You’ve more than likely heard the HSN before (formerly referred to as the house Shopping Network). Heck, friend may also be a faithful watcher and also shopper of this long-standing channel.

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If this three small letters median nothing to you, that’s okay. Let me offer you a little background lesson. It’s type of an interesting story.

HSN acquired its begin by accident. In 1977 a Clearwater-based radio station accepted electric can openers together payment as soon as one the its advertisers couldn’t pay your bill. The station owner rotate around and auctioned turn off (and sold out of!) every 112 can openers live on air. And also so the idea was hatched because that a regularly-scheduled segment where listeners could ‘shop’ from home.

By 1985, the idea transitioned to television and also went nationwide, airing 24/7. And also the rest, as they say, is history. You deserve to read all about their story and also some of the cool points HSN is up to these work on their about Us Page.

While girlfriend probably recognize HSN because that its nonstop selection of handbags and jewelry, and also varied assortment of residence decor and fashion, you may not realize that there’s an entire HSN occupational from house department! That’s right, this mega-retailer is also remote-friendly.

If you’ve been in search of a home-based sales and customer assistance position, HSN might be the virtual workplace because that you. However there are some points you have to know prior to you apply.

About HSN

HSN is headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida with more than 6,000 employees spread out out in virtual and on-site roles.

Today, HSN is billed as a $3.5 exchange rate “interactive multi-channel retailer.” In various other words, you can shop HSN online, in stores, with catalogs and, the course, ~ above TV.

So What’s This HSN work-related From residence Job all About?

The main kind of employment obtainable at HSN is through their Customer treatment Department, what they refer to as the “heartbeat” the the company.

The Customer treatment Team consists of team members functioning both sales and customer service roles.

What go a Sales Rep Do?

HSN home-based sales reps get incoming calls and help customers location orders. This additionally includes up-selling and also cross-selling assets in the process.

Reps can assist troubleshoot concerns too about everything from billing come shipping and returns.

Is This Seasonal? Full-Time? Part-Time?

Depends. Before the vacation season, HSN ramps up your hiring for virtual reps. These work are seasonal and typically full time to save up with the demand of orders.

Throughout the year, HSN on regular basis hires both full-time and also part-time long-term employees.

Whether full-time, part-time, or seasonal, you will be classified as an employee. This means you’ll have to fill out a W2 and also taxes will certainly be withheld from her check.

What space The HSN work-related From residence Hours?

HSN operates 24/7, 364 days out of the year (no live mirrors on Christmas!). Keep in mind, they’ll need reps readily obtainable at all these times. Throughout the holidays, you may be intended to occupational a functional schedule come cover peak hours.

During the rental process, friend can comment on your schedule demands and ease of access with your recruiter. The good news is, HSN is recognized to be flexible once it comes to schedules and swapping shifts (more on the later).

Where go HSN Hire?

Although this is a remote position, the work-related from residence HSN program is only obtainable in select locations. Currently, HSN hires digital reps in Florida, Tennessee, and Virginia.

But, there’s a catch, you need to live in certain areas of these says to it is in considered.


Florida residents need come reside in one of the adhering to counties to be eligible:

Highlands, Glades, Charlotte, Lee, Collier, Hendry, Dade, Monroe, Palm Beach, Broward, Orange, Martine, Saint Lucie, Hernando, Pasco, Osceola, Volusia, Polk, Sarasota, Citrus, Sumter, Indian River, Brevard, Manatee, Hardee


Tennesse occupants need come reside in Nashville or surrounding areas (615 or 931 area code).


Virginia residents need to it is in in the Roanoke area to be thought about for home-based employment at HSN.

HSN job-related From residence Requirements

If friend live in among the select locations where HSN hires, you’re not completely in the clear yet to apply. First, make certain you fulfill their must-have requirements prior to you apply.


HSN needs home-based reps to have actually a an excellent ol’ fashion analog landline. No VOIP or internet-based phone call service. And, your home phone number needs to have actually a certain area code.

Florida Area Codes

863, 941, 239, 305, 786, 954, 561, 407, 321, 352, 386, 552, 772

Tennessee Area Codes

615 or 931

While not always advertised, there are occasionally openings because that home-based reps in Ohio. But this is through Cornerstone, one HSN-owned brochure company. So, while technically an HSN home-based job, it’s not the same precise position I’m talking around here.

No Landline? Your current cable provider may be able to install one because that you as component of a bundled service. The great news is, if you walk ahead and also install a landline, you’ll likely have the ability to write it turn off at the end of the year.


High-speed web is a must. No dial-up, broadband, or WiFi relations allowed. Once working, you have to be hardwired to her modem using an ethernet cord. Why? This enables for the greatest speak to stability if working.


You deserve to buy a decent headset on Amazon because that under $20. This will be used to take it incoming calls throughout your shift. Invest in one the is comfy — you might take calls for up to 8 hours at a time.

Other needs to Consider

You’ll must be a high institution graduate or have actually your GED come be considered for employment. Ahead sales and/or customer business experience is likewise a must.

Since you’ll be taking care of a high-volume the callers (especially throughout the holidays), you’ll have to be patient, a an excellent listener, and able come handle even the most difficult callers through ease.

Get ready to Apply

Before friend apply, make sure to provide your resume a far makeover especially for the HSN Home-Based rep position.

To perform that, visit your career page and filter listings through “work in ~ home.” read the listing carefully and also pull out essential keywords. Now location these keywords into your resume! law so will certainly make certain your resume was standing out amongst the countless applicants. And it also helps her application obtain seen through an actual recruiter.

Not sure if you correctly keyword optimized your resume? No problem.

Head on end to job Scan. That couldn’t be less complicated to use. Dough the job advertisement on one side, her resume top top the various other and, voila, JobScan will certainly analyze both come see just how well her resume matches the job description like so:

The better the match, the much better optimized your resume (and the better your possibility of gaining a call ago for one interview!).

It’s complimentary to shot JobScanfor a certain variety of scans every month (it’s frequently changing). However it’s certainly worth a try if you’ve never keyword optimized her resume before.

To learn more about the process, be sure to check out the one resume hack you require to get your resume i found it by recruiters.

What Others are Saying

Glassdoor reviews from current and former sales reps at HSN love the autonomy that comes v working indigenous home. Numerous reps also listed the flexible schedule, consisting of an ability to swap shifts through coworkers without needing administration approval.

And, reviewers noted that even part-time employees obtain PTO from job one, another awesome perk.

On the flip side, sales reps seem to agree that there is small room to move up in the organization. And, thoughts on management are spread out out throughout the board — really simply depends on that you get as her superior.

The pay rate is frequently referred to together OK, through no particular mention of rates. However, numerous reviewers favor the ability to earn prizes and also bonuses with coworker contests. Plus, all reps receive a discount, i beg your pardon is a nice perk if you’re one HSN shopper!

Work From house HSN Review

There’s no denying that HSN is really much a reputable company that hires remote reps. Unfortunately, they just hire remote workers in select areas in Florida, Virginia, and also Tennessee. If girlfriend don’t live in one of these states, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

If your geographic location is simply right, HSN can offer functional home-based work.

Keep in mind, this is a home-based customer business position, which means you’ll invest a many time ~ above the phone. And also don’t forget, girlfriend will need to administer a landline and also high-speed internet to get the task done.

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But if you don’t mind phone work and meet the pre-hire requirements, this is a great opportunity to construct a cubicle-free customer-service career.

Questions around the rental process? have actually you worked for HSN before? please leave your comments and personal reviews in the comments listed below