae-infused rock hit indigenous 1980. She covets a man who is inundated with other romantic options. However, instead of providing up she doubles under in perseverance. Leaving it to her to it is in the last girl standing. "The tide Is High" was one of Blondie's 4 #1 hits.

13. "Hurricanes" by Dido

After a hiatus native the music industry, Dido reemerged with this electro-tinged popular music track in 2018. In the positive love song, a woman explains her desire come face every one of the "sound and also the fury" that life needs to offer. Quite than running away from the hurricane-like difficulties that threaten to overwhelm the couple, she looks front to dealing with life's difficulties and also joy together.

14. "Blame the on the Rain" through Milli Vanilli

In the wake up of a hurricane, you can blame a an excellent portion that the damage on the rain, like the sorry sucker that narrates this 1989 popular music song. The song was a #1 for lip-synching German duo Milli Vanilli. That was before they ended up being exposed for not singing on their own records. (Session musicians sang their parts, and also they also had their Grammy Award for Best brand-new Artist revoked.)

The song's narrator regrets breaking up v his ex and seeks to win her back. Quite than accepting an individual responsibility because that letting her get away, however, he blames his bad choices ~ above the rain. What a cop out.

15. "Hello Hurricane" by Switchfoot

This optimistic 2009 alternate rock song was influenced by the moving account of a woman who shed her leg throughout the Hurricane Katrina evacuation. Exemplifying an individual grit, she stated that she walked out of her old home and also despite the loss of she leg, she was established to triumphantly walk right into her brand-new one.

This song's narrator eye the blood-red skies and also senses there is an oncoming hurricane. With his windows and also doors boarded up, he defiantly speak the hurricane that even if every little thing he own disappears,

All your dead end fury isNot enough.You can't silence my love.

Indeed, hurricanes may splinter ours homes. Castle may damage our precious belongings. However, lock cannot ruin the binding of love that us share because that one another.

16. "Storm Coming" through Gnarls Barkley

A menacing storm is ~ above the horizon in this 2006 R&B/neo-funk number imbued with deep spiritual messages. The tune is imparted native the perspective of a songwriter/ narrator who perceives the God speaks v him come powerfully interact with the masses.

The brewing hurricane conveys exciting, frightening, and also uncomfortable truths. Therefore storms thrash around destructively, they draw people together, huddling together for mutual aid and support. The narrator insists that rather than questioning why (because these are unanswerable questions), it's much more important come go about the business of life, living and also dying.

18. "Here comes the Rain Again" through Eurythmics

You'll be so tired of rain by the time the storm is over. Also in the lack of flooding, you'll feeling waterlogged.

Rain can likewise symbolize feeling down, simply as it does in this 1984 brand-new wave song. A mrs laments feeling depressed, confused, and disconnected from who she had actually a former relationship with. She's trying come make sense of what's in his heart and also mind and also whether it's raining over there too:

Here comes the rain againFalling on my head prefer a memoryFalling on my head prefer a brand-new emotionI desire to go in the open up windI desire to talk like lovers doI desire to dive into your oceanIs it raining through you.

17. "After the Hurricane" through Jazmine Sullivan

Clouds loom large in she lover's eyes and also then his tears begin flowing choose rain. The woman in this 2008 R&B song supplies a hurricane together a metaphor for a unstable breakup. As her lover it is intended the negative news, she realizes that her heart is appropriate in the course of destruction.

19. "I Feel favor I'm Drowning" by 2 Feet

A hurricane's course is no place to it is in if you fear drowning because it's the water rather than the wind the presents the major hazard. According to the national Hurricane Center, storm surge, rainfall flooding, high surf, and deaths just offshore (within 50 nautical miles) accounted for 88% the storm-related casualties over a five-decade period.

The man in this 2018 alternative rock track fears that he's drowning in ~ the hands of his toxicity lover. As soon as she's not around, his life is okay, however she's suspicious, scheming, and also holds him down. She's slowly killing him, and also he feels prefer he's drowning.

20. "Help!" through Beatles

Building damage, downed power lines, and also toppled trees are simply some of the devastation left by a hurricane. Communities will need assist rebuilding broken lives, and also it won't be easy:

Help me if friend can, I'm emotion downAnd I do appreciate you gift 'roundHelp me gain my feet ago on the groundWon't you please, please aid me?Help me? aid me? Ooh

When john Lennon composed this 1965 absent song, that was inspired not by weather yet by the experience of the band's stressful overnight increase to global fame. The tune came to be a #1 fight in many countries, and Rolling Stone later on honored the as among the "500 biggest Songs of all Time."

Hurricane Andrew to be a category 5 Atlantic hurricane that struck the Bahamas and also Florida in respectable 1992. It led to 65 deaths and also $26.5 exchange rate in damage. Presented here is a devastated mobile residence community.

Bob Epstein, FEMA News Photo, via Wikimedia Commons, public Domain

Know a tune that have to be ~ above this playlist? make a tip in the Comment ar below.

SongArtist(s)Year Released

21. "It's raining Again"



22. "Hurricane Drunk"

Florence + the Machine


23. "Surfing in a Hurricane"

Jimmy Buffett


24. "Hurricane"

Levon Helm


25. "Hurricane"

Panic! at the Disco


26. "Stormy Weather"

Lena Horne


27. "Hurricane"

Bridgit Mendler


28. "Like a Hurricane"

Neil Young


29. "Thunder in the Rain"

Kane Brown


30. "Two Sparrows in a Hurricane"

Tanya Tucker


31. "Love Is a Hurricane"



32. "Butterflies and Hurricanes"



33. "Storm Warning"

Hunter Hayes


34. "Thunderstruck"



35. "Thunder"

Imagine Dragons


36. "Hurricane"



37. "The Eye"

Brandi Carlile


38. "Hurricane"



39. "When It rain It Pours"

Merle Haggard


40. "What execute You Do when It's Raining"

Luke Combs


41. "Swimming in the Flood"

Passion Pit


42. "Gust the Wind"

Pharrell Williams


43. "Call it Stormy Monday (But Tuesday Is simply as Bad)"

The Allman brothers Band


44. "Texas Flood"

Stevie ray Vaughan


45. "Hurricane"



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So far, we have been lucky in only suffering power outages in the warmth of the summer throughout hurricanes and tropical storms that have come our way. Many people have shed their homes and also possessions. Currently that the is the hurricane season, we pay close attention to any kind of warnings that come our way. I'm no surprised that this is a topic because that songwriters.

FlourishAnyway (author) indigenous USA on June 28, 2020:

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What a collection. This was fun reading and listening to. I don't have actually a fav. As most were new to me.

Genna East from Massachusetts, USA on June 28, 2020:

Living in the Atlantic Northeast, we deserve to experience our same share the hurricanes and also tropical storms...and the season is currently upon us. I need to say the Credence and also Lennon and are mine favs in this exorbitant collection. Together always, thank you because that the wonderful music. Happy Sunday. :-)

Pamela Oglesby from sunny Florida top top June 28, 2020:

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Shauna l Bowling from central Florida top top June 28, 2020:

I took pleasure in this set, Flourish. We're 28 days into hurricane season and have a long stretch ahead of us. September is usually once the destructive hurricanes hit Florida. Therefore far, I've been thru many, consisting of Hurricane Andrew, and also have come out unscathed. Thank my lucky stars!

I really took pleasure in the song by tape of Heathens. I've not heard that them prior to but love your sound. So much so, that I've Googled castle to view what else they've done. I simply may need to add them to mine collection.

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