The Deed

The validity that the Waltons" insurance claim to their land is questioned once they cannot develop a legal deed come the property.

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view the final display roles because that the cast of Hogan"s Heroes

They to be villains because that both Schwarzenegger and also The Partridge Family.


The actors of Hogan"s Heroes was favor no other. Werner Klemperer (Klink), man Banner (Schultz), Leon Askin (Burkhalter) and Howard Caine (Hochstetter), who all play Germans, were Jewish, and all however the latter had fled the Nazis throughout WWII. Additionally, Robert Clary, who played the cooking French corporal, LeBeau, had actually been interned at a concentration camp.

They to be fascinating people — and they continued to work in Hollywood ~ Hogan"s Heroes ended its six-season operation in 1971. This actors showed up in whatever from romantic comedies come futuristic thrillers. Let"s take a look.


1. Richard Dawson


Dawson, of course, is best known for job-related in video game shows, start as a panelist on Match Game in the 1970s. Together the longtime — if not defining — organize of Family Feud, Dawson planted kisses from1976–1985. He would briefly go back to the Feud indigenous 1994–95, before the show was placed to remainder for a grasp of year due to bad ratings. In between, the brother actor delivered his many memorable movie role, together he to be cleverly cast as the rogue in the Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi follow The running Man(1987). Of course, he played a game show host. Only, this one was deadly.

Image: The Everett Collection

2. Werner Klemperer


In an unlikely way, Klemperer"s final television performance would certainly be as Colonel Klink. In a 1993episode the The Simpsons, "The last Temptation the Homer," a guardian angel mirrors up to assist Homer. The is the image of Colonel Klink — and Klemperer voiced the toon. However, the last time Klemperer was viewed on display screen came a year earlier in Law & Order. In "Star Struck," the veteran tv star played one wilhelm Unger, the father of a killing suspect that is pleading insanity.

Image: NBCUniversal Television

3. Man Banner


The Partridge Family episode title "Who Is Max Ledbetter and Why Is the Saying every Those terrible Things?" is a actual mouthful. Banner, the former Sgt. Schultz, is Max Ledbetter himself, a washed-up quack that a TV psychic now running a bakery in gaue won trouble. He attempts come squeeze money native the family band. Banner passed away in early 1973, ten month after the illustration aired.

Image: Sony pictures Television

4. Robert Clary


After his days as Corporal louis LeBeau, the French-born gibbs transitioned come a long career in soap operas. Clary had actually long stints onDays of ours Lives (on and also off indigenous 1972–87) andThe Young and the Restless (1973–79). His critical gig would come onThe Bold and the Beautiful native 1990–91, playingPierre Jourdan, a to sing Parisian that runs a café and offers a home toBrooke Logan. The relocated to L.A. And attends a ratings-driven wedding. Clary remains one of the last surviving cast members of Hogan"s Heroes, yet he has actually not action on screen since.

Image: CBS / BBL Distribution

5. Larry Hovis


Texas indigenous Larry Hovis cleared up down in the Lone Star State late in life, acquisition a position teaching drama in ~ Southwest Texas State university in the 1990s. That might explain his i can not qualify appearance inLone Star State the Mind, a somewhat forgotten 2002 teenager rom-com starring Joshua Jackson (Dawson"s Creek). The movie filmed around Austin, Texas. Hovis mister up as a physician who looks over Jackson"s character. Hovis passed far a year later.

Image: Sony

6. Ivan Dixon


After playing the interactions expert Kinchloe, Dixon largely worked behind the camera. He directed illustration ofThe Waltons, The Rockford Files, The Bionic Woman, Magnum, P.I. and The A-Team, no to cite the seminal blaxploitation film Trouble Man, i m sorry featured an great Marvin Gaye soundtrack. Still, Dixon occasionally jumped right into a function here and there. His last acting gig come on Father Dowling Mysteries, playing a reverend in "The Joyful Noise Mystery" in 1991. Dixon passed away in 2008.

Image: CBS television Distribution

7. Bob Crane


Following his lead duty as Hogan, Crane landed his own display in 1975 called, well, The Bob Crane Show. He play an insurance allowance salesman who offers medical institution a go. The sitcom it s long 15 episodes. From there, the drummer-actor popped up as a guest star ~ above shows like Quincy M.E. andThe continuous Boys/Nancy drew Mysteries. His final screen appearance come on The Love Boat, in the story "Family Reunion," component of the season-one trip "Too warm to Handle/Family Reunion/Cinderella Story" in 1978.

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HH is my all-time favourite show. I have actually watched every episode plenty of times & often can do the following line that dialogue! However, has actually done a HORRIBLE job of editing & shortening the scene in stimulate to obtain in much more commercials. 2 that come to mind: 1) chasing the small dog through the bone that had actually film in it. Component of the funny in the original airing was the means the crew complied with it. Mimicked (imo) the Marx Bros. I think they chased the dog 3 or 4 times however now it"s only shown as one chase. 2) Schultz is dubbed to follow an additional officer once he"s ~ above duty - a significant Huber (I think) - thereby offering the crew time to execute their mischief. Schultz adheres to that officer into the woods calling because that him. In illustration aired currently the reason Schultz is phone call is not presented & any new viewers space left to wonder about it. There space many much more such examples & ns wish the editing would be quit & the original episodes aired again. Fortunately for me, i DO recognize what"s missing & can fill in the blanks.