Making a hole-in-one is a rare event for any kind of golfer, consisting of the pros on the PGA Tour. Some golfers, though, room just much better -- or luckier -- in ~ making aces 보다 others.

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On the PGA Tour, a golfer is fortunate to make a hole-in-one in competition also once in their careers. For a select few pros, though, they have actually made at least five holes-in-one in PGA tour competition.

Who has actually the most holes-in-one in PGA tour history?

Two players organize the PGA Tour record for the many holes-in-one do in competition play. Documents date back only come 1983, so not every an excellent golfer ever before to elegant the PGA Tour phase is consisted of on this list. However, Hal Sutton and Robert Allenby both have actually 10 aces in PGA tourism competition.

They both have a lead of 3 holes-in-one over four players, consisting of Bob Tway, Corey Pavin, Willie Wood and also Scott Hoch. 5 players have actually six aces.

There are 24 players, consisting of Phil Mickelson, who have actually recorded five holes-in-one in PGA tourism competition.

As a finish Tour, the most aces do in a solitary PGA tourism season by every players is 44 in 1994.

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