Mike James Holmes is a Canadian contractor, home inspector, television host, author, and businessman who’s spent over 35 years working in construction and home repair. He started his very own contracting agency with a 13-man crew at the young period of 19. Mike Holmes’s passion for his craft goes method back. At just period 6, his dad was to teach him about construction and, under supervision, Mike was already learning just how to install electrical wiring into homes. His skill in building and home renovation, and also his likable personality and also title together Canada’s many trusted contractor, brought about Holmes being offered the possibility to star in his very an initial series Holmes top top Homes ago in 2003 ~ above HGTV Canada, i beg your pardon ran because that a chuck 7 seasons. Since then, Mike Holmes has actually starred in several other tv collection on HGTV and DIY network. Holmes is additionally the founder of The Holmes structure (established in 2006), which promotes professional trades to young people. So, you’ve viewed him resolve up various other peoples’ homes, but have you ever before wondered what the Mike Holmes home looks like? Keep analysis to find out!

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Where go Mike Holmes Live?

Mike Holmes right now resides in his residence in Georgetown, Ontario. Part outlets have reported that he resides in a home in thousand Islands, which he purchased a few years earlier for $570k and also renovated with help from his son. However, Holmes has kept this house as an revenue generator, therefore he doesn’t in reality live there.

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Mike Holmes residence Georgetown

Located in a landscape Georgetown community, Mike Holmes’s beautiful 2,000 square foot Ontario residence is an outdoor lover’s sky – lush eco-friendly landscape, nature trails, the possibilities because that outdoor entertainment are endless! together Holmes speak it, the 1970s residential property was initially owned by an elderly German couple who lived there because that over 3 years prior to selling. Unfortunately, there is very small information about the home, apart from an interview wherein he spilled some tea. He likewise posted this video clip about his backyard on YouTube in July 2020.

Holmes fell in love v the home’s layout so lot so that he kept lot of the residence’s initial charm intact, just making a few necessary upgrades to the interior, together as brand-new countertops, a fireplace, a new coat of paint, and brand-new flooring. The mass of his work-related was actually specialized to the backyard – wherein he added an outdoor fireplace, waterfall, a substantial wooden deck, warm tub, and also cabana. Additionally, he also transformed a shop ~ above the property into an amazing craftsman’s space to facilitate his considerable collection of tools.

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Mike Holmes home Thousand Islands

While Holmes is not living in ~ this attend to currently, Velvet Ropes felt it still deserved an honorable mention. Purchased because that $570,000, this incredible nautical-themed residential property in thousands Islands, one Archipelago in north America, functions both a spacious apartment ~ above the peak floor and a commercial workspace top top the soil level.

The 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom home, renovated by Mike and his crew, features a contemporary design and also open principle layout – all of which is painted in shades that grayish-blue and also white come compliment the property’s nautical nature. The 12-foot slide glass doors turn off the dining room market stunning river views and also open top top an elevated balcony because that those hoping to get a closer look. Classic white shaker cabinets and a hexagonal backsplash decorate the kitchen, if the adjacent living room boasts a massive rock fireplace the acts together the centerpiece because that the room. The home’s huge, 2-car garage to be converted into the ultimate commercial workshop, through both doors featuring large images the Holmes’s service logo. There’s even a concrete entertainment an are out earlier that overlooks the water.

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Mike Holmes Jr home Mississauga

Mike Holmes isn’t the only one in his household with good taste in real estate, his son and also namesake has a gorgeous house in Mississauga, Ontario, through his wife. What was initially a one-story bachelor pad was later on transformed into a 2-story to facilitate Holmes Jr.’s future wife relocating in.

With assist from his dad, Holmes removed walls top top the first floor of the residence to create an open up concept and expand the kitchen, which functions gorgeous white cabinetry and also countertops and stainless stole appliances and also a spacious island that secs as a breakfast bar. The end back, Holmes Sr. Surprised the young couple with a brand-new custom deck with elegant composite decking boards that perfectly compliment the home’s style.

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How to gain Mike Holmes to settle Your House

So, if you’ve ever thought to you yourself “I want Mike Holmes to deal with my house,” you’re in luck! because the renowned contractor’s latest show is currently hosting casting calls. There is one catch, but – the manufacturing is only calling for inhabitants of the better Toronto area – so an excellent news for Canadians, not-so-great news because that American fans.

For Canadian homeowners trying to find trustworthy builders, Holmes also has a regimen titled Holmes approved Homes, which intends to help buyers obtain homes built by trusted building contractors using the right structure materials and also products.

Mike Holmes network Worth

As that 2020, Canadian home improvement contractor Mike Holmes reportedly holds a cozy net worth of $30 million!

Mike Holmes TV Shows

Mike Holmes has appeared in end a dozen home development television series, his most notable gift Holmes top top Homes, Holmes Inspection, and also Holmes renders It Right. His most recent undertaking is a collection titled Holmes household Rescue, wherein he will certainly star opposite his children, Sherry Holmes, and Mike Holmes Jr., most likely doing what the household does ideal – home construction.


In early 2021, his newest series premiered. Mike Holmes and Allison Victoria room partnered up and competing against other HGTV superstar teams on season 2 of HGTV’s Rock The Block.

Mike Holmes Family

Mike Holmes’s parents are Jim and also Shirley Holmes. Mike was the middle child in your household, having an larger sister and younger brother. His father to be employed by basic Motors together an engineer and was a licensed plumber. Jim was known in his community as the go-to male when someone necessary a skilled handyman, and his compassion for others meant he was always willing to help. Mike’s dad is likewise the factor why the HGTV star obtained into building and construction in the very first place. He taught Mike advanced construction at the mere period of 6. As for Shirley Holmes, Mike has defined her as an exceptionally intelligent woman who was how amazing ahead of her time. She even taught her kids sex education throughout a time wherein all talk of the matter was thought about taboo.

At period 55, Jim Holmes tragically passed away as a result of falling down a set of small stairs that lacked railing. The signature diamond stud Holmes wears in his left ear is in memorial that his father, an idea suggested by his younger brother after their father’s passing. Only a few years adhering to the fatality of his father, Mike’s mommy would pass away at age 56 because of a heart attack. Mike has said his mom passing to be in component due come a botched dental surgical procedure that she had actually undergone previously in life. He defined that years of over-medicating come treat the ache from her jaw, in mix with she pre-existing love condition, ultimately took she life.

Mike Holmes Wife

Though no legally married, Holmes and his longtime girlfriend, Anna Zappia, have remained in a relationship since 2000 and also Holmes frequently refers to her as his wife. At age 19, Holmes married a woman by the name of Alexandra Lorex in 1982 yet divorced in the beforehand 1990s. It was throughout a particularly difficult time because that Mike’s business that led to problems at home. The former pair share 3 children.

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Mike Holmes Children

Mike Holmes’s three youngsters are Sherry, Mike (aka “MJ”), and Amanda Holmes. A close-knit family, all of Mike’s kids work with him in part form, with MJ and Sherry also sharing the display with their father together members that his building crew.

Mike Holmes Grandchildren

Holmes right now has two granddaughters and one nephew – 2 of his grandchildren room from his daughter Amanda, when his youngest granddaughter, Cali, is from his daughter Sherry.

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How high Is Mike Holmes?

Mike Holmes stands at a elevation of 6-foot-1-inches.

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