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Former editor-at-large for Shape Magazine and also lifestyle and beauty reporter Bahar Takhtehchian shares she best and brightest 4th of July deals for maximum savings.


Why shop on the fourth of July?

In general, July is just one of the slowest retail months, for this reason retailers sell up an excellent discounts to entice human being to shop. This is a an excellent time come save big on everything from summer clothes, come home and garden goods, travel and also even electronics.

Plus, you deserve to reap deep discounts on even much more items later in the month many thanks to Amazon"s element Day which takes place on July 16 and lasts 36 hrs this year.

Should ns shop for sales online or in stores?

Both are good places to shop, but if you desire to relax in ~ home and also spend high quality time through friends and family on this holiday, online shopping is your ideal bet.

Let"s break down the deals!

Deals top top clothing

Since many stores put their summer clothes on display as early as April, July is the time of year whereby retailers unloading old list to make room for autumn finds. Conserve on swimsuits, shorts, T-shirts and also more.

Deals on sports apparel and equipment

July is the time of year when retailers placed fitness apparel, footwear and exercise equipment on deep discount.

Deals on home and garden goods

July is a great time come upgrade her kitchen, garden, deck, patio, or life room v deeply discounted items.

Deals ~ above electronics

If you"re looking to trade in her phone or desire to gain a head start on back-to-school gadget shopping, currently is the time to shop.

Deals top top travel

There"s quiet time to publication a last-minute summer vacation and save money if you"re at it. If you"re able to setup ahead, booking her winter loss or winter getaway now have the right to save you huge bucks.

Military family discounts

On a patriotic note, there are a most retailers the give far-ranging discounts to army families.

What have the right to you phone call us about Amazon element Day?

Last year, element members appreciated flash sales on every little thing from televisions to instant Pots. This year, the 36-hour occasion boasts much more than 1 million deals because that Prime members about the world. Because that the first time ever, prime members receive 10 percent off hundreds of sale items at whole Foods industry stores. And from July 14 v 17, Amazon prime members get 10 percent back at whole Foods.

What"s on revenue on Amazon element Day?

TVs, smart residence devices, kitchen tools, groceries, toys, fashion, furniture, appliances and also back-to-school supplies. Anyone have the right to join element or start a 30-day totally free trial to get involved in prime Day.

Are there specific things you have to wait on for Amazon element deals?

Yes, TVs, smart home products and also all Amazon devices, particularly Alexa-enabled tools like the Echo, Fire TV, tablets and also more. buzzpatterson.com Shopping put together this handy guide with every little thing you must know.

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Will friend see rivals jump ~ above the Amazon element bandwagon too? execute they enhance Amazon prime prices?

It"s possible that we will certainly see competitors offer some huge deals in the TV, home, fashion, and furniture categories.