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Tim Allen"s return to a past character was no what that expected. ET"s Lauren Zima speak withAllen and hisLast guy Standingco-star, Nancy Travis, front of the ninth and also final season premiere of their Fox sitcom.

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During the chat, Allen opened up around playing both his current roleanda past function --Home Improvement"s Tim Taylor -- on an upcoming episode ofLast guy Standing, an suffer the 67-year-old actor called "weird, creepy... unusual."

"It was very peculiar to do both parts,I"ll tell girlfriend that.It was complicated for me to execute both parts and also kind of emotional," Allen admitted, revealing the his emotions came, in big part, since of Earl Hindman"s 2003 death. Allen and also Hindman co-starred onHome Improvementfrom 1991 to 1999, v the later on actor play Wilson, Allen"s onscreen neighbor.

"I adored the man and also we sort of brought that increase in the story," Allen said. "I began thinking about all the background Ihad v that TV show, how I to compare it to my life top top this show.It"s all around loss, is all I kept saying in that episode."

Aside native the emotion bordering the death of his co-star, Allen uncovered the suffer of playing both Tim Taylor and Mike Baxter "very difficult" for other reasons as well.

"That to be the very first episode back," he said, alluding to the show"s manufacturing pause due to COVID-19. "So gaining used to no crowd, and then having world direct me in a character Ideveloped 20years back and then was kind of done with, it."

I know hard to think three egos that huge fit on your display right?Well tonite the Toolman is ago to mess with you, me and me.

— Tim Allen (
ofctimallen) January 8, 2021

Allen may have uncovered the experience challenging, but Travis experienced it as just an additional day on set.

"It was interesting and strange," she said of seeing Allen play 2 roles. "Honestly,it to be Tim"s dilemma.I just stood by and mocked him, so that was, frankly, an extremely easy for me."

Allen wouldn"t spill secrets around the plot neighboring Tim Taylor"sappearance, yet he go tease that hisHome Improvementand Last male Standingcharacters don"t precisely see eye come eye.

"Taylor shed his TV show.Tool Time is over. He had actually a neighbor that passed away. He"s currently working on the corporate next of Bedford Tools. That"s what he does," Allen explained. "Baxter"s help Tim Taylor cope through change... They"re not nice to every other. They"re type of antagonistic."

Though emotional and also challenging, Allenpraised the episode as gift "a good idea" that lugged Tim Taylor "into this century, into this year."

"It"s yes, really clever what castle did v it," he said of the show"s writers.

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Fans of the show took to Twitter and also shared your excitement because that the distinctive episode.

I love the recommendations to house Improvement. It is just one of my favourite TV reflects from the 90s i still watch to this day #LastManStanding

— Nikki l Phelps (
NikkiLPhelps) January 8, 2021

Double the Tim!

— Dave's Comic Heroes Blog (
DavesComicHero) January 8, 2021

This is great my favorite TV character from my teenager years is on my favorite display I watch now. Love the tool Man!!

— JJ thomas (
jj_thomas25) January 8, 2021
ofctimallen play Mike Baxter ribbing top top Tim Taylor (also play by Tim Allen) is udderly great