Suffering from Flea Bites? examine Out These house Remedies

Here in southern Carolina, we have actually to contend with a lot of biting and stinging insects. But out of every one of the pest bites you could suffer, few are together itchy and unpleasant together flea bites.

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Keep reading to uncover out exactly how to recognize flea bites, and also learn much more about house remedies to help relieve itching, redness, and discomfort. Plus, find out whereby to contact a flea regulate professional because that help.


What perform Flea Bites look at Like?

Flea bites typically show up as small, red clues on the skin. They regularly occur in clusters, together individual fleas will bite multiple time on the same area of the body.

There’s tiny initial uncomfortable from a flea bite, however intense itching often creates after a short duration of time. Usual symptoms of flea bites include:

ItchingRed spots approximately the bites (accompanied by a halo)RashSwelling

Bites often appear on the lower extremities the the body, including the calves, shins, ankles, and also feet. Fleas will jump indigenous carpets, rugs, or furniture onto human beings to feed.


Home Remedies because that Flea Bites and also How to use Them

When it concerns treating flea bites in ~ home, there space a variety of home remedies that you might try. If you believe you’re experiencing from an allergy reaction or experiencing severe symptoms, however, contact a doctor immediately.

Here are 10 home remedies girlfriend might take into consideration trying for the itching and also irritation connected with flea bites:

1. Ice cream packs: utilizing a cold compress or ice pack can aid to cool and numb the skin roughly flea bites, to reduce the amount of itching girlfriend experience.

2. Aloe vera: if we often think that aloe vera together a house remedy for sunburns, the can also be an reliable option because that flea bites. Apply aloe vera gel to flea bites to minimize redness and discomfort.3. Witch hazel: together an astringent, witch hazel can assist to mitigate the itchiness and also redness connected with flea bites.4. Rubbing alcohol: Mix a small amount that rubbing alcohol v water and apply come flea bites v a noodle ball. The can assist reduce the risk of epidemic from scratching, and cut down on discomfort.5. Vinegar: just like rubbing alcohol, vinegar have the right to be applied to a cotton ball and then dabbed top top flea bites to cut down top top itching and irritation.6. Tea tree oil: Tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, and also can be applied to flea bites for relief. Be certain to dilute tea tree oil with a carrier oil in stimulate to avoid making the irritation worse.7. Supplied tea bag: just finished enjoying a cup of tea? A cool, moist, supplied tea bag can provide relief native flea bites thanks to the astringent nature of tea.8. Lemon: much like vinegar, lemon juice can be applied to flea bites through a cotton ball for rapid relief.9. Honey: Since old times, honey has actually been used for that is antimicrobial properties. Applying it to flea bites have the right to soothe the skin.10. Calamine lotion: together an over-the-counter anti-itch lotion, calamine is efficient when it comes to reducing the itching and also discomfort linked with flea bites.

Professional Flea Control and also Flea Treatment

While home remedies can be advantageous for reduce the itching connected with flea bites, it’s crucial to take care of the problem at that source. Flea regulate in your home involves both dealing with the existing flea problem and practicing flea prevention to stop future infestations.

Eliminating fleas on your own deserve to be a challenge. Just when friend think you’ve obtained rid that them, girlfriend discover new signs of fleas in her home. It can take repeat therapies to remove them because that good, and also consumer flea treatment assets are often ineffective.

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The experts at residence Pest manage can devise a custom flea control strategy tailored to her individual needs, eliminating your flea infestation as conveniently as possible. Through the assist of experienced pest regulate services and also the applications of flea prevention on your pets, her home deserve to stay flea-free.