If girlfriend can’t was standing the idea of making use of traps or poison, there room plenty of home remedies the can help rid you of her mouse problem once and for all.

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6. Natural Predators – Cats and Owls

Introducing organic predators into your home or backyard is among the many effective and also natural means to remove mice. This has domestic predators favor cats and dogs or wild ones such as owls, hawks, and snakes.

Of course, the simplest and easiest systems would it is in to gain a cat. Most civilization find the after they lug a cat home, your mice difficulty is addressed in a issue of days. Just remember the a cat is a major commitment, and also while they’re fantastic mouse hunters, you will do it still require to care for them simply as you would any kind of other pet.

If cats aren’t your thing, you can try and lure barn owls to cut down ~ above the computer mouse population. Barn owls are additionally natural predators that mice. 

Just one family of this owls have the right to devour 15 mouse in a solitary night – talk about effective!

To tempt barn owls, develop or purchase a colony box and also place that in her yard. Nesting boxes need to be mounted 10 come 15 feet indigenous the ground.

If you don’t have a tree whereby the box can be mounted, a pole or also an old melted can be used.

You will discover the distant hooting that owls in her yard is rather a soothing sound and can be an extremely effective to save mice away from your property.

7. Stole Wool – Works good To patch Holes

Remember those holes and also cracks we talked around earlier? If copper scouring pads or eco-friendly kitchen pads no deterring the mice, steel wool is another good option.

Mice cannot chew v the wire and it actually irritates your teeth.

Simply stick the stole wool in any type of cracks, crevices, or holes in your home to keep mice out. You can use a bit of silicone to keep it in place.

If girlfriend can’t keep the mice out and you have actually no attention in harming them, try using a humane trap. This let mouse in, however they can’t gain out.

Once you’ve caught one, you have the right to release it ago into the wild. Just make certain you take it the mouse at least a mile far from your home.

Onions are another pungent smell the mice hate. This remedy deserve to be a little tricky because:

Onions will rot if left out for numerous days, andOnions room toxic to some animals, prefer dogs and also cats.

The scent will send mice running the other way, however just make certain you ar the onion in a place where pets can’t reach it.

And do make sure you place a fresh one the end every day or every various other day. Otherwise, you’ll have an entirely various (and smelly) problem on her hands.

Prepare a homemade computer mouse poison using cocoa powder and also Plaster Paris.

The Plaster of Paris and cocoa flour remedy originates from a woman that lived top top a farm in the Catskills.

Take dried plaster that Paris and also mix v cocoa powder (or chocolate milk powder).Set the mixture out whereby mice frequent. Make sure the mixture is dry.The mice will be attracted to the chocolate and also eat the mixture.But quickly after eating, they’ll leave your residence to find for water and die.


You don’t have to resort to toxicity or inhumane trap to kill mice. By using a couple of simple residence remedies to get rid of mice, you can execute your own DIY pest control plan and with a little luck it is in done with them once and for all.

The finest part? many of these house remedies are natural, so girlfriend don’t need to put your child’s or pet’s wellness at risk.

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