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Tuesday, September 21, 2004 3:55 PM



"Live through a guy 40 years, re-publishing his house, his meals, speak on every subject. Climate tie that up and also hold him over the volcano"s edge, and also on that day, friend will ultimately meet the man."In the ep "War Stories," publication pulls the end this quote indigenous Shan-Yu, a "psychotic dictator," as Simon puts it. Niska is fond the him, too. Anyway, i was simply looking at Mulan, the Disney movie (which i saw as soon as it first came out years ago), and also found the the villain"s name was Shan Yu. Looking a small further, the plot mentions "Invading Huns." (You all remember Attila the Hun, right?) So ns looked increase the Huns ~ above Wikipedia (online encyclopedia), and the name Shan-Yu is in there, however it doesn"t say anything around the guy.So my concern is: was Shan-Yu real? and also did he yes, really say all the crap around the volcano?Every well-bred small crook knows the the small, concealable weapons always go come the much left that the location setting.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004 4:06 PM



There"s still controversy on this one. From what I have heard indigenous those who have tried looking him increase on the net, it would appear that he is a fictional character. My ideal guess the he is based on Sun Tzu, a general who resided in sometime in between 400 BC and also 320 BC and who was known for gift both philosophical and brutal. Sun Tzu is most well known for composing "The art of War" which defines military tactics and stratagem (which is a very an excellent read the I highly recommend).----------------------------------------------Conquering the galaxy with terrifying an are monkeys, one ship at a time...

Thursday, September 23, 2004 7:09 AM



Well, reportedly Joss Whedon is something of a pan of Disney"s MuLan, since the rogue in the movie is the Mongol leader Shan-Yu. However, ns haven"t been able come find any kind of credible prior references to Shan-Yu, for this reason he may have been invented for the movie. The finest suggestion I"ve heard is that the reference in "War Stories" is Joss" tribute to the Disney movie.

Sunday, September 26, 2004 12:08 PM



I Googled because that ""Shan Yu" -mulan -firefly" I uncovered some exciting links: http://www.wku.edu/~yuanh/China/zhaojun.htm http://www.fact-index.com/w/wu/wusun.htmlMy guess is the "Shan Yu" is a surname of power choose "Caeser" and also some "psychotic dictator" supplied his surname ("Fancied himself rather thewarrior poet.") simply a small Chinese tidbit.

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Quote:Originally post by Tallcarddealer:So my question is: was Shan-Yu real? and also did he really say all that crap around the volcano?I think what girlfriend all might be forgetting is the "Shan Yu" is one Americanized pronunciation of a Chinese name. You"ll find a entirety bunch of ingredient if you search for "Xian Yu." because that example:"During so late Qin Dynasty, Liu Bang and also Xian Yu led your own forces each to battle versus the armies of Qin Dynasty. Liu Bang inhabited Xian Yang (Capital that Qin Dynasty) first, but Liu Bang"s armed forces were no as powerful as Xian Yu"s."Of course, over there were and are a totality bunch of world named Xian Yu (and that might not even be the ideal pinyin spelling for the phonetic pronunciation).... Researching Chinese history is a mite challenging unless you have actually the time and can read Chinese.

I found this while in search of him http://dragonfly.cox.miami.edu/Tian/hun.htmlgo to the bottom that the page and click top top the red tab intitled " the true story of shan yu"I have actually not review it yet so ns don"t recognize if it would certainly be any kind of help..i will check out it soon. Just thuoght i would share the link. In reality every thing i look because that him, The "Huns" constantly come up also in the disney movie: http://disney.go.com/vault/archives/villains/shanyu/shanyu.htmlor.. Http://dragonfly.cox.miami.edu/Tian/xiang.html (to exact page indigenous the attach at the begging in ~ this post"lets walk to work"