Summer is below in full swing; also though few of us have actually been no hope awaiting the season and heading to the beach. However, it’s a little different for pet owners. Summer is the appropriate season to go on long walks or hikes v our four-legged family members members, but summer is likewise the season once our pets obtain fleas and also ticks. Us compiled a perform of all-natural remedies come rid your pets of fleas and ticks this summer!


Shampooing her pet is just one of the cheapest methods to rid castle of fleas and ticks this summer. Shampoos that have medicine to death fleas and also ticks are easily easily accessible and affordable. Despite an cheap option, bathing her pet is tough work and you’ll need to do that every 2 weeks because that it to it is in effective. Friend can likewise make your own shampoo by combining just a couple of easy ingredients. Take a watch at this DIY recipes us sourced indigenous the AKC.

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Natural Flea Collars

If friend have complimentary time and also are right into DIY projects, friend can constantly make a herbal flea collar making use of cotton or nylon. Add some unflavored vodka and essential oils (lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, and cedar oils work well come repel fleas and also ticks) and you’re prepared to go! This option have to not produce any type of side effects.

Treat the House and also Lawn

Keeping your lawn and also trees trimmed earlier will aid to mitigate the populace of fleas, ticks and also mosquitos in her backyard. The much less area there is for these parasites to live and breed, the less you will be pertained to with them. If you still have actually problems, consult v your local lawn spraying business that provides 100% non-toxic, organic commodities to insure the security of your family and also pets while keeping your environment pest free. Shot to stop using toxic products, as they have the right to be really harmful to animals and humans.

Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the more natural means is to simply include 2 teaspoons of apologize cider vinegar to your pet’s water. This is also one that the simplest and straightforward ways to death fleas and also ticks. Before doing so, you’ll must ensure her pet has no allergies to vinegar. You have the right to test this by adding two drops of vinegar to her pets tongue. If he or she does no respond in a an adverse way, it’s likely your dog will be fine v this concoction.

Lemon mite Spray

A citrus repellent is a really effective therapy for avoiding fleas and also ticks ~ above humans and also dogs. All you have to do is reduced a lemon into quarters and also put right into a pint jar. Cover through boiling water and also let steep overnight. Put the systems in a spray bottle and also spray all over the dog, specifically behind the ears, roughly the head, in ~ the base of the tail and in the armpits.


Try including garlic to your pet’s diet in the kind of a supplement. Garlic renders a dog less appealing come ticks and fleas as it it s okay excreted through their skin. However, garlic contains sulfoxides and also disulfides, i m sorry can damages red blood cells and cause anemia in dogs as soon as fed in huge amounts.

Use number of All herbal Tick remedies Together

When looking in ~ all natural tick prevention options, it’s crucial to keep in mind that making use of a combination of these remedies is many effective.

A diet solution, linked with a topical and also an ecological product, offers broad-spectrum defense while avoiding the complications that presenting chemicals right into the dog’s system and surroundings have the right to bring.

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At Pampered pet USA, we understand you consider your pet to be part of the family and want nothing but the best for them. We are here to administer you with accurate and updated information that will aid you offer your furry friend a healthy and also happy life.