Whether it's a ring of crazy golf top top the Cornwall coast or the clinching moment of a an excellent professional triumph, the is the pinnacle of the sport.

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Jon Rahm skipped a delightful feet in one in ~ the 16th in practice for this year's competitionCredit: Getty images - Getty

But over there is arguably no greater place come sink a hole in one than throughout the master in Augusta.

Only a select handful that the world's optimal pros have pulled off the feat - v plenty of near misses haunting those no fortunate enough to be on the list.

In practice for the 2020 tournament, Jon Rahm hit probably the biggest hole in one ever recorded on camera.

The Spaniard skipped his round over the water in ~ the 16th, before reaching the green and curving the gently into the hole.

Should that pull off the same trick twice, a distinctive crystal bowl will be his v the engraved trophy handed the end to anyone who hits a perfect shooting in the tournament.

Here, SunSport details those who have actually sunk the most precious hole in among them all.



No player has ever hit a feet in one at the present layout of feet 4.

Now an intimidating 240-yard stretch at the mercy of the elements, it to be a 213-yard perfect shot the Jeff Sluman pulled off in 1992.

He said: “It’s such a daunting golf hole. The wind’s punch everywhere. You make 3 there, you walking come the following tee happy.”

The American led after work one but slipped ago quickly, recovering to a respectable tie for fourth.


A legendary hole in one come courtesy that amateur golfer Billy Joe Paton in 1954.

He led for an outstanding two rounds prior to hitting a feet in one at the sixth, through Leland Gibson likewise sinking a perfect shot the year.

Both shots came from 190 yards if the last male to traction it off, Jamie Donaldson, fight from 173 yards in 2013.

Stars provided to hit end a stream put in front of the green but that has due to the fact that been changed by a bunker.

1954: Leland Gibson, 190 yards, 4-iron1954: (a) Billy Joe Patton, 190 yards, 5-iron1972: Charles Coody, 190 yards, 5-iron2004: kris DiMarco, 198 yards, 5-iron2013: Jamie Donaldson, 177 yards, 7-iron


Technically the shortest hole on the course, feet 12 exam golfers' capability to overview their ball through unpredictable winds and steep banking that will certainly send any kind of errant shot right into the water.

Nailing a feet in one here, in ~ the love of Amen's Corner, is a heroic act that only three men have actually pulled off during a Masters.

Claude Harmon, father of Tiger Woods' and Phil Mickleson's previous coach Butch, sunk the first hole in one in 1947. Wilhelm Hyndman, one amateur, pulled one off in 1959 with a six-iron.

But no agree has managed to enhance him because 1988 as soon as Curtis Strange landed a perfect shot before graciously choose his sphere out the cup - and lobbing the in Rae's Creek.

1947: Claude Harmon, 155 yards, 7-iron1959: (a) william Hyndman, 155 yards, 6-iron1988: Curtis Strange, 155 yards, 7-iron


Fans city hall this year's tournament hoping because that a hole in one should certainly keep one eye on hole 16.

A chuck 22 golfers from Ian Poulter come Matt Kuchar have sunk one from the tee here.

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Many fancy Bryson Dechambeau to difficulty for the location in 2020 and the American, along with Justin Thomas, struggle a feet in one at the 16th critical year.

Trevor Immelman controlled the feat in 2005 and said afterwards: "For the shot to go in, that was choose a dream come true. It’s something I’ll never ever forget."

1934: (a) Ross Somerville, 145 yards, mashie niblick1935: Willie Goggin, 145 yards, spade mashie1940: (a) beam Billows, 145 yards, 8-iron1949: (a) john Dawson, 190 yards, 4-iron1968: Clive Clark, 190 yards, 2-iron1992: Corey Pavin, 140 yards, 8-iron1996: Raymond Floyd, 182 yards, 5-iron2004: Padraig Harrington, 177 yards, 6-iron2004: Kirk Triplett, 177 yards, 6-iron2005: Trevor Immelman, 177 yards, 7-iron2008: Ian Poulter, 169 yards, 8-iron2010: Nathan Green, 176 yards, 6-iron

2010: Ryan Moore, 176 yards, 7-iron2012: Bo van Pelt, 202 yards, 6-iron2012: Adam Scott, 202 yards, 7-iron2016: Shane Lowry, 181 yards, 8-iron2016: Davis Love III, 181 yards, 7-iron2016: louis Oosthuizen, 181 yards, 7-iron2017: Matt Kuchar, 170 yards, 7-iron

2018: Charley Hoffman, 178 yards, 6-iron2019: Bryson DeChambeau, 179 yards, 7-iron2019: Justin Thomas, 179 yards, 8-iron

Emotional Tiger Woods recalls his tremendous 2019 Masters victory as the prepares for this years competition