Keep her home, dog, and also cat flea-free with these easy house remedies that use natural ingredients to save your entire family safe from those itchy pests.

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Rosemary oil or powder

Rosemary repels fleas and can be provided in oil or powder form. To help get fleas off her dog, a couple of drops of rosemary oil on the basic of his neck should aid to deter fleas. Friend can additionally wash dog in rosemary water as a herbal flea bath. A flour made the equal components rosemary, peppermint, fennel, rue, and wormwood deserve to be floor together and sprinkled transparent the house. However, this will just repel fleas (it won’t kill them). Find out these tricks to avoid tick bites, too.

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Lemongrass and also rosemary spray

Another flea repellent option is this easy-to-make spray. Include six thinly sliced lemon to a large bowl, and also then chop up a grasp of rosemary leaves and add them to the mixture. Cook one liter the water and pour right into the bowl, and then add three to four drops the geranium oil. Cover the solution and also leave that overnight, and in the morning stress, overload the liquid before depositing in a spray bottle and using this holistic flea control option transparent the house.

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Citronella mixture

Citronella oil is a organic flea repellent, and also making a mixture out of this and other oils will be certain to keep the pests in ~ bay. Include 20 drops of citronella oil, ten autumn of tea tree oil, ten fall of lemongrass oil, and five drops of geranium oil to warm water, and also use the systems to mop your home. Repeat as needed. Find out the keys your pet would tell girlfriend if it could.

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Horse apples

Cut steed apples (also well-known as Osage oranges) in half and stick a fifty percent in every room and also hallway of your home. These have to repel not only fleas but also other insects, and will last 2 to three months in one air-conditioned house.

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Cedar oil

To acquire fleas off your dog or together a holistic flea treatment for cats, dilute 3 to five drops of cedar oil v one to three teaspoons that water, climate saturate your pet’s collar or a cute bandanna with five to ten autumn of the mixture. Friend can likewise swap out cedar oil for lavender oil if you will do like. These important oils are also safe for dealing with kittens and other young pets through fleas, as long as you usage in moderation. Reapply the mixture when a week. These space the failure cat owners should never make.

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Apple cider vinegar

Use this solution to gain fleas off her dog. For every 40 pounds the your dog weighs, add a teaspoon of apologize cider vinegar to your water bowl each time you readjust out the water. This will deter fleas and also boost the health of her canine’s coat. Learn the tricks your pet’s groomer i will not ~ tell you.

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Lemon juice

Here’s a organic flea dip because that dogs or cats: slice up a lemon and add it to a pot of boil water. After adding the lemons, eliminate the water from heat and also cover the pot. Leaving the water overnight, and also the following day dip her pet’s comb or brush in the water and run it with their coat. Girlfriend can likewise use a sponge for short-haired pets.

Vinegar spray

Add bright to your pet’s coat with this flea deterrent. Mix a cup of apologize cider vinegar or white vinegar in through a quart the water, then include two to three drops of lavender or cedar oil. Mix thoroughly, then pour right into a spray bottle. Tenderness mist your pet when being cautious to avoid their eyes, ears, and also nose. If you worried around hitting perceptible areas, dampen a cloth with the solution and also gently wipe about the neck and also behind your ears rather of spraying. Examine out these silent signs your healthy and balanced dog could actually it is in sick.

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Pennyroyal herb

The pennyroyal herb is a great home remedy because that fleas in your Plant pennyroyal herbs in your gabuzzpatterson.comen or close to where her pets love to play. However, clock kids and pets in the very closely if you choose to plant pennyroyal since it deserve to be toxicity to both humans and animals once ingested. Friend can additionally place tea bags v the dried herb in miscellaneous places around your house to defeat fleas, however put them in high up, locations to store them native kids and also pets. A couple of drops the pennyroyal have the right to be included to dog collars if it remains out the direct contact with skin, and tiny bags of the herb can also be attached to cat collars. If you notification your pets itching or showing any signs of allergy, eliminate the collar immediately. Next, inspect out these various other dog threats in your own

originally Published: September 21, 2018
Originally released in Reader's Digest

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