Every good show has actually to deal with the fallout from killing turn off a significant character. In the situation of Homeland, it happened right away. If drafting the first scripts, creators Alex Gansa and also Howard Gordon didn’t see Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) lasting an ext than half a season.

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But Showtime chef David Nevins knew the display needed much more Brody. Meanwhile, Gansa and also Gordon love what lock saw between Lewis and also Claire to dance (who starred as Carrie Mathison). However after season 2 caused a season 3, most human being agreed Brody hung roughly too long.

When the well-known Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) met his finish in Homeland Season 6, the producers and also network acquired the opposite reaction. In spite of the fact they’d conserved a marked-for-death Quinn the front season, part fans felt enraged enough to take out a full-page advertisement complaining about Quinn’s death.

This #NotOurHomeland group also went for this reason far regarding launch a website (the now-defunct www.notourhomeland.com) and raise money for veterans on behalf of the collapse Quinn. Spring back, the feels prefer an odd moment in time.

Peter Quinn ended up being a favorite for fans and also ‘Homeland’ creators alike



Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn and also Claire Danes together Carrie Mathison in countryside (Season 6, episode 04). | JoJo Whilden/SHOWTIME

If girlfriend dig right into that full-page Hollywood Reporter advertisement the not Our Homeland corridor took the end in 2017, you discover disappointment end Quinn’s death in addition to beef about Carrie’s character breakthrough and other options by the show’s writers.

While you can expect a showrunner to laugh turn off such a missive, Alex Gansa comment thoughtfully. Mostly, Gansa addressed accusations that he illustrated Quinn’s struggles with PTSD in a tasteless way.

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“I mourn the loss of Peter Quinn as much as anybody and that the personality was developed not come denigrate however to respect the men and women that devote their stays to maintaining America safe,” Gansa created (via THR). “In my eye passed away a hero.”

Considering he conserved the life the the president (and the show’s key character) as soon as he died, it’s tough to argue Quinn didn’t go the end in style. But even a present like Homeland couldn’t please everyone.