A few months ago, Miesha Tate was contemplating retirement. Passed by for a location shot and also seemingly in no man"s land in spite of four straight wins in the UFC, Tate had actually no clear path toward gold. The whole career felt there is no purpose. 

A brief time later, the landscape of fighting changed. Holly Holm knocked the end Tate"s longtime nemesis Ronda Rousey, and then Rousey decided she necessary time away from the fight game. Suddenly, Tate"s number came up as plan B. From purgatory to the greatest bout in women"s fighting, Tate stepped in to challenge Holm at UFC 196. 

With a Holm-Rousey return in the pipeline, it to be a gambling for the ages, even for a firm that was born through the gambling industry. And like many bets in las Vegas, it came up a loser.

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Daniel Cormier

MieshaTate what a power young lady! Never provided up ~ above herself.
HollyHolm store ur head up. You're a warrior.

In a stunner, Tate came back from a late-round deficit to defeat Holm via rear-naked choke in ~ 3:30 that the 5th round. 

"I knew I had to complete the fight, find the perfect time," an emotionally Tate said UFC announcer Joe Rogan after the win. "I had to be perfect in the 5th round. She edged me in a few of the previous rounds. Ns knew the 5th was important."

Tate won with a late burst the so regularly evades battle aircraft who space obviously trailing yet fail to mount a last challenge.

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Midway with the round, she ducked under a Holm left hand and dragged she to the ground indigenous behind. Tate hung on desperately, climbed Holm"s earlier and sunk in her hooks. Holm regulated to was standing up v Tate on she back, however as she did, Tate sunk the choke. Holm flipped Tate over, but Tate never let go and also sunk the throttle deeper. Holm tried to hand-fight the hold, but there was no escaping. She didn"t tap, instead falling unconscious together ref john McCarthy traction Tate off, in the process declaring a brand-new champion. 

A moment a long time coming.Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Getty Images

After falling quick in 2 previous UFC title shots, Tate explosive in a euphoric celebration.

"I waited so lengthy for you to say that, Joe," Tate stated after Rogan announced her as the bantamweight champ.

Tate"s success serves to set up a likely 3rd bout between her and also the previous champion Rousey, who has been absent from the MMA scene since being knocked out by Holm last November.

Going into the fight, the Holm-Tate matchup was seen as an incredible risk.

Appearing on ESPN"s Mike and Mike a month after Rousey to be knocked out, UFC president Dana White was strongly in favor of automatically moving toward Holm-Rousey II, saying, "I think that if us didn"t do the rematch, me and also Lorenzo should probably shed our promoters" license."

However, shortly afterward, that seemingly chiseled-in-stone setup blew up once Rousey decided to extend her time away from the cage to take it a break from a hectic schedule that witnessed her fight 3 times and appear in two significant movie junkets in a nine-month span.

Holm never ever wavered on staying active, though in a sense, her gamble to skip forward to Tate to be hedged by showing up on a card with Conor McGregor, where as a champion, she is guaranteed a item of a pay-per-view card that is most likely to attract a vast audience. 

Holm had her moments in the fight, plainly winning from distance with an excellent use the angles and also footwork. But there were prompt signs Holm would certainly be in trouble once the fight visited the mat, together Tate took Holm under in the 2nd round and also dominated she from the top and also side control with elbows and punches.

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For a time, the seemed favor it would be Tate"s best and last opportunity, together Holm stopped a succession of takedown tries after ~ that until the final one in the fifth.

“It no the right move to shake she off mine back; it to be stupid and I have to have combated it off more," Holm said after the fight, in a quote released to the media by the UFC public connections team. "When you are up versus a wrestler prefer that, of food that hazard is there for a takedown and you have to recognize it.”