Holland America line is gearing up to restart cruising the end of port of san Diego in California start with a season of cruises come Mexico, Hawaii and also along the California shore aboard Koningsdam and Zuiderdam. The cruise line has broadened the season through the enhancement of six new cruise departures for Zuiderdam and also two brand-new cruises top top Koningsdam, providing a complete of 40 cruises from san Diego native September 2021 with April 2022.

With the resumption of service on the West Coast, Holland America Line likewise is looking towards cruising in the Caribbean with 4 ships. All cruising roundtrip from fort Lauderdale, Florida, the season will begin Oct. 23, 2021, through Nieuw Amsterdam. The ship will be join by the new Rotterdam Nov. 3, Eurodam Nov. 14 and also Nieuw Statendam Nov. 21. Caribbean cruises selection in size from four to 14 days, expectancy the entire region and encompass a call at half Moon Cay, Holland America Line’s award-winning private island.

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“San Diego has always been an incredible homeport for our ships, and we are eager come restart ~ above the West coast with 2 ships operating an increased season, including the debut that Koningsdam on this itineraries and close-to-home California cruises that our guests are going to love,” said Gus Antorcha, chairman of Holland America Line. “We’ve likewise been anticipating announcing ours plans for the Caribbean and also we’re dazzling to have 4 ships in the region, including our brand-new Rotterdam. Setravel is earlier and having vaccinated ships because that these cruises in 2021 ensures that us can supply the suffer just how our guest remember and expect. We’re all set to cruise!”

A Cruise suffer That is a CruiseThe on-board cruise endure will sell amenities that space a hallmark the the brand. Dining will certainly be accessible in all restaurants and also specialty venues, and also room service. Entertainment will certainly be in complete swing in the main present lounge, and also live music and also dancing will certainly be featured in Lincoln center Stage, B.B. King Blues Club, Billboard Onboard and Rolling rock Rock Room.

Port-to-Table cooking demonstrations, EXC Talks and other enrichment programming will bring regional cultures top top board through engaging tasks and special presentations. Guests may choose to explore port destinations separately or on ship-sponsored tours, complying with the regional ports’ health and wellness guidelines.


Highlights the the 2021-2022 mountain Diego Cruise Season:• Zuiderdam: Sept. 18, 2021, come April 22, 2022: 17 cruises from mountain Diego — eight Mexico, 4 California coast, 3 Hawaii and two Panama Canal.• Koningsdam: Oct. 10, 2021, to April 3, 2022: 23 cruises from san Diego — 15 Mexico, six California coast and two Hawaii cruises.• Seven-day cruises along the California coast include a new itinerary the calls at Catalina, Santa Barbara and San Francisco for a so late evening stay, along with Ensenada, Mexico. Additional “Classic California Coast” cruises incorporate California calls in ~ Santa Barbara, san Francisco and Avalon, and also at Ensenada.• A new 21-day Panama Canal cruise ~ above Nieuw Amsterdam from Seattle, Washington, to fort Lauderdale departs Oct. 2 has calls at san Diego; Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; Fuerte Amador (Panama City), Panama; Oranjestad, Aruba; and half Moon Cay.• all seven-day “Mexican Riviera” cruises attribute three mexican ports the call: Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlán and Cabo san Lucas.• “Mexico and also Sea the Cortez” itineraries are in between nine and also 12 days and also call in ~ a combination of Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlán, Cabo san Lucas, Guaymas, Topolobampo, Pichilingue (La Paz) and also Loreto, Mexico.• “Circle Hawaii” cruises space 17 or 18 days and call in ~ the Hawaiian harbor of Lahaina, Hilo, Honolulu, Nawiliwili and Kona, and Ensenada.• 2 14-day cruises through the Panama Canal from san Diego to ft Lauderdale ~ above Zuiderdam depart Jan. 2 and Jan. 30, 2022.


Highlights the the 2021-2022 Caribbean Cruise Season:• Nieuw Amsterdam: Oct. 23, 2021, to April 7, 2022: 24 cruises to the eastern, western and southern Caribbean. Every itineraries are 7 days other than a nine-day holiday cruise departing Dec. 30.• Rotterdam: Nov. 3, 2021, come April 10, 2022: The delivery kicks off its maiden season in the Caribbean through a series of 22 cruises, varying from 3 to 11 days spanning a vast offering that Caribbean ports.• Eurodam: Nov. 14, 2021, come April 10, 2022: 15 departures, including 12 10- and also 11-day Panama Canal Sunfarer cruises featuring a partial Panama Canal expedition of Gatun Lake and also three seven-day east Caribbean itineraries.• Nieuw Statendam: Nov. 21, 2021, to March 27, 2022: 15 cruises come the eastern, western, southern and also tropical Caribbean varying from seven to 11 days.• all itineraries encompass a speak to at fifty percent Moon Cay, Holland America Line’s personal Bahamian island. This quintessential sanctuary features the ideal beaches in the Caribbean; a natural 700-acre lagoon; significant two-story villas and private cabanas; delicious dining venues prefer Lobster Shack; and a selection of fun-filled coast excursions for nature lovers, adventurous travelers and also explorers.

Awards and Accolades for Top location Cruise ExperiencesHolland America heat took residence the Editor’s pick Award because that the finest Hawaii sailings in the 2020 TravelAge West wave Awards. In 2019, the company was named “Best in the mexican Riviera” in the Cruise movie critic Cruisers’ selection Awards, solidifying the line together the number-one an option in the region. Both Porthole Cruise Magazine and also Travel Weekly readers have named fifty percent Moon Cay the industry’s ideal Private Island.

Cruise and also Stay HealthyThese Holland America heat cruises in 2021 are obtainable for guests who have actually received their final dose the an approved COVID-19 vaccine at the very least 14 days before the start of the cruise and have proof of vaccination. Holland America heat will proceed to screen the recent guidance from the Centers for condition Control and Prevention, and local, state and federal public representative in the homeports and ports the call. Onboard protocols and vaccination requirements will be changed as necessary. Shipboard crew vaccinations will also be in accordance v CDC guidelines.

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2021 Cruises to Asia, Australia and also South America Canceled While Holland America Line proceeds to work-related with governments and port authorities in coordination v the phased resumption of seafaring in other areas of the world, the firm is canceling cruises in Asia, Australia and new Zealand and South America v the remainder of 2021, together with the Collectors’ trips (combined cruises) associated with those departures. This affect itineraries ~ above Noordam (Asia), Oosterdam (Australia) and also Westerdam (South America). In addition, loss sailings with the end of 2021 on Volendam and Zaandam likewise are cancelled.

Options because that Guests on Canceled CruisesGuests right now booked top top canceled departures will be moved instantly to a comparable 2021 trip or an identical 2022 exit at the present per-day fare paid and in the exact same or tantamount stateroom category. Lock may also opt to receive a Future Cruise credit of 110% of any type of cash payment that will certainly be inserted in the guest’s commitment account. Any type of guest top top a canceled voyage additionally can request a complete refund of every monies paid to Holland America Line.