Building ~ above its more than 70 years of Alaska experience, Holland America Line’s 2021 Land+Sea Journeys proceed to be the only means travelers can explore the Yukon and also Denali combined with a cruise. Currently open for booking, guests can pick from amongst four ships and also 15 various configurations, consisting of the Pinnacle class Koningsdam, that feature a one-, two- or three-night visit come Denali nationwide Park.

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Ranging from nine to 18 days, each Land+Sea trip combines one award-winning Alaska cruise through a pre- or post-cruise overland tour. Travelers looking to delve deeper right into the region can include a Yukon expedition to the Denali experience.

From might through September, guests have the right to embark top top a Denali Land+Sea trip aboard Nieuw Amsterdam and also Noordam, if Koningsdam and also Volendam sell Yukon+Denali Land+Sea Journeys. Denali choices are in between Vancouver, british Columbia, Canada, and also Anchorage or Fairbanks, Alaska; when Yukon experiences space roundtrip Vancouver or between Vancouver and Anchorage.

Holland America line Land+Sea journey ExclusivesHolland America heat is the just cruise heat to incorporate a Tundra Wilderness tourism on every two- and three-night Denali stays that endeavors deep right into the park whereby guests deserve to see grizzly bears, caribou, Dall sheep, wolves and also moose. As soon as the skies are clear, one unforgettable view of Mt. Denali restrict the skyline. Every 2021 Land+Sea Journeys additionally include a journey on Holland America Line’s McKinley explorer luxury domed railcars between Anchorage and Denali that ensure guests have actually panoramic view of Alaska’s majestic scenery.


The McKinley traveler luxury domed railcars offer stunning panoramic views.

Notable for Denali Land+Sea Journeys:• every Land+Sea Journeys encompass a seven-day Glacier discovery cruise special Glacier Bay and also the inside Passage, v calls at Juneau, Ketchikan and also Skagway/Haines. Holland America line has much more Glacier Bay permits than any type of other significant cruise line.• The nine-day single Denali Land+Sea Journey has Talkeetna, Alaska, a charming pioneer town that is residence to the convergence the three major glacial rivers.• The 14-day double Denali+Seward Land+Sea Journey provides an included night at the Alyeska resort in the Chugach Mountains.

Highlights of Yukon+Denali Land+Sea Journeys:• Every Yukon+Denali Land+Sea Journey consists of the services of a skilled Journey Host, who makes time on soil easy, convenient and also insightful.• The 10-day Yukon Double-Denali Land+Sea Journey features two nights in Dawson in the love of the Yukon. This affords guests much more time come relive yellow Rush history and take it in Yukon sink views from Midnight Dome.• A tour on the Klondike heart paddlewheeler bring away guests along the Yukon River previous stunning high pines, historical towns and also wildlife.


Guests gain a tourism on the Yukon river aboard the Klondike spirit paddlewheeler.

McKinley Chalet Resort and Denali SquareEvery Land+Sea Journey consists of a stay at the McKinley Chalet will at the enntrance gate to Denali nationwide Park. The property is Holland America Line’s magnificent 68-acre hotel residential property on the Nenana River. The resort attributes a agree hall, dining facilities and also guest rooms, consisting of a brand-new 99-room enhancement featuring the first-ever junior suites with balconies, larger living areas and greater amenities because that guests.

Centrally located between the McKinley Chalet Resort and riverfront guest rooms, Denali Square is a gathering area with restaurants, an amphitheater, fire pits, out seating, retail shops offering regional goods, and also an artist-in-residence cabin where Alaska native and local artists display and also discuss your works. Walking courses in and also around Denali Square display off the property’s like the mountain landscapes and also beautiful setting.


Denali Square is a great gathering area at the McKinley Chalet Resort.

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In 2021, a total of 7 Holland America heat ships will certainly head come The critical Frontier on seven- and also 14-day cruises. In addition to the four ships supplying Land+Sea Journeys, guests also can cruise come Alaska plank Eurodam, Maasdam, and Oosterdam.