The 1990 man Hughes movie Home Alone make both macauleay Culkin and the red-brick Georgian-style colonial his character Kevin stayed in famous.

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It remains one of the most popular and also beloved movie residences ever, for this reason it’s pretty large news that it’s on the sector in Winnetka, Illinois.

Let’s take a look earlier at the house and also the sets lock designed because that the movie 20+ year ago.


The “Home Alone” House



Director Christopher Columbus talks in the DVD commentary about recreating the second-story interiors of the home on a sound stage in a high institution gymnasium. (More info here.)


Entertainment Weekly interviewed Columbus and also reported:

The “Home Alone” production team spent weeks searching the phibìc Shore because that the residence in Winnetka that would at some point be supplied as the key backdrop because that the 1990 movie.

“We knew us were going come shoot in the north Shore, so we were in the Wilmette, Winnetka, Glencoe, Lake forest area, for this reason we usually drove approximately for number of weeks until we uncovered the best house,” Columbus said.

“And then when we found the house, ns took some pictures and also sent them end to (producer) john (Hughes), and also I remember man saying, ‘This is perfect. This is exactly how ns imagined the house."”


They considered the look at of the house and its layout for use for the kinds of stunts 8-year-old Kevin McCallister, play by macauleay Culkin, would need to pull off in it.

Columbus says, “We needed to actors a residence that would occupational for the stunts and additionally a residence that was visually appealing and, if this provides sense, warm and menacing at the very same time. It’s the type of house if you were a son it would be fun to it is in left residence alone.”


I’ve wanted a ago staircase leading to my kitchen ever since I saw this one in the movie:


Christopher Columbus claims the next-door neighbors were “extremely cooperative” during filming.

It was a low-budget film, so they couldn’t afford to build a (fake) exterior of the house on a different sound stage.

That expected all the stunts that happened outside of the residence happened in ~ night:

“We would be shoot from prefer 5:30 in ~ night come 6 in the morning. I think the the lights and the actors shouting, and me yelling ‘Action!’ probably got on a couple of peoples’ nerves.”


The genuine “Home Alone” residence Floor Plan:

The house has 3 stories and 5 bedrooms.


Someone had actually some fun v the listing description for the “Home Alone” home on Zillow:

This is the perfect Christmas house on so many degrees. Firstly, it has many large rooms perfect because that filling through Christmas decorations and also booby traps. The front door has actually a take care of that might potentially be used to burn a home-invaders hand.

In addition, one could spray water ~ above the stairs in Ofer to make it slippery. Over there is a doggy door, however rather 보다 for dog it might be offered to shoot a BB total through. This house also has a earlier door with which if a home-invader tried to open, one can rig a blowtorch to burn their head.


There is one attic, perfect for sending a small child after having actually acted choose a jerk. Beautiful bathrooms through aftershave. A gorgeous television that dram mafia movies not appropriate for children.

There is a cool kitchen perfect because that hosting huge family pizza parties. The understand bedroom has actually a beautiful king-sized bed, suited because that jumping.

As stated before, this is a perfect Christmas house and also could be decorated as such. Over there is a large grandfather clock in the dining room to look in ~ whilst eating Mac and also cheese.


Sarah, who aunt and uncle own the house, answered some of my burn questions:

They were approached about having the movie filmed there and declined at first, but changed their minds once asked again.

That very same staircase was provided by all of the cast, the same wallpaper in each room, for years! It has just newly been painted in ~ the last couple years.


Now, the secret to the kitchen stairs. Lock exist, but not walking up. They in reality go down, to a basement.

They covered the opened going downstairs and made flooring because that the film, and put a fake staircase walking up.

If you an alert in the first movie, shots looking in the direction of the staircase in the foyer, you have the right to see to the appropriate in the back, the opening to the kitchen, and also the “fake” staircase.

BUT in the second movie, spring in that same direction, increase the foyer staircase, towards the ago to the right, you clearly see a door through hinges that lead right into the kitchen. Through no visible staircase. Mine uncle did not want an additional floor put over his basement opened for the second filming.


There is likewise no entry method to the basement native outside. The production dug that and also put it in because that filming only, climate buried and also covered it ago up afterward.

It is true, a most filming took place on a soundstage, however that is just for the upstairs scenes.

All scenes the took location on the very first floor were most certainly filmed in the actual home.

The entirety crew actually remained in the house for months v my Aunt Uncle & cousin. Even Mac stayed there. It to be an exceptional experience.

(Thanks, Sarah!)


After looking with the listing photos, I’m great by how various the house looks there is no the red and green accents, as well as all the patterned wallpapers it had actually in the movie.

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Listing certified dealer Marissa Hopkins of Coldwell Banker says, “The $2.4 million isn’t just because of that cinematic history. It yes, really is a residential masterpiece.”

For photos and information around 671 Lincoln path in Winnetka, Illinois,check the listing, inside the Real residence Alone House, and the EW article.UPDATE: The residence sold for $1.585 million in 2012.Visit my Houses Onscreen page to check out the other movies I’ve featured, listed A-Z.