It’s that time the the year when your child conveniently comes down through a runny nose, a cough, or a sick throat. Kids everywhere get colds and also coughs, and they don’t always have access to a pharmacy or medical care. This i do not care even an ext of a difficulty as the COVID-19 pandemic proceeds to spread. Find out what people about the world do for herbal remedies to colds, coughs, and the flu.*

1. Hot tea come soothe throats and relieve congestion

Hot tea and hot milk space used about the world to assist soothe and fight coughs and also colds. (©2016 civilization Vision/photo by Jon Warren)

Hot liquids help relieve congestion, soothe the membrane of her throat and nose, and also keep your body hydrated, i beg your pardon is vital to fight viral infections. Below are part variations on reassuring tea to fight colds and coughs.

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Passion fruit and onion tea — The Dominican RepublicCut two passion fruit and one medium onion in half and boil them with each other in about 4 cups of water because that 10 minutes. Strain, leaving only the liquid. Sweeten it v honey.Ginger tea — CambodiaBoil water and add powdered or fresh ginger. Let that steep before drinking.Garlic tea — MexicoIn countryside Mexico, family members prepare a hot beverage, prefer lemon tea, and add lots the onion or garlic. That doesn’t taste the best, but it does hit infections.Cinnamon tea — MexicoIn city Mexico, a traditional treatment because that colds is hot water blended with cinnamon and also honey.Golden milk — IndiaBring a cup the milk come a simmer, then include a tespoon of turmeric. Mix before drinking.Lemon pipeline — MaliBoil lemon leaves and also mix the warm liquid with a tiny sugar.

2. Love husband to fight coughs and infections

These 1-gallon jugs of honey space not only a resource of income however are also used to rise children’s health. (©2016 civilization Vision/photo through Eugene Lee)

Honey is a herbal cough treatment. In fact, studies have discovered that honey is equally together effective compared to a typical cough suppressant ingredient. Honey likewise has antibacterial nature that can fight infections.

Spicy honey — south IndiaSprinkle powdered ginger and black pepper on a spoonful the honey. Lick the spoon clean.Honey and also shallots — The Dominican RepublicFill a glass jar with honey and sliced or whole peeled shallots. Let it sit because that a while to absorb. Then, eat a tablespoon that the honey 3 to 4 times a day. Some also eat the onions.Honey tea — GhanaFor a basic remedy, mix part honey in warmth water.Blended radish and honey — The Dominican RepublicIn a blender, mix radish, watercress,and honey, prepare a pair cups at a time. Offer a tablespoon at a time to aid clear a cough and also fight a cold.

3. Hot soups for cold and also flu

This chicken and also vegetable soup is a favourite in Zambia to give kids energy and also protect their bodies. (©2018 civilization Vision/photo by heather Klinger)

Like warm liquids, warm soups work to clean congestion, soothe membranes, and also deliver necessary nutrients to help your body fight an illness. Chicken noodle soup is a an international classic but shot these hot soup sports as herbal remedies against colds and flu.

Vegetable soup — CambodiaA basic broth through vegetables and also a small spice.I remember once I to be young, as soon as I obtained a cold, mine dad cooked vegetable soup because that me and also he motivated me to have it while it to be still warm. It made me sweat. I felt therefore much better and gained energy after having actually it.—Ratana Lay, civilization Vision staff and mother, Cambodia

4. Alternate treatments for colds and flu

In Uganda, these medicinal herbs are mixed with water come treat coughs. (©2016 human being Vision/photo by Jon Warren)

Besides drink or eating, there are a few cheap and easy cold and also flu treatments that deserve to alleviate symptom and assist children recoup from colds and the flu faster.

Sleeping remedy — MexicoTo aid children sleep v a cold, run a warm iron on her child’s bed sheets, make the bed nice and also toasty. Then placed Vicks VapoRub top top a child’s chest and also cover that or her v blankets. They will certainly sleep far better and sweat out the cold.Foot bathtub — CambodiaPut hot water in a bucket and soak her feet in the heat water.Shea butter — West AfricaApply shea butter on the sleep of a kid to relax congestion. This can specifically be helpful for noble babies and also is a favorite remedy in multiple afri countries.Herbal heavy steam — ZambiaUsing an herb dubbed Mayani — that smells choose mint and is known for that is expectorant qualities — sit under a blanket through a pot of freshly boiled Mayani leaves and also let the steam mist over the face and chest. You could likewise substitute eucalyptus oil or menthol in warm water.Onion — GhanaPeel an onion, cut it in two, and also place top top either next of a child’s bed. The onion absorbs toxins and also germs and also is thought to to wash the air.

Claudia Martinez, Ratana Lay, David Munoz, Annila Harris, Collins Kaumba, Joelma Pereira, Robert Vesleno, and also Marion Roberts of people Vision’s staff contributed to this story.

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*Please note: This is a compilation of folk remedies, not professionally tested clinical treatment. No representations or warranties are being made around the efficacy of any type of remedy listed. They space not a substitute for medical consultation; once in doubt, please check with your medical care provider.