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Rich Peverley the the Dallas Stars, that has encountered a love condition, broke down on the bench ~ above Monday night and also needed instant medical fist for a cardiac occasion — but he is conscious and at the hospital.

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Peverley was automatically carried under the tunnel by the team"s staff, there is no a stretcher, through 13:37 continuing to be in the first period versus the Columbus Blue Jackets.

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Peverley to be at the finish of Dallas" bench after ~ a shift. His teammates noticed him in distress and called for help, which came in a matter of seconds.

"When that dropped. It to be red alert. Don"t worry around the game. That was around getting the doctors," coach Lindy Ruff claimed after the game.

After Peverley was removed, both groups headed come the locker room. The video game was delayed for several minutes, climate postponed.

Just watched Peverley"s last transition before collapsing. He didn"t obtain a solitary check, never fell to the ice, or showed indications of distress.

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After the game, the Stars claimed Peverley was resting at the hospital and would undergo extensive tests over the next couple of days.

Per Dr. Salazar, Peverley was aware of whereby he to be when became conscious and wanted come get back in come the game.

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Of the treatment, Salazar said: "We provided oxygen because that him. We began an IV. Us did chest compressions on him and also defibrillated him, detailed some power to carry a rhythm back to his heart, and also that prospered with one attempt, i beg your pardon is an extremely reassuring."

After about a half-hour, the video game was officially postponed.

"The players, specifically the Dallas players, are very shaken as to what happened," Columbus president john Davidson said Fox sporting activities Ohio . "They questioned it through their players, and the decision was made the they"re shaken, and they"d favor to reschedule. And also we definitely understand that."

The 31-year-old forward has actually missed time this season v an irregular heartbeat diagnosed in the fall. He had actually a procedure ~ above the condition in September and also missed the first game of the season. The same worry kept him the end of a game last Tuesday, yet he returned two job later.

“It to be the same thing,” Ruff said at the time . “He’s been monitoring it the entirety year and also this might have to be the very first or second time it’s come around, however it’s miscellaneous he has actually to attend to and that something the obviously we’re conscious of.”

Peverley is not the an initial hockey player to have a cardiac occasion on the bench; specifically, previous Red wing forward Jiri Fischer went right into cardiac arrest on Dec. 12, 2005 and had come be revived with a portable defibrillator and also CPR by Red Wings" medical professional Tony Colucci.

He virtually died, and also because the that, the NHL made changes to that protocol because that such events. It"s part of why Dallas" response was so quick on Monday night.

"As quickly as (Peverley) came off the ice, the collapsed," Ruff said. "I soon stood ~ above the bench and also started screaming increase in the crowd for a doctor... I was just screaming come let the doctors understand we necessary somebody ASAP and also they to be there ASAP. I have the right to tell friend firsthand, it was an absolute marvel what they go through."

Fischer, 25 in ~ the time, was diagnosed with a quick heartbeat and never played again, however he made a full recovery and also is right now the Red Wings" director of player development. He additionally scored a score at the Winter standard alumni game in December .

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Dallas got Peverley in the offseason, along with Tyler Seguin, from the Boston Bruins for Loui Eriksson, Joe Morrow and Reilly Smith. He has seven goals and 23 assists in 62 gamings this season.