Discovered ticks in ~ home? nothing panic! we have straightforward guide for taking care of a mite infestation in ~ home.


Repel ticks v chamomile and also lemon.

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Use tick shampoo on her pet.

Wash bedding and also blankets thoroughly.

Vacuum clean regularly.

Use one insecticide, soil feeding bird or food-grade diatomaceous earth in your yard.

Create a gravel obstacle if you have woodland nearby.

Though part tick bites are harmless and also can only reason minor redness, other tick bites have the right to transmit illnesses as serious as Lyme disease. Needless come say, that if you have a pooch, you require to twin your attention as soon as it comes to preventing tick infestation as ticks deserve to be fatal for a dog. Discover out the best method to eliminate ticks in your house and also garden as well as what come do when you"re dealing with an infestation.

If in doubt, or in the case of a major infestation, contact in pest control. They’ll be able to administer professional solutions to eliminate ticks from her yard and also home.

There room a few easy methods to assist you deal with a mite infestation. To get rid of ticks at house will be just as easy as our guide on how to remove fleas, flies and mosquitoes. Here"s how:

Vacuum clean the surfaces of your residence including carpets, armchairs, door and window frames and also any other corners i beg your pardon ticks may have escaped to.

Spray insecticide throughout your home.

Try a residence remedy. There room a couple of tried and tested house remedies because that ticks:

Chamomile infusion. did you understand that ticks are scared turn off by the odor of chamomile? merely boil water and chamomile, allow the infusion to cool, then usage a cloth soaked in the infusion come wet the dog.

Lemon. This is one more natural repellent. Mix the juice of 2-3 lemon in a cup through a little water. Add this mix come a spray bottle and also spray on your dog.

Apple cider vinegar. Mix water and apple cider vinegar and, in the same means as making use of chamomile, use a towel soaked in the mix to wet your dog.

Invest in a specialised shampoo which have the right to be purchased in ~ the vet to bathe her pet.

Always take treatment when removing ticks. You deserve to use tweezers, but you don’t want to leaving any part of the mite behind.

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Don’t forget to wash her pet’s bedding, towels and blankets. Always use the maximum temperature, come eliminate any tick larva which might remain.

Steps to address a mite infestation in the yard

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