This listing is for the "Hold On" version. Over there is another listing because that the "Hold up" wording :) even if it is you desire your travellers to understand they"re no at the not correct door, or you desire to make them laugh with your quippy jokes, tradition orders are constantly "Welcome" here. Check out what i did there?Each doormat is hand painted (not spray painted) by the shop owner throughout toddler naptimes and after the previously mentioned toddler’s bedtime through outdoor paint and also spray sealed through a clear coat the UV resistant spray repaint to lengthen the amount of time that they have the right to live their finest life on your porch.If you require your mat to it is in sent more quickly 보다 the typical 7-10 organization day production time, send me a conversation and we can discuss a rush listing. Doormats will certainly be transport via USPS Priority mail to the deal with that you administer at the time of checkout. Ns am can not to readjust your attend to after her order is inserted so if you check out an issue, please call me instantly via one Etsy message so the I deserve to cancel her order and also you can place again with the corrected address. If her doormat is transport to the attend to that you input and it is incorrect, you will be responsible for paying to re-ship the items or friend can pick to be refunded because that the order amount minus the initial shipping charge. The doormats girlfriend will receive from handmade 18”x30”, PVC (vinyl) backed, coir fiber mats. (Also recognized as chocolate mats, quick for coconut fiber mats). Castle are about 5/8” in thickness. Our mats space made of organic coconut fibers. Cacao mats are recognized for their durability and also rigidity. They room composed of countless rigid fiber bristles the are easy to scrub clean if met v dirt and grime. Lock mold and also mildew resistant by nature. Coir mats carry out shed and can be shaken the end to clean and/or vacuumed. Simply as a reminder: doormats are created walking on, because that scrubbing the dirt turn off of footwear, and absorbing moisture from shoes. This being said, painted designs will fade v time and use. The undertake of her doormat will depend on aspects which room out of our control, such together use and location. As result of the nature and use of ours product, RETURNS will certainly NOT be ACCEPTED due to WEAR OR FADING. Mats will NOT be refunded or changed for wear. Give thanks to you for understanding.If there is a defect in the yes, really design, girlfriend will need to contact us within 3 days of receipt. The shop owner’s e-mail deal with is: sarah at dot com We suggest replacing her doormat every few months, together these are considered seasonal products.

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When we obtain a new mat at headquarters, we relocate our old mat come our garage entry door, or on our ago porch for this reason that us can acquire a giggle no issue what door us use!Thank girlfriend so much for supporting my small business and entrusting me v your entryways. I love what I do here and also hope to bring you a range of other assets for your house décor demands in the close to future!XOXO,Sarah (wife that the bear, mom of the Fox, and also lover of the sea)**TAGS**welcome mat funny doormat personalized practice door mat hello over there coir mat former door apartment dorm very first home realtor gift closing gift job-related newlyweds just married an initial home brand-new home cute mat kids SAHM remain at house mom SAHD remain at home dad WAHM work at residence mom WAHD work-related at home dad toddler no pair of shoes dirty feet come in walk away sturdy mat wipe feet blog post sassy hilarious critical name first name family members name mother"s day father"s work state drinks girls guys male woman rap tune movie quote music vacation gift ideal life just married created date brand-new home grandparents housewarming gift an initial home first apartment an initial dorm very first condo beach house mountain house cabin log in cabin townhome vacation house lake house play house**LISTINGS space FOR 18X30 COIR DOORMAT ONLY and also DO not INCLUDE any PROPS OR LAYERING MATS**