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If you loved watching host Bob Barker cultivation up, climate you’re going come be rather shocked at this story if girlfriend hadn’t currently heard it over the course of his hosting career. He was best known because that hosting CBS’ tv game present The Price is Right from 1972-2007, the longest to run daytime game show in American television history. He likewise hosted Truth or Consequences from 1956-1974. Yet a flashy part of The Price is Right to be the Barker’s Beauties, and there to be actually some pretty huge issues in between the models and also the beloved game show host.

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In 1994, version Dian Parkinson, who functioned on the display for 18 years, made decision to sue the game display host for allegedly forcing to her have actually sex v him when she operated on the game show. Barker denied the accusations the he ever tried threatening the previous model because that Playboy if she didn’t have actually sex v him. He explained that he and also Parkinson were affiliated from 1989-1991 and that “she had actually initiated the ‘little hanky-panky."” He had actually been a widower due to the fact that 1981 and said he was going public through their alleged relationship because she was threatening “to sue unless she got $8 million,” according come Associated Press.

In the lawsuit, Parkinson accused Barker that forcing she to have oral sex in his dressing room twice a main for almost four years. She defined that at first, it was forceful, but then later on coercion because she was scared she to be going to obtain fired if she refused. She likewise explained that she had sex through Barker six to eight times out of the same fear.

However, the show’s producer, Jonathan Goodson, said on Barker’s behalf the Parkinson ultimately quit since she wasn’t getting in addition to the various other models and also that she was enduring from a bleeding ulcer. However, Parkinson further described that her ulcer was a an outcome from Barker’s alleged sex-related demands. She additionally said that she had actually been receiving $1,000 a mainly in hush money, to which Goodson fired earlier that the money was actually severance pay.

Nevertheless, a year later, Parkinson to reduce the sexual harassment lawsuit since she said, “it was hurting her health.” back she quiet stood by the allegations, her doctor had actually apparently recommend her that the anxiety wasn’t worth it anymore. Barker claimed he wouldn’t sue if Parkinson signed a statement saying she wasn’t sexually abused, however Parkinson refused. She stated in a statement, “Bob Barker has actually beaten me into submission.”

Crazily, this isn’t the only time Bob Barker has obtained in trouble v his “beauties.” The same year Parkinson to reduce the charges, one more one that Barker’s Beauties, model Holly Hallstrom, claimed that the game present host and its producers fired her because a prescription medicine she to be taking brought about her fast weight gain. She spent all she money on lawyers that she ended up life in her auto for awhile in follow the wrongful termination lawsuit. However, she ended up obtaining millions in a settlement.

In 1988, model Janice Pennington gained knocked the end unconscious right into the “contestants row” through a camera. It left her v a shoulder an inch reduced than the other and ugly scars the prevented she from wearing the trademark present swimsuits. Then in 2000, she to be fired through no explanation as to why. That exact same day, on-air assistant, catalen Bradley, was also let go following an October taping of the show. They both got financial negotiations later.

I’m not sure what you think the Bob Barker himself, however this sounds prefer the common hostile work setting in Hollywood. The game display itself saw much more problems, when Drew Carey to be the brand-new host, when the Los Angeles Times gained court records from her lawsuit that claimed sexual harassment and wrongful termination against the show’s executive, management producers Michael G. Richards and Adam Sandler and also the manufacturing company, Fremantlemedia north America.

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I dislike to to speak it, yet I’m not sure if anyone could want to be a The Price is Right version after knowing all of this.

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