Hell"s Kitchen Season 7 aired June 1 to respectable 10, 2010 on Fox Network, there were 17 contestants and the prize for the winner was and also the prize because that the winner was $250,000 in cash and also a position at Gordon"s restaurant in ~ the Savoy Hotel in London.

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In this season, Gordon Ramsay was judge, Marino Monferrato was Maître d", Andi van Willigan to be sous chef for the red team and also Scott Leibfried was sous chef because that the blue team.

Find out what the Hell"s Kitchen Season 7 contestants did following after appearing on Hell"s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay. Hell"s Kitchen Season 7 where space they now?

Andrew Forster
was a farmer from wake Forest, north Carolina. That left in Hell"s Kitchen season 7 illustration 2 after go out adhering to an dispute with Gordon. After Hell"s Kitchen, Andrew went back to his previous job in farming and also had intentions to open his very own restaurant.

Autumn Lewis
to be a an individual Chef indigenous West Hollywood, California. She was got rid of in Hell"s Kitchen season 7 illustration 14 after serving the dorn sauce and not taking her failure seriously however Ramsay praised her dedication and also passion whilst top top the show. After Hell"s Kitchen, loss returned to her previous duty as a an individual Chef.

Benjamin Knack
was a cook Instructor native Malden, Massachusetts. He was eliminated in Hell"s Kitchen season 7 illustration 14 after a mix up through lamb and also venison wellingtons, he was praised by Gordon for his strong leadership an abilities and encouraged him come never provide up. After Hell"s Kitchen, Benjamin returned to teaching cookery and in 2014 ended up being Executive Chef at the Omni La Mansion Del Rio & Mokara Hotel and Spa. In 2017 he was Executive Chef at Fair Oaks Ranch Golf & nation Club.

Ed Battaglia
to be a High institution Culinary Teacher from Edgewater Park, new Jersey. That was got rid of in Hell"s Kitchen season 7 illustration 11 because that his bad performances and failure to sway Gordon to allow him come stay. After Hell"s Kitchen, Ed went back to teaching culinary an abilities in a special school before coming to be Executive Chef in ~ Ralic"s Steakhouse.

Fran Klier
to be a Catering Chef from Rockville Centre, new York. She was got rid of in Hell"s Kitchen season 7 illustration 9 due to reaching her peak in the competition, although that praised her determination. After Hell"s Kitchen, Fran started a catering agency called Catering developments by Fran.

Holli Ugalde
was a Banquet chief from mountain Bernardino, California. She to be the Hell"s Kitchen season 7 winner because of her growth in confidence and ability during the process.After Hell"s Kitchen, Holli to be not offered the place in London as result of visa issues, something Holli disputes. She cases she isn"t also sure they used for it as she never ever completed any type of paperwork and instead welcomed an undisclosed lot of cash as her prize. She briefly returned to being a cook in a hotel in Florida before starting a way of living programme called SENS Wellness and is additionally an Eco-Luxe Designer at Colheita Lighting.

Jamie Bisoulis
to be a Sous Chef from Chicago, Illinois. She was got rid of in Hell"s Kitchen season 7 episode 3 due to her lack of leadership skills and her poor performances. After Hell"s Kitchen, Jamie returned to Hofherr Meat company as executive chef and also has been a restaurant consultant for regional North shore restaurants.

Jason Jay Santos
to be an executive, management Chef native Medford, Massachusetts. He was Hell"s Kitchen season 7 runner up and was a consistently solid competitor, who lost out to Holli. After Hell"s Kitchen, Jay originally returned come his previous place at Gargoyles, showed up on a number of morning television shows and teaches cook courses. Jay owns restaurants Abby Lane, Buttermilk & Bourbon and also Citrus & Salt. His restaurant Blue inc closed in September 2014 and also he appeared in Bar Rescue season 6.

Jason Ellis
to be a an individual Chef indigenous Suwanee, Georgia. That was got rid of in Hell"s Kitchen season 7 episode 12 because of his absence of leadership an abilities compared to various other contestants however commended his performance. After Hell"s Kitchen, Jason went back to his role as a personal Chef for celebrity clients and also owns catering company The Chef’s Lobster & cacao Affairs. He likewise owns a food truck dubbed Smoke 631 BBQ and also he opened this as a restaurant yet it closed after 14 months.

Maria Torrisi
to be a Kitchen Supervisor indigenous Scranton, Pennsylvania. She was got rid of in Hell"s Kitchen season 7 illustration 5 ~ struggling in the competition, Gordon felt she was the end of she depth. After Hell"s Kitchen, Maria was a Sous chief in a Hilton hotel before leaving the food preparation profession to work-related in health care insurance sales and also insurance claims.

Mikey Termini
to be a Line chef from Kihei, Hawaii. The was got rid of in Hell"s Kitchen season 7 episode 2 due to his two negative services, where he offered under cook food. After Hell"s Kitchen, Mikey went back to 4 Seasons will Maui prior to moving to the 4 Seasons will Jackson Hole and later the four Seasons at Disney World. He is currently senior Sous Chef at JW Marriott Marco Island beach Resort

Nilka Hendricks
to be a Line chef from West Hempstead, brand-new York. She was eliminated in Hell"s Kitchen season 7 illustration 10 mid organization as she had made numerous mistakes top top the fish section that Gordon asked she to leave, she returned and begged for a 2nd chance and also had to be gotten rid of from the kitchen. After Hell"s Kitchen, Nilka to be Executive Chef in ~ Retro Lounge & Grill in Freeport before beginning her own catering firm called Chef"n it increase Catering. She has done a variety of pop increase dining events in Atlanta.

Salvatore Coppola
to be a Pizza Chef indigenous Laurel Springs, brand-new Jersey. The was got rid of in Hell"s Kitchen season 7 episode 7 for his consistently poor performances.After Hell"s Kitchen, Salvatore shows up he walk to work-related at Blue inc owned by Jason together they remained great friends after ~ the show.

Scott Hawley
to be an executive Chef from new York, new York. The was removed in Hell"s Kitchen season 7 episode 6 due to his arrogance and after he had burnt food throughout two reflects Gordon questioned his abilities together an executive, management Chef.

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After Hell"s Kitchen, Scott to be Executive Chef in ~ Bluebell cafe in brand-new York before opening his very own restaurant Otis with his mam Michelle Lobo-Hawley in 2017.

Siobhan Allgood
was an executive Chef from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was eliminated in Hell"s Kitchen season 7 illustration 8 early to allowing herself to it is in overpowered and also her poor performances. After Hell"s Kitchen, Siobhan worked at West side Gravy, owned by incarcerated cook Alex Capasso before working in a range of restaurants and launching her very own catering business. She later ended up being a fashion designer, provided up she house and also sold everything to take it up a task in LA however this fell through and also she was left homeless.

Stacey Slichta
to be a private Chef indigenous Studio City, California. She was eliminated in Hell"s Kitchen season 7 illustration 1 ~ her negative performance food preparation fish and scallops and also her dismissive mindset in the kitchen. After Hell"s Kitchen, Stacey went back to being a personal Chef and was also holding cookery classes.

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