Medically reviewed by Cynthia Cobb, DNP, APRN, WHNP-BC, FAANP — written by Rachel Nall, MSN, CRNA top top April 16, 2019

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Hair growth depends on numerous factors, consisting of a person’s genetic history. However, there room some home remedies that might help.

Whether a human is make the efforts to stop hair loss or encourage an ext growth, learning some tips on diet and also how come treat the hair can assist them achieve their goal.

When hair ns is because of a clinical condition, however, that is best to speak come a doctor about appropriate treatments.

The adhering to home remedies might encourage hair growth:

Share ~ above PinterestEating high-protein foods, such together nuts, can aid the body grow new hair.
The body demands protein come grow brand-new hair. Hair loss deserve to arise because of a protein deficiency.

Examples the healthful dietary protein sources include:

beanseggsfishnutslean meatsseeds

A person’s day-to-day protein demands vary based upon how physically active they are and how much muscle mass castle have.

Iron is one more nutrient the body needs to grow healthy hair. Some dietary iron resources include:

clamslentilsoystersspinachwhite beanslean beef

Many manufacturers likewise fortify their foodstuffs with iron, which method that lock have added iron to them.

People who do not eat meat have iron requirements as high together 1.8 time those of human being who perform eat meat. This is due to the fact that the human body does no absorb nonanimal sources of iron together effectively.

According to the authors of 2011 research paper, aromatherapy can help stimulate hair growth.

Examples the herbs that aromatherapy practitioners may use to promote hair growth include:


When using essential oils ~ above the scalp, be sure to mix only a few drops right into a transport oil, such together coconut oil or walnut oil. The researchers additionally state the inhaling the odor of these oil may influence hair growth.

More research study is vital to determine whether necessary oils are an efficient solution for hair growth.

Some world may experience topical allergy reactions as soon as using necessary oils, so that is finest to try a little test job 24 hours before using the mixture to the whole head.

4. Massaging the scalp

Massaging the scalp help stimulate blood circulation to the scalp, i m sorry could aid encourage hair growth.

A small Japanese study discovered that guys who massaged their scalps for 4 minutes every day with a scalp massage device had more thickness hair after ~ 6 months.

People deserve to use the pads of your fingertips to massage the scalp in gentle circles. Tools to massage the scalp room also obtainable in drug stores and also online.

5. Making use of pumpkin seeds oil
Share ~ above PinterestTaking pumpkin seed oil may increase hair growth.

The authors of a 2014 examine looked at whether pumpkin particle oil could help hair growth.

They discovered that males taking 400 milligrams (mg) that pumpkin particle oil because that 6 months skilled a 40 percent increase in median hair count, vice versa, those taking a placebo only experienced a 10 percent increase.

The men all had a background of androgenic alopecia, or masculine pattern baldness. They to be not right now taking other supplements for hair loss and also were in between 20 and 65 year old.

6. Taking saw palmetto

A 2-year-long study discovered that supplementation v saw palmetto may increase hair growth in men with masculine pattern baldness.

The participants took 320 mg of saw palmetto every day for the duration of the study.

After 2 years, the participants skilled hair growth primarily in the vertex, or the height and ago of the scalp. This is a typical site for bald clues in men.

Causes of hair loss

Many people experience aging-related hair thinning or male or female sample balding.

Doctors often tend to divide hair loss not associated to period into two major categories: scarring and also non-scarring hair loss. Generally speaking, scarring hair lose is permanent. Examples of scarring hair loss causes include scar alopecia.

Non-scarring hair loss causes can encompass alopecia areata (hair ns in patches) or telogen effluvium.

Telogen effluvium causes hair follicles to remain in a resting state. Together a result, a who hair go not flourish as conveniently or as much as it once did.

This condition can be the result of the following “shocks” to the body:

giving birthhaving an poor protein intakeundergoing major surgeryhaving a serious chronic illness

ïtaking certain medications, such as antidepressants, beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers, or retinoids

Share on PinterestPeople can shot to encourage hair development by avoiding using blow-dryers set to a high heat.

Eating a nutritious diet and also keeping stress and anxiety levels low can help prevent hair loss and also encourage hair growth.

In addition to these steps, other methods to encourage hair growth include:

not using hair accessories the can reason hair breakage, such as hairpins, clips, and rubber bandsavoiding styling products that deserve to damage and break the hair, such together blow-dryers set to a high heat, straightening irons, and curling ironslimiting the use of bleach, relaxers, and hair dyesavoiding overfill shampooing or brushingwhen the hair is wet, staying clear of brushing that or using plastic or rubber hair ties

Treating the hair as gently as feasible can aid preserve it and also minimize the rate of hair loss.

Sometimes, however, hair loss is inevitable as result of age.

When to check out a doctor

Hair lose is not necessarily a problem that affects a person’s overall health, but it deserve to greatly influence their psychological well-being and also self-esteem.

A human should view their physician if they are concerned around hair loss, particularly if they space taking supplements or have actually made diet changes and also are losing hair.

A doctor may recommend seeing a dermatologist, who deserve to conduct added testing if crucial to determine proper treatments.


Some facets of hair growth, such as genetics, are out the a who control. However, a person may see enhanced hair development if they monitor a healthful and nutritious diet.

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Using some residence remedies and also taking good care that the hair may help enhance thickness and also growth. If a human is concerned around hair lose or growth, they should talk come a doctor.

last medically the evaluation on April 16, 2019


Medically reviewed by Cynthia Cobb, DNP, APRN, WHNP-BC, FAANP — composed by Rachel Nall, MSN, CRNA ~ above April 16, 2019

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