Ticks room parasites foundon the body of pets and survive by feeding ~ above the blood of various other living beings. These bloodsucking insects look comparable to spiders and also are most frequently found in tall grass and may attach to the bodies of cats or dogs the pass by. Though they are uncovered throughout the year, you room most likely to come throughout ticks between spring and autumn.

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Our dogs choose up ticks native the environment and seldom from various other animals. Ticks have tendency to obtain attracted come our pooches by your warmth, physical contact and odours, amongst other things. Ticks are most energetic in heat weather like summer or spring. It deserve to transmit diseases such together Lyme disease, Rocky hill spotted fever, tularemia, steed encephalitis, ehrlichiosis, babesiosis, and also (in animals only) anaplasmosis.

These troublesome parasites can reason a range of difficulties for your pet. Spotting these small bloodsuckers in her pooches’ fur isn’t always easy but some that the noticeable symptom are:

- Fever- Itching- A the majority of head shaking-Unexplained scabs- tiny Bumps- Redness and also inflamed skin- loss of appetite- Lethargy

How come spot & eliminate ticks from your pooches’ fur?

Ticks space most commonly found roughly a dog’s head, neck, ear and feet.A tick feels prefer a tiny bump on your pet’s skin. Operation your hand over your dog’s body when you get back from a walk to inspect for any kind of lumps.

Ticks are known to be repelled by citrus flavours & odours. Juice indigenous a fresh squeezed orange or lemon deserve to be lightly rubbed onto your dog’s fur before taking them out for a walk or quick trips.

A thorough bath in a bath tub of water will certainly wash away many of the ticks from your pet’s body. Making use of a gentle pet shampoo along with thorough brushing will also assist remove most ticks from the pet.


Always store your residence and surrounding surroundings clean as a dirty setting attracts ticks. Keeping your lawn, bushes, and trees trimmed. The will assist reduce the number of fleas and also ticks in her backyard. You can also get external assist in clearing up her lawns or spraying v disinfectants.

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Ticks space usually discovered in tall grasses. Visiting such areas with her dog always brings ticks in ~ home. So, shot and sheathe up your dog to avoid ticks when visiting an area through tall grasses & bushes.


Always visit a vet if your dog has a significant infestation which means finding 5 or more ticks in a expectations of a day!