If you ever needed much more evidence of just how ridiculously great professional golfers room at golf, look at no more than the sorcery that Jon Rahm pulled turn off at Augusta on Tuesday.

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It has actually been a tradition end the years to effort to skip her shot turn off the water ~ above No. 16 throughout practice rounds. And also while any type of regular golfer would simply send their shot plunging right into a pond (you know, due to the fact that gravity), agree golfers revolve that pond into a playable way of some sort.

But man, Rahm’s attempt at No. 16 on Tuesday might legitimately it is in the most remarkable golf shot I’ve ever before seen. The skipped his shot off the water because that a hole-in-one.

Two hole-in-one’s in 2 days – Happy birthday to me! https://t.co/66dxOr47T7

— Jon Rahm Rodriguez (
JonRahmpga) November 10, 2020

Like, what?! How? that is real.

“Yeah, quite nice birthday present,” stated Rahm, that turned 26 ~ above Tuesday. “Can’t complain. Struggle my common tee shoot to two feet and then skipped it and made it, i m sorry is the craziest thing, the 2nd hole-in-one that the week.”

Indeed, it to be his second ace this week. Rahm made a hole-on-one top top the fourth hole ~ above Monday.

“Well, yesterday it to be on 4, i hit a 5 iron, and we didn’t understand it walk in. A couple people ~ above the green, and also we didn’t understand until we basically acquired to the green. However the one ~ above 16 this day was visible, so an extremely different. Girlfriend don’t see world skipping it and actually hitting it on the green really often, and also to do it to that ago pin, clearly we were every pretty shocked.”

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Rahm stated he isn’t counting the skip ace towards his job total.

“The one on 16 doesn’t really count as an ace. With the one on 4 yesterday, that’s four. Two in competition,” the said.

And, sure, Rahm might not it is in the first player to efficiently hole that pond-to-pin shoot on 16.

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But ns going all in on mine recency bias and declaring the the biggest golf shot ever. Sorry not sorry. Twitter appeared to agree.

Is this real? If the is, the is the greatest single golf shot i have ever before seen! https://t.co/8JFc1SJYCb

— Barry Ritholtz (
ritholtz) November 10, 2020

The answer come "What's the most amazing golf shooting ever?" has been settled. This is just unbelievable. Https://t.co/L2hrPTxqFZ

— invoice Rabinowitz (
brdispatch) November 10, 2020

this is the best shot in golf history. Https://t.co/gOxOfEWxTA

— Wells ns (
Wells_P) November 10, 2020


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