When the itching i will not ~ stop, that a authorize that your dog may have fleas. Consider these organic flea publication to remove the small parasites.

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Dr. Randy Aronson, VMD

If you notification your dog can’t stop itching, lock may have actually fleas. Fleas are tiny parasites that feast off your dog’s blood. Approximately an eighth the an inch in size, this reddish-brown pest deserve to jump approximately 12 inches with its huge back legs. Just put, fleas can jump from host to host, making your pet into their brand-new home and also breeding ground. One adult mrs flea lays 27 flea egg a job minimum, though countless can lay as much as 50 flea eggs.

The AKC notes that there room over 2,200 species of this tiny helminth in the world. The most usual in the U.S. Space the Ctenocephalides felis, popularly well-known as the cat flea. Yes, ironically her dog deserve to be infested by cats. The cat flea’s taste palette ranges from dog to cats to foxes and wolves, leaving her pet through itchy bites all over.

How to determine fleas on your dog

A flea bite is really small, make it hard to see. Often, bites appear as red, raised dots on your pet. Because they’re tinier 보다 most bug bites, these spots can obtain lost in your dog’s fur unless castle inflamed native itching. Luckily, there are easier ways to examine your dog because that an infestation.

To start, examine your pet because that fleas or flea dirt, likewise known as flea droppings. Fleas are most typically found on her dog’s abdomen, neck, ears, tail base, or reduced back. Comb earlier their hair (easiest ~ above light-colored fur) and look because that movement.

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If you’re can not to catch the fleas in action, the time come look for flea dirt. Resembling pepper, these black color specks written of dried blood are the flea’s droppings. Ours vets recommend utilizing a flea comb v your dog’s coat to collection the flea dirt. Rehydrate the black color specks with a wet paper towel to confirm that they’re droppings. The specks should adjust color from black color to brown to red.