“When we heard about the possibility of these emergency trailers being accessible to offer our homeless residents, Oakland to be the first in line.”
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FEMA trailers — the kind of sanctuary that’s deployed once hurricanes and also wildfires leave human being stranded — can soon be placed to use for a different disaster: California’s homelessness crisis.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom hopes to usage 100 former trailers from the federal Emergency Management agency for emergency shelter in cities through dire homelessness problems. Few of the state’s trailers are at this time being occupied by solution staff from the Camp Fire catastrophe in 2018 — which partly added to a increasing homeless population in part cities. However those trailers will be vacated soon and could it is in deployed somewhere else in the state.

Newsom signed an executive, management order last week come activate an answer teams and deploy trailers throughout the state, but only Oakland has actually the trailers for this reason far. Particular California cities could likewise use the kind of clinical triage tents regularly used ~ natural calamities to care for the homeless, follow to KABC-TV in Los Angeles.

California requirements all the options it can acquire for the state’s rising affordable housing issues, and the resulting homelessness crisis. That homeless population jumped by 16% critical year to around 151,000 people, a quarter of the whole national homeless population. Newsom called for more than $1 billion in brand-new funding to deal with homelessness in his budget proposal this month.

Oakland — among the state’s hardest-hit cities v a practically 47% rise in homeless civilization over the previous two years — will gain 15 of the state-owned trailers to house up come 70 people, according to the san Francisco Chronicle. Nine trailers will certainly be collection aside for functioning homeless households in the just Area city, and also six that the trailers will certainly be because that homeless youth, follow to the Chronicle. Alameda County, whereby Oakland is based, will likewise receive $38 million in state resources to address the crisis.

“When we heard around the opportunity of these emergency trailers being easily accessible to offer our homeless residents, Oakland to be the an initial in line,” Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf said Thursday, according to the Chronicle. Much more than a dozen together trailers have already been placed at a site in her city.

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Cover image: This Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2019 photograph shows trailers listed as temporary housing by FEMA in ~ the Bay county Fairgrounds Panama City, Fla. It has been a year since Hurricane Michael roared throughout the east Florida Panhandle, a category 5 storm that laid waste come the coastline and ravaged locations far inland. Yet in rural bay County, amid forests of snap trees and the more-than-occasional house still roofed through a blue tarp. (Joshua Boucher/News Herald via AP)


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