When the McKellan family moves from Seattle come small-town Georgia, life down south — and also traditional grandparents — difficulty their big-city ways.

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This wholesome household sitcom with heart earn an NAACP image Award for superior Children's Program.
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When the McKellan household moves native Seattle come small-town Georgia, life down south — and traditional grandparents — an obstacle their big-city ways.

The McKellans head come a family reunion in ~ M'Dear and also Grandpa's house, whereby Moz, Cocoa and also the youngsters consider a simpler life away from city comforts.

While cleaning the end the attic, Mazzi and Shaka discover M'Dear's exclusive mementos indigenous a famous singer — a discovery that stirs increase drama through Grandpa.

When Moz gifts the youngsters go-karts, Cocoa is much less than thrilled. Jade uses an app to shot and outsmart M'Dear, one undisputed "https://buzzpatterson.com/home-and-family-tv-show-hollywood-steals/imager_1_7000_700.jpgBible champion."https://buzzpatterson.com/home-and-family-tv-show-hollywood-steals/imager_1_7000_700.jpg

Cocoa's unconventional beliefs shock M'Dear's Bible-study group. Jade offers sisterly bonding for top quality time with drew — till she forgets about Ami.

The family's spiritual role model, Auntie Grace, discover her mystery passion. As soon as a kitchen fire erupts, Moz teaches the youngsters the prominence of honesty.

The McKellans recall a cross-country move to Georgia that was packed with misadventure, native a weird proposal and a creepy ritual to a frisky raccoon.

As the kids start a new school year, Jade take away a stand versus a strictly dress code, Mazzi opts come redo 4th grade and Shaka eye a potential crush.

When Jade competes in a pageant, she recruits a previous beauty queen to be her coach. Meanwhile, Mazzi tests his "https://buzzpatterson.com/home-and-family-tv-show-hollywood-steals/imager_1_7000_700.jpgmacho"https://buzzpatterson.com/home-and-family-tv-show-hollywood-steals/imager_1_7000_700.jpg ability to impress Moz.

After M'Dear shares the family's rich background with the kids, Moz and Cocoa are influenced to bring on the tradition.

M'Dear introduces Jade come a new boy, and Mazzi and Shaka discover a project to earn extra money. But an encounter through a cop soon has the household on edge.

From renewing wedding vow to tackling farming pains, the McKellans save the confidence as lock face new chapters and also unexpected challenges in the South.

To walk on a school trip, Jade is compelled to ace math together her teacher starts date Daniel. Shaka's step team tryout fires increase Cocoa's competitive streak.

Jade manages Mazzi's music group, which i do not care a hit at church. Together Ami functions to conquer her are afraid of getting baptized, Moz has actually a spirituality awakening.

Before Moz and Cocoa say "https://buzzpatterson.com/home-and-family-tv-show-hollywood-steals/imager_1_7000_700.jpgI do"https://buzzpatterson.com/home-and-family-tv-show-hollywood-steals/imager_1_7000_700.jpg again, Shaka is tasked with keeping the ring, Cocoa confronts her mother and also Daniel provides a sacrifice.

Jade deals with criticism over a brand-new crush. Moz and also Mazzi shot to save their cool in a basketball game when a rival trash-talks castle ... Till M'Dear actions in.

An encounter through a bully inspires Shaka to try martial arts. To knife money because that concert tickets, Jade it s okay ambitious about babysitting.

Jade searches because that her singing voice and befriends one aspiring rapper-producer. Pressed because that time, Mazzi asks M'Dear for aid with a school project.

Jade and also Aunt Maybelle bring dates to meet the family. Cocoa looks right into an chance for she jewelry line, and also M'Dear conducts one interrogation.

Shaka snoops right into Jade's diary and also uses a an enig to blackmail her — until she gets dirt on him. M'Dear steals Moz's thunder top top a sporting activities talk show.

Jade master a masquerade party for her 15th date of birth so she deserve to sneak who in. Meanwhile, Moz and also Cocoa obtain a reality check around their finances.

The McKellans might be tight on funds, yet the family's never lacking in love together they power through heartache, loss and adversity of all kinds this season.

Mazzi and Uncle Daniel set their sights ~ above the very same woman. M'Dear i do not care obsessed v bingo. An hurt Moz considers a return to football.

A heartbroken Jade join Shaka’s dojo if Mazzi learns come strike back at a bully. Moz watch to fix Cocoa's auto on his own, however M'Dear interferes.

To promote she jewelry line, Cocoa shows up on a fact show. M’Dear looks come spice up she marriage. Moz spies ~ above Jade as soon as she starts dating a brand-new guy.

When a historical hotel is top top the verge of gift demolished, M'Dear chain herself to the building in protest and also recalls meeting assorted icons.

Shaka deals with rejection. A risqué sculpture that Moz and also Cocoa cd driver M'Dear mad. Jade learns her history after receiving her DNA check results.

Jade offers M'Dear a stylish makeover. Moz and also Cocoa stress around funds when Shaka gets right into a gifted science program.

With principal Glass' untimely passing, the McKellans teach the kids around the one of life. Mark Curry guest stars in his final episode.

M'Dear takes end Cocoa's Zumba to adjust to victory a bet. A classmate provides racially insensitive comments once Jade wins a fashion contest.

Family matters bring the McKellans closer with each other as new relationships, unforeseen obstacles and a milestone birthday lead to significant life lessons.

Despite M'Dear's warnings, the McKellan youngsters play through a Ouija board that turns their Halloween into a strange — and spooky — night.

When M'Dear secures the lead role in Cocoa's musical, Jade pretends she's the star on society media. Cousin Barron reveals his fact to the family.

A slippery accident lands Jade and also the children in get an impressive City, a location where no youngsters exist. However Jade learns the being an adult isn't what that seems.

Jade attempts to go vegan. Cocoa meets Shaka's girlfriend. A pilgrimage to an escape room through Mazzi bring up old, ache memories because that M'Dear.

On Valentine's Day, Shaka prepares because that a special minute while Cocoa and Moz effort a romantic evening alone. Elsewhere, obstacles arise for Daniel.

Ahead the a huge interview, Cocoa scrambles to take care of every crisis thrown she way. Jade battles with heartache. Mazzi and Shaka start a battle of pranks.

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A surprised birthday party for M'Dear transforms her atmosphere around. The children find a factor to assist out through money. Moz and Cocoa re-publishing a special announcement.

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