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organize on my heartJust hold on to that feelingWe both recognize we"ve been here beforeWe both understand what deserve to happenHold on mine heartCos I"m looking over you shoulderPlease don"t sirloin in this timeDon"t show her just how you feelHold on mine heartThrow me a lifelineI"ll save a location for youSomewhere deep insideHold on my heartPlease tell her to be patientCos there has never been a timeThat I want something moreIf I have the right to recall this feelingAnd I recognize there"s a chanceOh I will certainly be thereYes I will be thereBe there because that youWhenever you want me toWhenever you speak to I will certainly be thereYes I will certainly be thereHold on my heartDon"t let her view you cryingNo matter where i goShe"ll always be v meHold on mine heartJust organize on to that feelingWe both understand we"ve been right here beforeWe both understand what deserve to happenSo organize on my love
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