If you’ve always wanted come cruise the Panama Canal, Holland America is ramping up their options. Beginning in 2022 and continuing right into 2023 the cruise heat is sending 4 cruise pearls on full and partial Panama Canal cruises.

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With four ships slated for this special itinerary, choosing your Panama Canal cruise just got easier.

A Panama Canal cruise was on mine cruise bucket list for plenty of years. Finally, just before the pandemic hit, i completed a complete Panama Canal transit, from ft Lauderdale to Los Angeles. In short, it was spectacular.

Waiting for the lock to fill up so we could proceed our westbound cruise to the Pacific.
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New Holland America Panama Canal Cruises because that 2022-2023

Beginning in fall of 2022, Holland America’s Eurodam, Nieuw Amsterdam, Volendam and also Zuiderdamwill market a complete of seven complete transit Panama Canal cruises. The eight-hour daylight transit in between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans is definitely component of the bucket-list cruise experience.

In those eight hours, you’ll cruise through what take it 35 years to build. Meanwhile, onboard enrichment lecturers will share the background and construction of the Panama Canal. For me, the was vital to to visit these events just to meet my curiosity exactly how the canal to be built.

Holland America’s four ships will offer complete transit, coast-to-coast cruises that range in size from 14 to 23 days. The longer cruises start or end further phibìc in Seattle or Vancouver.

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From the west coast, leave ports include Vancouver, british Columbia; Seattle, Washington and also San Diego, California.East coast departures will certainly originate in ft Lauderdale, Florida.

During the cruise, harbor calls incorporate stops in main America and also the Caribbean. Therefore you’re really combining a Panama Canal cruise with few of the less-visited main America cruise ports.

Choose her Holland America Panama Canal Cruise

Trying to decision on a full Panama Canal coast-to-coast transit or a partial transit round-trip from Florida? Of course if time allows, the 14-to-23 job cruise is the bucket list itinerary.

But if friend can’t acquire away for that much time or if budget plan is a consideration, Holland America has several excellent choices. And you’ll quiet go through almost all of the Panama Canal, too. Add to Caribbean ports, too.

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Partial Panama Canal Transit and Gatun Lake

Combine a 10- or 11-day Caribbean cruise v a partial canal transit board Eurodam and also Volendam roundtrip from ft Lauderdale. You’ll visit tropical ports on your way to Gatun Lake and still spend a day of scenic cruising throughout the canal.

Partial Panama Canal cruise highlights:

EURODAM: autumn 2022 and Spring 2023 – take a Sunfarer cruise for 10- or 11-day Panama Canal trip roundtrip from ft Lauderdale. Invest time at Gatun Lake and include port phone call in Costa Rica, Columbia and the Caribbean.VOLENDAM: holiday cruise 2022 – Dec. 17 exit on a 10-day Panama Canal Sunfarer itinerary roundtrip from fort Lauderdale. In addition, this cruise contains time at Gatun Lake throughout the partial Panama Canal transit. This cruise can be combined with a seven-day east Caribbean itinerary.

Full Transit Coast-to-Coast Panama Canal Cruise


October 8, 2022: Depart indigenous Seattle for 21 job or Oct. 9 from Vancouver for 20 job or Oct. 13 from san Diego for 16 work on full transits to ft Lauderdale. Harbor of call include Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and also Aruba.April 9, 2023: Depart from ft Lauderdale transiting to san Diego because that 15 days, Vancouver for 19 job or Seattle in 20 days. Ports of call include Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Colombia, add to an evening exit from Victoria, B.C.


Oct. 2, 2022: Depart indigenous Vancouver because that 23 days or Oct. 8 from san Diego for a 17-day cruise transiting to ft Lauderdale. Harbor of speak to include Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Aruba and also California. On the longer cruise, there will certainly be an night sail far after a visit to san Francisco, California. On the Atlantic side, the cruise will certainly visit fifty percent Moon Cay, Holland America Line’s personal island in the Bahamas.April 9, 2023: Depart from fort Lauderdale transiting to mountain Diego in 17 days or Vancouver for a 21-day cruise. Ports of call include Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia, Aruba and also Turks and also Caicos. Vancouver departures include an evening sail away from Victoria. B.C.


April 15, 2023: fort Lauderdale transiting to mountain Diego because that 17 days or indigenous Vancouver in 21 days. Ports encompass destinations in Turks & Caicos, Aruba, Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Mexico. Vancouver guests will also have an evening exit from Victoria.


Nov. 17, 2022, and April 4, 2023: Depart from mountain Diego transiting to fort Lauderdale in 14 days v port calls in Colombia, Nicaragua, Mexico, Costa Rica and also Guatemala.

Named “Best in the Panama Canal and central America”

Holland America heat was named the an initial choice for Panama Canal cruises by Cruise Critic’s 2019 Cruisers’ choice Destination Awards. I’d cast my vote for Holland America because that Alaska cruises, too.

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How much Does a Holland America Panama Canal Cruise Cost?

Panama Canal cruise prices start at $2,469 per human being based on dual occupancy top top a 14-day sailing. Prices include Holland America’s “Have the All” premium package.

This includes two shore excursions, a Signature Beverage Package, two nights specialty dining in Pinnacle Grill, Canaletto or Tamarind (depending ~ above ship), and also a Wi-Fi Surf Package throughout the cruise.

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However, if the almost-all inclusive add-on isn’t for you, cruise-only standard fares begin at $1,909 per person, double occupancy. Taxes, fees and also port expenses are additional.