Shimmering blue waters, swaying palm trees and ocean breezes greet girlfriend in Ft. Lauderdale, wherein you"ll uncover yourself somewhere between laid-back island time and the quick pace the a prospering city. Pristine beaches space the key attraction, shorts room the day-to-day uniform, and also yachts are frequently the preferred type of transportation. It"s a ar where you can do as much, or as little, together you desire. Because of its many canals and also waterways, Ft. Lauderdale has been dubbed the Venice the America.


Island hop the Caribbean on cruises from ft Lauderdale. Ours featured itineraries depart Florida to cool Turk, mountain Juan and award-winning half Moon Cay.

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Holland America line cruises come the Caribbean from fort Lauderdale are easily accessible for guests who have actually received their last dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days prior to the start of the cruise and also have proof of vaccination.

Approved creates of documentation and additional details will certainly be evidenced closer come time of departure. Because that a complete list of COVID-19 guest protocols and also steps we’re taking to improve public health, please check out our health Protocols Guide.

OurFlexible Cancellation program gives peace the mind wherein you can readjust your mental or also cancel the cruise approximately 30 days before you sail for any reason and also receive a Future Cruise credit (FCC). If girlfriend test positive for COVID-19, you deserve to receive the very same FCC every the method to cruising day. Learn much more or enroll in functional Cancellation.

Holland America line cruises from ft Lauderdale come the Caribbean are accessible for guests who have received their final dose that an approved COVID-19 vaccine at the very least 14 days before the beginning of the cruise and also have proof of vaccination. Below are the COVID-19 Guest Protocols right now planned which space subject to readjust as additional details room established. They will be updated in accordance with guidance indigenous public health and wellness authorities. Watch ourHealth Protocols guide for much more information.

Things to do in fort Lauderdale

Are friend trying to number out what to do in fort Lauderdale? explore a few of these top picks.





While you'll never have the ability to experience the huge marshes and mangrove woodlands in their entirety, you'll see a the majority of this herbal treasure top top a trembling airboat ride. The area is home to numerous endangered species; you'll spot alligators, fish and wading birds, along with flora and also fauna that deserve to be uncovered only in the wetlands.

Time slips away once you take a leisurely stroll under Ft. Lauderdale's most popular avenue. Lively ras Olas Boulevard, appropriate in the city center and also only a couple of miles indigenous the beach, is lined with a mix the boutiques, galleries, chocolatiers and wine shops. Alfresco restaurants market any type of cuisine you desire.

If you reap history, art and beautiful gardens, you're in luck. You'll find every one of these in ~ the exquisite Bonnet House, a 1920s plantation-style home collection on 14 hectares (35 acres) that gardens in between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway. Bonnet home was when the winter retreat of artist Frederic and also Evelyn Bartlett, and also their eclectic artwork, furnishings and also décor have the right to be viewed at every turn.

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With that sugar-white sands and also calm, clear waters, the six-kilometer (four-mile) stretch that public coast is the perfect spot because that a be sure morning or afternoon. When you're done through swimming and sunbathing, you deserve to stroll the palm-lined promenade, typically bursting through activity, and also pop throughout the street come visit restaurants, shops, and also high-end hotels.