Flea infestations space a major inconvenience. Fleas can bite, carry diseases, and also generally just cause chaos. Your yard and also lawn develop a comfy setting for fleas to feed, breed, and also lay your eggs — and also gives them easy accessibility to hitch a ride inside on you or her pets. Come learn how to recognize if you have fleas in her yard and how to remove them check out on and follow our substantial guide.

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How to recognize if you have fleas in your yard

Fleas space tiny, wingless pests that live turn off of the blood of cats, dogs, and humans. Lock are about 3 millimeters long with level bodies that room either brown or reddish-brown. While they space wingless, they have an remarkable jumping ability due to your hind legs and can conveniently jump together high as 11 inches. Flea infestations can quickly get the end of hand because one mrs flea deserve to lay up to 2,000 eggs throughout she 100-day lifetime.


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Fleas need to be brought into her yard warm-blooded animals and you have the right to tell there are fleas in your yard if her pets are constantly scratching or if they room restless. Periodically you deserve to see insects moving in between your pet’s hairs – these might be fleas. If you space still not sure, walk about your yard v a pair that white socks and you’ll easily spot fleas versus the bright shade of your socks.

Fleas room not simply irritating, they’re also a resource of conditions like murine typhus and also the plague. Heavy infestations have the right to lead to your pet continuous scratching, which leader to a roughened coat and, in part instances, concerned conditions. Fleas can also spread tapeworms.

How long can outdoor flea infestations last?

Getting rid that fleas is no a one-time project. Unfortunately, that is a process that might take weeks or even months as result of a flea’s life cycle. The life cycle of a flea starts when a female flea feeds because that the first time ~ above a host. Once this happens, she instinctively lays approximately 20 eggs on the animal’s fur.

The eggs acquire into the yarn of her carpet or in the yard wherein your pets spend most of your time. The egg hatch into legless embryos or larvae i beg your pardon live ~ above pre-digested blood indigenous the mother, meaning they execute not need a organize to survive. The larvae then construct into cocooned pupae, a phase that deserve to last for weeks or even months since the flea go not arise unless they feeling a potential host through a adjust in thermal energy, vibrations, or a rise in carbon dioxide levels.

Because fleas don’t emerge fully-grown until they have actually a host to feed on, flea infestations deserve to last for several months while the fleas in your yard go with their life cycle. And also because female fleas immediately lay eggs when they feed, it’s straightforward for the bike to repetitively repeat itself.

How to remove fleas in the yard, action by step

Step 1: Mow her lawn 

You want to make certain that your lawn is unwelcoming to fleas while allowing their natural predators to thrive. Grass that is too lengthy will provide fleas an easy and ideal ar to hide when grass that is too short (less than two inches) will certainly deter spiders and also ants – both of which prey on fleas.

Step 2: Clean her yard 

Creating a organic barrier around the edges of your yard and home will assist keep fleas away. Remove brush, plantings, leaves, and trash from approximately the edge of your yard to aid keep fleas from having actually a place to hide and lay eggs.

Step 3: clock the moisture 

Fleas love moisture due to the fact that it helps them thrive. As such, you have to make certain you’re not overwatering your grass and also plants. This can entice fleas and also give lock a happy residence – miscellaneous you want to avoid.

Step 4: permit the sun shine 

Another point that fleas love is darkness. For this reason trim any kind of bushes and trees to permit your yard to fill v sunlight to help deter fleas.

Step 5: Treat her lawn

Use a specifically formulated flea spray treatment everywhere your lawn to death existing fleas and also chase away new ones.

Step 6: Mulch v cedar 

Fill your flower beds v cedar mulch. Cedar is a herbal flea repellant and also will help keep castle away.

Step 7: Evict wildlife 

Squirrels, cats, skunks, rabbits, and other creatures space all potential hosts because that fleas. So execute what you can to save them out of your yard by making use of traps, preventing birdseed, and making her yard less friendly come them.

Step 8: Make certain your home and pets room clean 

Vacuum her house and then treat it with a flea treatment. Then, groom and bathe your bets with flea shampoos and also conditioners to kill any type of fleas that might have gained to them. This will certainly ensure that any fleas the may have been lugged inside space gone.

Products you have the right to use to treat fleas in the yard

Don’t want to usage chemicals? Here’s how to remove outdoor fleas naturally

One of the natural ways girlfriend can get rid of fleas in her yard is by presenting nematodes which room tiny multicell organisms the live in the soil. In enhancement to fleas, nematodes assist control various other garden pests including ants, grubs, and also termites. You have the right to buy castle in any garden facility or digital store and also you only require to include water together instructed on the package and spray lock in your yard.

Cedar is likewise an effective flea repellant. If dispersing cedar wood chips throughout your yard is unsightly or cumbersome, usage them transparent the yard’s perimeter so the they deserve to deter fleas from acquiring into your yard. Girlfriend can additionally spray the yard v cedarwood essential oil. This oil is safe for pets, humans, and also the environment.

When to contact a experienced exterminator to treat fleas in your yard

A expert exterminator is trained to deal with flea infestations. They deserve to identify the source of the infestation, remove the fleas, and advise friend on exactly how to avoid future infestations. Expert exterminators will certainly use assets that are safe for you and your pets.

If the steps and products outlined over fail, the is time to involve a skilled flea exterminator. They could request the you prepare your yard by clearing that out, vacuuming her home, and also treating her pets with details products (or even a trip to the vet). Castle might additionally ask girlfriend to leaving the home for a couple of hours while castle treat the fleas in the yard.

How to keep fleas out of her home

The first step towards staying clear of a flea infestation in your residence is by keeping the grass in her yard mowed and any shrubs trimmed. Grooming her yard provides fleas and also other pests zero places to hide. Next, discourage pets such as feral cats, opossums, and also raccoons from gaining into your yard through ensuring the you carry out not leaving trash or your pets’ feeding bowls outside.

If her pet spends time outdoors, run a brush or flea comb with their coat before they gain inside the house. Making certain they are well-groomed and shaved renders it simpler to spot fleas.

The bottom line on out fleas

Flea infestations can conveniently get the end of hand and are hard to stop. Pets room a great barometer come tell if you have fleas. If lock constantly scratching or it seems ~ restless it could be a sign that they have actually fleas. Fleas flourish in hot, humid weather, darkness, and tall grass. You have the right to make your yard unwelcoming to fleas by mowing your lawn, clean it to eliminate hiding places, and also trimming trees and shrubs to let sunshine in. However, if your yard is already infested, you should concentrate your eradication initiatives on the “hot spots” before treating the rest of the yard. If you notice little to no innovation then it may be time to speak to a expert exterminator.

Frequently inquiry Questions

What is the fastest means to remove fleas in the yard?

The easiest and also fastest method to eliminate fleas is by making use of an insecticide or pesticide. Choose one that consists of pyriproxyfen as it avoids larvae and also pupae from occurring into full-grown fleas.

What death fleas in the garden naturally?

Sprinkling your yard through diatomaceous planet is an effective method of normally killing fleas in your yard. However, this will certainly only job-related if it’s no wet or raining.

When is a flea infestation most most likely to occur?

Fleas can infest her yard at any kind of time, yet they are much more likely to assault if you’ve to be away for a long time.

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What are the dangers of not dealing with a flea infestation immediately?

A flea infestation can an outcome in skin irritations that lead to hair lose on your pets’ coats or bites on your skin. They likewise predispose pets come allergy dermatitis, tapeworms, and other diseases.