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Editor’s Note: This story below was originally published in July 2020, when the initial 12-foot-tall skeleton from home Depot walk on sale. We’ve due to the fact that made updates to announce his return, as well as the development of a new, scarier skeleton that’s been added to The house Depot Halloween decorations lineup. Both skeletons are currently obtainable via resellers top top Amazon (at a much higher price), yet we’ve had some worthwhile alternatives below.

We’re really happy come announce that The residence Depot has brought ago their giant skeleton for an additional Halloween, and also he’s lugged an inferno pumpkin friend with him. Both skeletons, or “Skellys”, together the team in ~ The house Depot phone call them, are a component of the company’s Halloween decorations lineup for the 2021 season.

Last year, this viral skeleton sold out long prior to Halloween arrived, and also lo and behold the very same thing has happened this year. (Keep scrolling because that a arsenal of large skeletons and oversized Halloween decorations that room still available.)

Right now, resellers top top Amazon are marketing both the 12-foot skeleton and also 12-foot pumpkin skeleton, however we can’t speak to your quality, as these decorations are likely used. The price point for every is kinda steep — but hey, the Halloween heart desires what it wants. That said, over there are just a couple of left so you’ll have to act fast to add this to this year’s Halloween decor.

Meanwhile, you can plan your other Halloween decorationsand your Halloween costume. We’ve acquired all the Halloween costume guides you could need come scare, spook and win a costume contest with your partner.

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At a recent occasion previewing the company’s fall and also winter products, us talked with The house Depot’s decorative Holiday seller Lance Allen. Once asked why he believed the large skeleton made such a splash critical year, the told us that “With most civilization at home during the 2020 Halloween season, the sight of the 12 ft Giant-Sized Skeleton carried a laugh to people’s encounters when they necessary it the most, in enhancement to certain wowing them.”

Normalize the huge skeleton together a decoration for the seasons.

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— The home Depot (

“It to be such a statement item for the Halloween enthusiasts that weren’t afraid to walk the extra mile,” Allen said. “The home Depot was additionally the leader in bringing this form of distinctive innovation to consumers, therefore it was a new means to decorate that no one had seen in the category before.”

Below, we’ve got all the details on where to to buy the famous 12-foot skeleton from home Depot, and our original write-up on this spooky decoration’s famous fame. We’ve also got a few skeletons that space in stock and easily accessible for purchase, in instance the Skellys room still unavailable.

12-Foot large Skeleton v Lifeeyes LCD Eyes

He comes v animated LCD eyes because that a creepy effect indoors and out, and his gargantuan size is the perfect centerpiece for any type of Halloween decor setup. He’s 12 feet tall, 6.41 feet vast and can operate using 4 C batteries or via an AC adapter plug-in, a attribute they added this year.


Courtesy of The residence Depot
Courtesy that The house Depot

So why go The house Depot decision to develop a new, updated version of the gargantuan skeleton? Allen described that “There was such excitement roughly the 12 ft Giant-Sized Skeleton last year, and people were using it for miscellaneous holidays besides Halloween, therefore we believed we would bring it back! The original has actually so many fans and we didn’t want to adjust it, yet we knew indigenous a design and also innovation standpoint, that we had actually to take it come the next level and create a brand-new piece.”

Hence, the inferno chest and also giant pumpkin head.

I additionally asked Allen what buzzpatterson.com readers and The house Depot customers should know around this new, upgraded Skelly. He noted that “This year’s brand-new 12 ft Giant-Sized Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton has LifeEyes™ LED eye to illuminate the fire within him. We additionally integrated LED light panels right into the chest and mouth to really show who the king that the rotten pumpkin spot is. We also wanted to provide customers the versatility to style two distinct scenes with different pieces — Grave and Bones and Rotten Patch.” (The Grave and Bones gift the old Skelly, and also Rotten patch gift his new, gourd-adorned friend.)

“We placed a many thought right into our design and also we think our lineup is innovative, fun, and quite spooky. Our score is to always offer memorable, show-stopping pieces… we can’t wait to view what an innovative things human being do with our décor this Halloween season and also beyond!” stated Allen.

More large Skeletons & Decorations come Terrorize the Neighborhood

While the original huge boy may currently be marketed out, there space some various other skeletons from this residence Depot collection that are still in stock. The house Depot graves & Bones repertoire has everything Halloween fans require to create the can be fried haunted house. Below, you’ll find some the our favorite creepy Halloween decorations including an ext posable skeletons v glowing eyes.

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60″ Posable Lifesize Skeleton

Like The home Depot’s well known skeleton, this lifesize skeleton native Target is posable, so you deserve to prop that (or her) up yet you favor as your decorate your abode for October 31. Measure in at 60″, it’s among the bigger posable skeletons girlfriend can uncover for sale virtual — and it’s tho in stock! while he’s not fairly as imposing together the 12-foot skeleton, you have the right to buy multiples of these Hyde & EEK! Halloween decorations and also build your own skeleton army. This decorations are easily accessible exclusively in ~ Target.